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Between The Unseen

"Between The Unseen" (2001 EP)

1. Deirotic
2. The Invisible Strikers
3. Nocturnity
4. Between The Unseen

1. Deirotic

” I shall create, destroy, deceive upon my seed – If they believe!

Stay with me or you will bleed, i decide who dies!

Keel before the crucifix, give praise to me – Believe!
Raise your child with me in mind, annihilate it`s will! “ – DEI

Scream at the walls of the universe and evolution roars in receive, disgraced by the deitive
- Mankind`s naivity is to blame.

What else are humans than the amount of their thoughts?
...There`s still time to rake embers out of the ashes!

Like a fire licking through the grass, you have charred in merciless outrage –
Now, there are dark clouds open wide.

Fear is your shield! Pain is your sword! ...Is your sword... Madness is the whip you swing!

“ Crawl to the cross to praise the symbol of deity – Cry for me!

Waves of tears and emotions – I`m a projection of my will in your mind. “ – DEI

Pride – Pride,
Envy – Envy,
Lust – Lust,
Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony.

Humility, Kindness, Chastity, Patience, Liberality, Diligence, Abstinence.

James 1.15

Romans 6.23

Galatians 5.24

Like a flower breaking from the ground, you have had your time in the sun –
Now, the harvest season has begun.

Sorrow is your path!
Hate is your trail! ...Is your trail...
Suffering is the track you tread!

“ Stay with me or you will bleed, I decide who dies!
Tears of sadness falls from your face and sorrow flows in your veins!

You are fructified by the angels kiss!

I will take your life by lust which is my godly desire! “ - DEI

2. The Invisible Strikers

Broken Thrones – Fall of the monarchy, The Emperor mourns behind walls.
Shadowknights of deceit and perfidy ride the night – The Invisible Strikers.

“ We feed on defeat! Treacherous feast – Death is an ordeal! “

Silent... Silent wrath – Betrayal... Betrayal – Cast of spells.
Black lotus... Black lotus blank and bleak.
Extant ... Extant witchcraft.

Break of dawn... The sun shines red – Fill their eyes with frantic dismay.
The sage is dead, his highness counsellor, with magic wand in hand – Perished to the sand.

Broken walls – Fall of a tower dome, The Emperor swallows in bricks.
Flash of lights, thunder and stormy clouds, watch the signs – The Invisible Strikers.

Illuminated by the shining moon, The Emperess calls for them –
The demons of the night...

“ I ask you – Proceed my reign! “

The Invisible Strikers, as legends foretold – The Emperess rides the night!

3. Nocturnity

4. Between The Unseen

Wandering on frozen ground side by side your real self.
Colour fades – Rainbow shades, pleasant flame – Not the same
Just as nothing, a long forgotten wasted fate of a lost life!

“ You`re laying on frozen ground – No shadow, no colour, no pleasure!”
“ I fly over your face by the wind from your breath of your thoughts.”

You don`t see !
You don`t see !

Sensous flame – the same.

Running on frozen ground
- tears freaze your eyes.

“ I fly over youre face-
Follow you on the run
As the tought you have sought.”

See between the unseen,
Flee into the most extreme.
Seek inside the human mind,
Far within to become supreme.

Rainbow colours faiding in,
An aura of your neverending wish
- Embrace you, entice you-
Make you part of it’s inner being.

You think, you wish
You’re home in yourself.
But joyous flame HA HA HA – Not the same!

“ I fly through frezen minds.”
A scenic stagnation
-A world so far beyond for others.


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