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A Mourning Ocean...

"A Mourning Ocean..." (2002 Demo)

1. Blind
2. Surreal
3. The Sinner´s Bed
4. Undying

1. Blind

Rage from the skies
Where truth denies
To be revealed in a letter sealed with blood
The seven veils
An eye that hails
And the memories sail away
Alike the children sway
Dark the cells of shame
Rooms of a forsaken hell
Same drops of rain
Fill again my creepy well
Lost reflection, broken mirror
Angry waves of the sea
Tell me lies, veil my eyes
I was blind but now I see.

2. Surreal

I thought you were devoted to me
A blink of the eye and you are gone
You had in mind a different world
Drowned to hypocrisy and though I'm lost in between
Your insanity still tortures me
Has my hatred become so immense?
Or your love lies dead in my hands?
How come I stand these words tonight
I feel about to collapse, I won't do so
For you I'll try my soul
Your deadly images I chase
While disillusions rape my head
I will grow strong, never leave me
And as my memories process
Your magic mirror hides the end
In love with my best friendů

Now I try to feel, senses collide
I try to laugh but my fears arise
Maybe someday my scars will mend
But loving you will never end.

3. The Sinner´s Bed

Silk and leather
Light like feather
In this satin bed
I'll lie again

Guide my dreams
Hold me tender
To sweet Morpheus
Surrender me again

Somewhere harsh
But sometimes soft
When my conscience rises
Tell me lies again

Old wood's smell
Soul feels better
From my sins
I run again

And when dawn comes
I'll run to you
Just to sin again.

4. Undying


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