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Beware the Doom

"Beware the Doom" (2004 Demo)

1. Hunting Priest
2. Devastation
3. Black Messiah
4. Beware The Doom

1. Hunting Priest

Undead, from the shadows i return for a new massacre
Blood and pain infest this obscure place
My eyes see mass destruction
Holding to later condemn you

The true torture has began
Legions of souls seeking the salvation
Your judgments are already written
Returning the time that others did'nt had

Hunting Priest

Burn all in flames

Hunting Priest

Show me the way

I still hear their voices
Hidding behind the hollyness
Only with my revenge i shall leave
The night is short for so much screams

All this centuries of submissons
With eyes heading for the statues
Blaze burned and i could'nt extinguish
In a time that die is a habit

2. Devastation

Your blood He will collect and feed his creatures.
You can only surrender.
Because the world you live in is made of rotteness
Made of creatures that only want to see your destruction.

I hear only lies.
Manifest pain in disgraces for all.
Now i see the force.
You lost your soul to win the eternity.


The only solution you know where to find.
Your land turned into ashes and darkness.
In darkness you may find death;
Your only salvation.


3. Black Messiah

There is a strange man in front of you
Speaking of his promises
More falsenesses for this land without owner
Only promises

Black Messiah

The injustices are in its way.
I will help you see them.
The battle is in front of you.
Fight and you will be the winner.

Hinder this cursed.
Victory is very close!
Grasp it with all your forces.
This is your place.

Terror is in all the parts
Hidden behind masks
Behinde words and all
Swear in fulfilling

Black Messiah

4. Beware The Doom

In the night
Through misery and pain
The prophecy is coming out
Heavens Fall
Burn in flames
Our end begins now
No excuse, no complain
Life is totally lost

Comes ripping again
Is already drained
Lack of sanity
The war of cruelty

There is no hope
There`s no way out
The time has come
Our end begins now


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