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Bards Burial

"Bards Burial" (1994 Demo)

1. Bards Burial
2. The Son of the Forest
3. Empty Eyes

1. Bards Burial

Here we are at bard's burial
To celebrate our friend's
Last journey to Walhalla
Come my friend, drink this wine
Eat all food and sing all night

Last breath, final verse
A poem you have never heard
End of life, shining bright
Goodbye, we sing your song

2. The Son of the Forest

Snow under roaming feet
Ice in the ground so deep
I wander to the north
In the freezing storm
Trees of the silent night
Want me to have a hike
Together we shall be
Like a father and a son

One with the woods
The son of the forest
The name from the past
Peace from inside
The silence of the winter
Forever may it last

Clouds in the darkened sky
Know I'm one with the night
What could I need
From the distant world?
Wind blows over my head
Blood of the bear to be bled
It's cold out there
But I don't feel cold


Northern lights
Enlighten my way
As I follow the path
Once roamed by my
Mighty forefathers

3. Empty Eyes

A little girl, almost a woman
So pretty, so young
Sweet dress, shining hair
Dancing alone above the meadow
Smile on her divine face
Red lips and green eyes
The most beautiful creature
That mortaks have ever seen

But her eyes were empty like a well that has run dry
The mad child is dancing her endless dance at night
Dancing to her death, to the dark open grave
Knowing nothing about her own destiny

One soul has gone
Lost in somewhere
The young mind has fallen
Into misery
Hey little girl
What is in your mind?
Can't you stop this dance you're dancing in the night?


The morning has come
Before our eyes
The young beauty lying
Under the godless sky
The mad child is sleeping
Her empty sleep
And finally leaves
To eternity


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