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Bite The Bullet

"Bite The Bullet" (2002 Demo)

1. Dumped For Life
2. Vermin
3. Undead Symphony
4. Gift From Below
5. Hate

1. Dumped For Life

Alone you left me
But now I'm free
Cause you let me die
Alone, Inside

These times I'm wandering
Thru desperate streets
As my mind stopped
Thinking of you.

Now I'm looking, looking for someone,
Who can show me a lot more
Than the things you know

The things you loved, this bleeding heart
The things you loved to do so much
Will hurt me a lot more
..Remember the pain

I was dumped for life
I can't stand it anymore
I can't forgive you
Forgive me therefore

But you wanted to change once more
The ways of your life, the ways you adore

So go ahead and hurt my soul
I don't feel it anymore
I stopped feeling a long time ago
You destroyed my feelings
You destroyed my mind
My will to live, My gift from life

And I'll always remember
The times you smiled
When on my knees
When I was down
In the dirt

And I won't forget the venom
You've put in my veins
The venom that digested
My already rotted brain

solo Philippe

solo Tom


I didn't knew then, but I fucking do now
You lying bitch, you treacherous whore
And now my life comes to an end
Your sorrow is my pitty
You lived your life as you took mine
I never again shared this love

Your treacheries will never be forgiven
Never ever you rotting bitch
You were meant to be

2. Vermin

Your soul isn't worthy
It's just a pile of shit
That is why you're going down
Deep beneath the ground

Hear them slithering, closing in on you
On their way, to feast on you

I will put you on a spell
A spell that will make you can feel the pain
The pain making you insane
Moving Earth

Moving Earth, heads up first
Shifting around, cracking ground

Don't you've think you've got me down
I will rise and make you frown
Nothing can stop me anymore
I'm after you bones

You won't get the chance
Concrete straight above you
They're coming for you
Jaws wide little beings

As they are known

As they crawl

The silent ones

Coming for you

Pissing, shitting on your grave
Nothing is growing near
Feel them slithering, into your ears
Gnawing the meat of your bones

solo Philippe

solo Tom

3. Undead Symphony

Crawling thru the sands of time
Everything feels so cold
What has happend to me
I'm not of this world anymore

Now all has changed
Everything feels so cold
Don't know where I am
Is this the end my friend

This hole in my chest
This doesn't belong in here
I remember who did this to me
That bitch from next door
I would have never thought
She had the balls
But I think she at least had two
Knocking on my door

The attention driven slut
A mill times she asked me out
But one time I said
Not even with a bag on your head
This must have gotten her mad
Since that time she left me alone
Peace at last, no more uglyness

After a month she came back
Knocking my door
There she stood
With a big smile on her face

Big guns in my guts
She laughed out loud
I laughed back and said
Go ahead!

Blowing my guts out of my back
Boiling blood all over her
A hurted man said
I'll be back
She stepped back and screamed

Knowing it was true
Gun/chin combination
Got her out of her misery
I died smiling in orgasm

delay Tom

solo Philippe

4. Gift From Below

5. Hate


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