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Among the Shapless Shadows

"Among the Shapless Shadows" (2003)

1. Inner Eye
2. Enslaved in Pain
3. Among the Shapeless Shadows
4. The First Star
5. Forbidden Wisdom
6. ...As You Sleep Our Fate
7. Wizards of the Elements

1. Inner Eye

”The candle flickered
…and then went out”.

Blazing in my mind
-sensation of how you feel about
ending your life.
I see you
welcoming the darkness of oblivion…
… possessed by the fatal maze
of absurdity.
Decay – your scenery withers into grey.

“ Your face is pale, lit by the faint
light of a candle
… caressing the chalice containing
the warm, sweet wine.
I see you staring out in front of you
… empty and cold.
You drink the wine
… and the candle is flickering…”

I see you! You want to die!

Visions in my mind
-sensation of how your life
is fading away.
I see you
welcoming the final peace
in solitude…
… as the chalice lay beside
your open hand.
Slowly, the candle is flickering
and dying out!

I can see your soul floating
beyond the Veil of Death.

I can feel Eternal Silence
-timeless you will rest.

2. Enslaved in Pain

A pulsating pain enthrones forth in madness,
in it’s enigmatic form.

The last piece of sense is soon swept away
-invasion of psychic termination…

Laughing with its mask, crawling into your mind
-paralysed and dismayed you break!

Non-existant in your mind, you twist your soul around inside
and swallow yourself away
-away from what the inner eye can see.

Infected by sufferings!
Poisoned with mental pain - malicious insane!

Strangled! Tortured! Enslaved in pain!

Laughing with its mask - crawling into your mind
with a hunger awakened within,
and pale you stare like a gargoyle in the dark.

Searching through your possessed mind - where to escape?
Blinded you are caught inside your own maze.

Fragile – wrapped in chains.
You lay upon the throne of mind apathy.

I see your eyes - they beg for death!

I absorb your soul…

3. Among the Shapeless Shadows

“ Oh, Great Goddess, Thou who dwelleths within the shadowland of obscurity.
Let Thy heart thaw and Thy lips speaketh to the ears of Thy slaves who rest
their heads in dust by Thy feet.
Speak, oh Great Goddess from the holy abyss! Thou paveth our path and embraceth
us in darkness.
Shineth Thy lustrous wisdom upon Thy servant’s way.
Telleth us, oh Goddess’ mouth;
what wisheth Thou, wherefore art our worthless destiny? ”

Great Goddess - shadows in moonless nights.
Inhuman triumphant pride from the night before time.

Great Goddess - from the dark beyond the existence of light, to foredoom our path!

Among the shapeless shadows that crossed the utter darkness,
at the time our world was young and free among the hungry stars;

Great Goddess’ time, shadow so bright - obscurity.

Pale her grace, lustrous her gaze - visionary.

“ For me to see your destiny! In time you will find; my bell will chime! “

A shadow from before the past - shepherdess of fates.

“ I rhyme the words from the disguised depths where the light never reach! “

“ Speak Great Goddess from beyond! “
“ Tell us, O Mighty; when will Thy bell chime? “
“ Blind your eyes from the moonlight, open them for the Darkest Night! “

The path that leads to decay and death - maybe there lies The Eternal Life!

Great Goddess’ time, shadow so bright - obscurity.

Shadow ballet, Destiny’s Dance - fatality.

“ The mortal in me is long since dead.
Now I tell you what’s in cosmos said! “

Among the shapeless shadows.

4. The First Star

5. Forbidden Wisdom

How to kill a memory?
Nothing – is everything and all in one!
I am lost in unfathomable thoughts…
“… you fall into the sear…”

I serve my time in chains.
My crime, they fear will gain.
Cold walls, steel bars - makes me frail…

“ By the faith in our authority
and in faith to the fine aristocracy,
we sentence you to a lifetime in pain
- you, who possess wisdom unblessed!”

Who can tell who’s already written in the book of death?
Who can tell whose destiny is already chosen?

Floating in emptiness…
Unholy powers - help me to die!
I will return to the source of all life…
… a universe beyond reality!

“ He was a threat to the clergy of our time!”

I serve my time in Death.
My crime, they feel have gained.
Cold walls, steel bars – I have fled…
… into ageless rest!

6. ...As You Sleep Our Fate

Let yourself go to the
Kingdom of Sleep,
where your mind is lost
in time before you wake.

Through the portal of your dreams,
far within inside an unknown world.
Swept into infinity.

Far out of reach of human senses,
distant and cold as a star
-let your dreams take flight!

The gate is open
between your world and reality.
Disastrous dreamdust
And frozen fire’s wrath.

All is as one for you
who possess the cosmic key!

Dreaming all into emptiness.
Complete eternal oblivion.

Cries from destruction of the existence.
Universal grieve at the end of time.

7. Wizards of the Elements

The child must die!
Hear the mother’s cry as the old man kneels before the Gods
- he waits for them, to give praise to them.
Wizards Of The Elements summoning the keys…
crossing lines, seeing signs through visions in their minds.

The child must die!
Hear the mothers cry through the mantric chant of sacrifice.

The old man gazes to the sky
- turns around, falling blind to the ground…
They are here! They are here! The Elder Gods are here!

… The child must die…
… sacrifice…

Breaking through dark clouds
- the incarnation of them, and dismal shadows falls…

The worship grows into a thundery hymn
… and fills the night.

Blazing circles marks the invocation of them,
and creates a shadow dance…

“ Spirits of Air …Worms of Earth
- bear witness to this deed!
Demons of Fire and the Slime in Waters
- bear also witness, to complete the keys!

From the Grail of Devote we pour thee, Elders of Divinity,
the flesh and blood and the very soul of this symbolic dawn;
be pleased with this child as our sacrifice!”

The child is sacrificed!
Hear the mother’s cry as the old man, blinded by the Gods
- in debt of honour for her, embraces her.
Wizards Of The Elements calling back the keys…
crossing lines, blessing signs to make a martyr of this child!


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