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"Sinner's Serenade" (1997)

1. Dawn
2. Another One Falls Asleep
3. The Law of the Flames
4. Dirge
5. Into the Deepest Waters
6. Sinner's Serenade
7. My God, the Evil Wind
8. March
9. Bard's Burial
10. The Son of the Forest
11. Empty Eyes

1. Dawn


2. Another One Falls Asleep

Red sparks fill the sky
And they fall to the earth on fire
The bright stars fade away
And the moon is turning to red
The dark woods of the valley
Whisper stories of an old witch
Living on the great hill
Covered with ice and snow

The strongest soul above them all
Start to sing the poem of force
To beat the evil, to beat the night
The troll drum from the dawn of time
Build by a shaman from the northlands
Breaks the eternal chains of sleep

The old witch hears the silence
She sees the village enchanted
By the power of her magic
Gathered from the mists of the dark
The everlasting winter is
Draining the power of the people
She feels it in her veins...
And another one falls asleep


"My holy ancestors, hear my voice
Bless this final fight
Raise this verse to the secret place,
Where dead birds fly"

I can feel my ancestors to join me and my soul
I feel their power inside me
I can hear the rhythm of my troll drum
And how it shakes the earth
I can see the sun rise after all these years,
The golden sun rays
And the spell is starting to fade away...
To fade away...

So fell the black witch
And she froze to ice forever
So came the mighty wind
And blew to the dark red sky
Remains of the evil
Were spread by the north wind
And they formed into bright northern lights

The strongest soul above them all
Started to sing the poem of force
To beat the evil, to beat the night
The troll drum from the dawn of time
Build by a shaman from the northlands
Broke the eternal chains of sleep

3. The Law of the Flames


4. Dirge

Like the flight of a dead bird
My life is going out
Darkness is my mistress
At cold full moon nights
Only stars know my paths
I'm a wild wanderer of fields
Lonely trips in my realm...
Will you share this with me?

As I howl at night, the wind join my song
Helpless crying of the wild
Am I soulless, forever gone?
After a while I hear a voice
From the dark fields of the fall
It puts me the same question:
Shall I ever see the dawn?
The sun of the dawn?

The old symbol of all dread
Faithful son of the night
Too much bleeding, too much fear
But one's death is other's life

5. Into the Deepest Waters

6. Sinner's Serenade

See a raven flying there
The great bird of destiny
Coming from an eternal place
Where silent river flows
It's my to go to the place unknown ...
Human harvest
Raven's chore to collect all on board

Endless voyage, trip to sorrow
Bleeding tears for unknown tomorrow
I'm living in sin, I am no saint
The raven is singing my serenade

My soul in one tear
My tears on silent river
Silent river in my soul
My river flows no more
Black wind blowing my heart
Black raven draining my soul
Chaining my heart, loosing my soul
The raven will follow...

7. My God, the Evil Wind

I travel across the sea
To the place where no-one's been
Storm clouds above me
Blue stream which knows me
Sailing towards the darklands
Ttales tell me there is a man
He's the evil betrayer
He will die by the hand of a sailor

It's night, I close my eyes
There's no-one here, my god is blind
Gone with the tide, highflying mind...

I'm standing on the sea shore
Palms full of black shallow water
A big stone behind me
A pagan statue is all I see
The statue carries a symbol
The symbol of my own god
I travelled so far
I did this all in vein

Salvation to come
God's order to be done?
That man who I can't win
He's my god, the evil wind

8. March

Daughters of the dawn
Walked among the trees
And the forest called for them
To join the nightly march
Eternity was present
It touched the hearts of them all
It filled them with joy
And neverending peace

They listen to the wind
They pray for relief
The candles enlighten the way
The way of real belief

The wind was there, too
Whispering silent words
They heard them, they felt them
They knew it was time for a song
The birds of the woods
Heard the maidens singing
The silently landed on the circle
And shared togetherness


9. Bard's Burial

Here we are at bard's burial
To celebrate our friend's
Last journey to Walhalla
Come my friend, drink this wine
Eat all food and sing all night

Last breath, final verse
A poem you have never heard
End of life, shining bright
Goodbye, we sing your song

10. The Son of the Forest

Snow under roaming feet
Ice in the ground so deep
I wander to the north
In the freezing storm
Trees of the silent night
Want me to have a hike
Together we shall be
Like a father and a son

One with the woods
The son of the forest
The name from the past
Peace from inside
The silence of the winter
Forever may it last

Clouds in the darkened sky
Know I'm one with the night
What could I need
From the distant world?
Wind blows over my head
Blood of the bear to be bled
It's cold out there
But I don't feel cold


Northern lights
Enlighten my way
As I follow the path
Once roamed by my
Mighty forefathers

11. Empty Eyes

A little girl, almost a woman
So pretty, so young
Sweet dress, shining hair
Dancing alone above the meadow
Smile on her divine face
Red lips and green eyes
The most beautiful creature
That mortaks have ever seen

But her eyes were empty like a well that has run dry
The mad child is dancing her endless dance at night
Dancing to her death, to the dark open grave
Knowing nothing about her own destiny

One soul has gone
Lost in somewhere
The young mind has fallen
Into misery
Hey little girl
What is in your mind?
Can't you stop this dance you're dancing in the night?


The morning has come
Before our eyes
The young beauty lying
Under the godless sky
The mad child is sleeping
Her empty sleep
And finally leaves
To eternity



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