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Funeral in Normandia

"Funeral in Normandia" (2002 EP)

1. In Articulo Mortiis
2. Flames Of Humanity
3. Religious Bio-Conspiracy
4. Autumns Silence
5. Invictus
6. Hypnosign

1. In Articulo Mortiis

"At my signal unleash HELL"

2. Flames Of Humanity

The curse of humanity
Condemned to die in battlefields
The ground forever soaked in blood
Our souls forever torn apart
Global tension strikes
Slay your brother for mankind
Chaos of an unnerved religion
Jump into the lake of fire
War just fucking war
Evil take its place
Skies are falling scorched
Flames of Humanity
March !
Through ages it never changes
Life has no respect
Our violence thought us
To not fear the skies !
Dead mysticism fails
In the coldness of men's eyes
Aborting from life
Lets march to our common fate

3. Religious Bio-Conspiracy

The guilty of the sanity war
Injecting the poison in your blood
You're fighting against your mind
You're dying in a psycho war


To push the lies into your mind
To suck the reason of your life

You'll be a new victin in the sacred lab.
You'll be a "carry" of "Doctor Christ"
Look around you, everybody is marching to laboratory church
Look around you, follow the row there is no choice
Dominius mind..

4. Autumns Silence

Some years passed
An awful shine in Ares still resists
Tessalia, in weeping, esteems your children
(that still scream in despair in the black river Cocito )
Quavering of the branches is not heard
Nor the roar of the leaves if sees
As it's impious Notus that doesn't spread
(the drops scarlets that remained to the dew)
A soul is crying
The silence to lay down her in their arms
A dream is inside of the hill
The pain is strong as steel
The iniquity is still in the air
Horsemen executioner dances in the flames
I can feel the happiness of those malicious
That they smiled to each dropped blood
Was livid the look of childhood
In the liquid vital human
Today it remains a single star
Incautious, protecting of the last rose
A sweet and sad glance
Emptiness and hardly ever present
She reflects the grass to her side
Destroyed by the breathing of Etna
The tremor of chaos still alive
Taciturn; clamors the voice of fear
Only the ancestry of rose
Keeps the shadow of new world
Alone in the Belona's garden
Veiling withered seeds
A frozen funeral
where the cry is the smile of relief
Some years passed
The dark sky greets the new station
A fine rain, where rays don't transpose
The car sun nor usurps the Aurora's veil
The past buries memories
Where nobody can arrive
The future expelled imaginary lines where, Atropos, will never be able to find
A bird flies until me and says:
The end of blue sphere approaches to every new day

5. Invictus

"Algo estranho, no ceu tudo escuro
Em minha alma so existem murmurios
Vejo em claro todo o meu preludio
E as cegas , posso ver meu triunfo"

In the ocean i can see...
The blood of the world...

I am the only alive to fight
The ruin is to die
But I'll win with my suicide

I will die
But I'll win
In this battle to be free
You can pray
You can cry
But in the end I'll be the light

The victory is to die
It's the only way
The victory is to die
But will be my way
I can win the fight
That is your disgrace
I will win the fight
And change all the fate

"minha vida voce controlou
ao que eu fazia sentir dor
minha morte me libertou
uma alma livre agora eu sou"

My head in blooding but still right
I'm the lord of my faith
I'm the captain of my soul...

6. Hypnosign


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