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"Pre Demo" (2003 Demo)

1. Cenotaph
2. Lands And Tears
3. Your Truth
4. Pain Of Treason

1. Cenotaph


The war finished
we got the victory,
but joy I don't feel in my heart
Cos I see you my friend
in my arms to perish.

That the largeness of you acts
come forever memories with your
of that they had folloied you
Fullfaith until the end

With much pain I take your body
to the final destination
and raise in its honor a cenotaph
with all the honors of a hero

Diamonds and gold
the most beautiful words
in honor of you
who already rest in your tomb

Raise you a cenotaph
In the name of old glories
will be forever with you memories

That the largeness of your spirit
brings confort to ours hearts
and makes perpetual your bravery.

2. Lands And Tears

Lands And Tears

I walk for an earth
devasted by the tragedy
where my mind suffers
with the wouds of the past.

a stone earth and steel,
that hurts my soul
and it takes me the madness,
when I think about an exit.

So that to live like this.

I am arrested to a maze
of emotions and memories,
of a recent past,
that will never forget.

My mind went being
destroyed little by little
for the last horrors
in this earth of tears.

Burn at the hell

You that took me
to the world of the insanity
that removed me the life
burn forever in the hell.

My Brain this in collapse
my thoughts fly far
in search of the past
that dried my tears.

3. Your Truth

Your Truth

My nerves break down inside of me
Reminds of past don't set me free
killing my mind again and again
I still live to keep me insane
My eyes are blind I can't see anything
I got my heart burn of hate
I am the lord of my own fate
The past will not me hurt

I live now with only my rules
My destiny won't be your truth
I already burned in hell
But now past will not hurt me more.

My Nerves break down inside of me
When I remember the past my soul goes down
Hate is what I fell about you
Your lie don't leave in peace.

Day by day I hear they say
What I have to do
But your truth belongs only to you

Die Now With Your Truth
My eyes back to see
You can't to affect more
A am the lord of my own fate

4. Pain Of Treason


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