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The Sentencing

"The Sentencing" (2000)

1. A Grain Of Sand, A Breath Of Life
2. At The Dreamscape Ruins
3. The Spiritual Beheading
4. The Sentencing
5. Nightsky Awakening
6. Unheard In The Storm
7. Summoned At Daybreak

1. A Grain Of Sand, A Breath Of Life

Past, present and future
Need to the call of its constant spell
They very essence of life is questioned
with each setting sun, with the light of each new dawning day

The sunrise sends its greetings and feigns a promise
May good tidings steer the uncertain path
Sunset, it came so quickly there wasn't a chance
and the moon laughs, your daytime dreams
cannot be fulfilled through sleep
The dreams of the present are the same dreams of many past years
Still unfulfilled after all this time
brought to your knees by the crippling sands that devour
Race until the end
Suffocate on the slow kill that perpetually damns

Time is eternally falling
Never to repeat itself in perfect symmetry
Breathe in the malice, release a part of your soul

Entranced by silence
the deafing silence once more
Destined to drown again
Cursing the future, damning the present
living in the past, forever haunted
By what could have been, by what once was had
The hourglass quickenes, caught in the spell of the sands

Each grain of sand takes with it a breath of life
Each breath of life takes with it a moment in time never recaptured
Each dawn, possibly the last dawn
Dusk may be eternal

2. At The Dreamscape Ruins

Time had struck it down and laid waste of its will
Growth had stopped long ago and it crumbled in tis age
Hopes once real are now faint whispers in the wind
The cracks in the structure are the wears in the skin

Gray skies are eternal in the dreamscape wasteland
The sun had set long age to flee the tear laden night
Memories of what was and what was to be
Echo through the ruined land that was once our land of dreams
Your land of dreams, our land of dreams, my land of
dreams... DREAMLAND

It came to this somehow
Through the years that sped fast like days
Through the days that took the form of hours
By the hout it willl all begin to fade

Look and weep, hands take the heads of mourners
Tears seep through ages fingers
like rain slipping through the crack of the structure
And as the waves cinsumes, All hope gives way to doom
Despair paints the skies grey, Entombed the halls run deep with pain

At the ruins at dreamland, At the edge of time
the sadness is swelling, And feeding the storm

Thinking of what could have ebbn
But fearing the urge to dream
The nightmare had descended
And it longs to descend again

At the dreamscape ruind
A (black?)stone to mark the world of wonder
Where the landscape is a tomb
For the sould and dreams that were sadly pulled under

3. The Spiritual Beheading

Two had made one with a bind of souls
Never forget teh dark one who wields the blade of three
The third entity waits in the shadows
(Timing?) the prefect end
Waiting (to never?) the ties of heaven - sent bliss

It's the balancing of joy and pain
((tidings?) of both life and death)
The keeper of sould will give
And the keeper of sould will take away
A close listen to tje wind will sense the lost ones cries

Destiny scales will tend to weigh more on death
And shattered dreams, and tear swelled eyes,
and hearts ripped within
Adrift in the cover of shadown
The scythe and angel wait to tear it all asunder
The godsend union meets its untimely end
One it cast out, the other finds its tomb within
The divide brings the burial of both spirits the same

Love took its dose of death
The living's curses scourge the shadows of the beyond

Damned to the call of destiny's rule
The downside of happiness is its inevitable end
Forever is nonexistent in the journey of life
Is it better to bid farewell to dreams
before the become mortal and die?

Remember the looming blade hiding overhead
Take blessings with caution
The time is knows only by the angel of death

4. The Sentencing

And so it's passed again in the name of fate
Destiny will be sentence
For tragedy is the path to glory
Fate favours another
Therein lies the meaning for this pain
Your flesh and blood are food for the toying sand of time

Int ther after, will one find the reason? Looking back now
This death was a must for another soul's triumps and gain

One sees fortune birthed by misfortune
when questioning the course of a life
Lives may be lived for those not yet living
"This happened for a reason"
The only thought to ease the mind

A time from now your death may have meaning
For now die well in fear unexplained
Fate knows no distance, this crime will be a stepping stone
For the destined soul of glory has yet to show its face
"This happened for a reason"
The only thought t oease the mind
And so its passed again in the name of fate
Your flesh and blood are the food for the toying sands of time

One sees fortune birthed by misfortune
Die well now a death unexplained
Lives may be lives for souls not yet living
The destined soul of glory has yet to show its face

5. Nightsky Awakening

Awaken, darkness casts its spell again
As the mist surrounds it stirs the shadows in the mind

Thoughts can wander freely underneath the night's cover
(caught in a whirlwind of moving voices,
some of comfort, some of deceit)
Solitude is the only audience and tells no tales
The dearest friend may be the one that never speaks
(mids have ben known to turn on themselves
with their halves and disagree)
But take care for in silence...
your own thoughts may drive your mad

Some cannot endure
even in sleep they still suffer
Haunted to the fatal point by the lies, the thruth and the sin
Madness in some will lose still to death
Locked away in a coffin of infinitie echoes

The dark has an eternity of untold stories
They're hidden in the realms of the dead and sleeping
Where secrets may shed their true meaning
In the night sky what the day hides van be seen
Awaken, darkness casts its spell again
The mist stirs the sins in the mind

6. Unheard In The Storm

Lighting bore the terror
A crack of thunder commenced the death
The rain holds the tears of a lifetime
The wnd holds the fear of our screams
Now unheard in the battle

The time has arrived, no clearing in sight, no outside hope
All is lost in this our own downfall, our own divine creatin

Nature's cleansing in her own form of death
The elements wreak havoc in combined destruction
Wind spreads the fire, rain flattens mountains
Burned, drowned, crushed into dust
In the endless downpour the soyls's screams are hushed
A spirituall hell of the earth's ill will
No time to prepare for demise
Enough time to be rapes by the terror

Unheard in the storm, the countless screams of the countless dying
Fear in the storm, that brought the pain and disintegrates souls
Unheard in the storm, the cries for help for there nothing to cry to
Death in the storm, death the start and ens, death upon death

Leveling the hills of al existence
Boiling the seas and consuming the innocent life
Yes, in too must go into death's throe
And all the screams are unheard in the storm

7. Summoned At Daybreak

The shards force in
Splitting the dark into clusters
This time before
There was a chance to flee

Captured in a state of repentance
The sins of the past are still-able to damage
There's part of my soul that still can't forgive
Just released from the cell of imortals
Cast now into the prison that seems eternal

The daybreak, my nightfall
The light is swallowed by the monn

The sun rises and sets together in one last mockery
Just as the day had arrived it departed, leaving just ine soul behind
Summoned with the dawn
All past despair and new hope laid out before me
At once it drowns in a darkness
blacker that any day I'd ever known
Nothing coming or going, living or dying
My mind flooded just when it seemed to clear
Years of pain back in a second of time
This in the penance
I had just felt the warmth
of the old sun I had been longing to reach
Just as I opened my eyes, they were forced shut
Summoned back to the tomb
I had created so long ago
I must have been too far gone
Is there no forgiveness?
Forgive me...


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