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"Earth's Crying" (2001)

1. Your Escence "Lefiigrnua"
2. In A Dream....
3. The Sign
4. The Holy Garden
5. Blue Rose
6. Fifth Sun
7. Uey Tecutli Tenamatzin
8. The Earth's Crying
9. Nightly Vision
10. 999...
11. Forgetting the World

1. Your Escence "Lefiigrnua"

2. In A Dream....

Real essence
Look at the world without fear
Subyugated and hidden
Power is her reality

Hard nights
A minor god in her mind
Water and fire
Mixed in hate

From sun to sun
Endless kingdom
My perdition
Your existence

The finding
Of their bodies it cause
Endless desire
Passion and pain

Come to me
Oh, i will die
Oh, with your light
Oh, save me please!

Burning blood
Fighting between
Strenght and power
Lost souls
Battle without form and reason
I’d wish to know
If you will be there
In the cold winter from death
A far place to find in your eyes
Your warm essence
Once again...

3. The Sign

4. The Holy Garden

I’d been looking
For the power traces
Which were lost for centuries
On paper doctrines
And painful ways

Seven doors
I had penetrated
In a fifth dimension
When a wizard showed me
The flower secret

In the middle of a dream
In between the red of fire
I see the wizard crying
For the light sphere he desires

I see a world full of hate
The victory of darkness
Mens had been lost
In pleasures which himself created
Blood tears are spiled
By humanities cause
I see a world that rebuild
The harmony of it’s nature
Bodies plant in a new flesh
Which will begin the transition
To a new sun
New flesh
New sun...

5. Blue Rose

No matter what desire it is
Red looks good on it
Wounds are my mouth
Oh blood must be drunk

Dangerous abysses
Of roses and memories
The kingdom of heaven
My name on the wall

Cold wind, new moon
My pain is been mitigated
All love and all the hate
The dark side of the hearth

Dangerous abysses
Of roses and memories
The kingdom of heaven
Hell of paper

Living in shadows
And lakes of fire
Counting the years
While i was fighting
Empty souls
And dead bodies
Oh, lost cause
Oh, withered rose

6. Fifth Sun

7. Uey Tecutli Tenamatzin

Con odio en aumento
Preparo en silencio
El largo camino
Del nuevo dominio
Guerreros perdidos
Y un trono vacio
Con sangre en los restos
Del templo caido

Me encuentro aquí luchando
Contra la eterna oscuridad
Esta batalla implica
Perder mi alma y libertad

Herido y cansado
Emprendo el regreso
Otoño en mi alma
Todo ha terminado

El vuelo ahora es libre
El valle me espera
Clamor de mi tierra
¡Mi espiritu vive!

8. The Earth's Crying

They come from the sky
To give us the message
of universal balance
...slowly it was lost
the basic harmony
so... will be the end
of the existence

crying mother earth
for the end is near
crying mother earth
the guardian sentenced to you
who live in the planet
feel sorry for
the earth’s crying

humanity’s power
rest in your hands
new light that will rule
the universe forever...

9. Nightly Vision

Nightly vision in dreams
The touch which emboided it
Memories of a past glory
Damn it!
Made me lost the reason

The kisses got drowned
While i feel her next to me
I’d wish i could say no
In a death’s beat
There is her heart

Maybe time has pass
And however my life lays
On her arms stay
Useless prying felt down
When the absurd with
Blood in his hands
Close his lips

Without breath
I look at her eyes
When her hands
My souls touched
All the years
Have passed
And in a moment
They got broken

10. 999...

11. Forgetting the World

The empires desires
It destroyed the dreams
A warrior’s attempt
Failed down

From the ashes
Of an unreal world
A rumour arises of a race
That cries of for freedom

False power
¡You can’t stop us!

Towns which suffer
A trememndous time’s agony
A thousand men
Who kill for gold and iron
Hungry bodies
Who wait for the final hour
Of harvesting the world’s hope
Which wait for the sign

False power
¡Your end is here!

Search the way that makes you
Reach to the glory
Fight for it here

Take the control of things
Which invade your mind
Call the night like this

¡Oh! ¡Fight for them!
¡Oh! ¡Fight for them!


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