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"Forgotten Kingdoms" (2005 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Forgotten Kingdoms
3. As Moonlight Lit the Pagan Skies
4. Erus
5. Dawn to the Churches of (the Horned) God

1. Intro

2. Forgotten Kingdoms

Faces in the black mirror
The circle is ignited with black flames

Darkness calls my name from underneath
Twilight falls and awakens my desire to kill
The wars of the past call me with the dead

Kingdoms dead and forgotten
I am left to die and await in dark majesty
Take me and chant the dark words
To the prophecy of the dead

Perished ones come from their tombs

Death to the followers of Jehovah
They shall be crushed with a mighty scepter

3. As Moonlight Lit the Pagan Skies

On this journey through the endless forest
As our king drinks from his blood filled chalice
Dark blessings have opened the dead path
To the fields of eternal blackest blood

Waiting inside the coven circle of Lucifer
Dark chants fulfill my blood thirst for death
I have finally seen the bright moonlight

It gives me strength
Watching my death creep slowly

Inside a great black vortex of darkness
I see cremations of ones who oppose us
I see frost lie and the decayed corpses
Of dead Christians

Inside this great black vortex
Of the wintermoon…

I see the deaths of a thousand pagan men

4. Erus

Darkness in these places
An age of the eradicated
My hate serves (to the destruction of man)

In black flames, I fight
(My spirit) flies above all
And I will fall, in frightened winds

In these winds (I died)
And I came forth to fight the degraded

In these Holy woods
I killed for my master
Eradication of the holy flesh
That is my destiny

And you came into my heart

Hate in my soul
And prophecies

It is you, in my heart

Heed the sign of Gorgo
Bleed to destroy
All the fallen (to the order) of Christianity

5. Dawn to the Churches of (the Horned) God

On this black night
The finally battle has awaken
The horrifying sight
Of Armor gleaming in the moonlight
And blood melts the winters snow and ice

Swords and steel clash
Dying screams are heard from the distance
Great brutality makes blood splash
(Against the fallen bodies)
We shall take revenge for past remnants

We gather around Jerusalem's temples
We light the fires of final awakening
We burn the city of eternal lies

We burn the niggers
(for they contaminated our race)
We behead the Jews
(for the destroyed what we have known)
Over time, blood floods high
Below the mountains
Fire surrounds me as I see companions die
Calls are heard to dethrone the Nazarene!

Hordes of the darkest empire
Showed us our true destiny

Feeble minds are smashed in
And it is done


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