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The Raping of the Divine

"The Raping of the Divine" (2005)

1. The Crushing of Creation
2. Impale the Faggot Son
3. Messenger of the Unlight
4. Ereshkigal
5. Bloody Tears of the Virgin
6. The Raping of the Divine
7. Burning hatred
8. Invocation of the Dreaming Dead
9. Blasphemated
10. The Final Victory

1. The Crushing of Creation


A delirium of mayhem
an orgy of mutilation
overwhelmed by blasphemy
into the trance of rape

You shall fucking die
in chains you suffer cunts
the angels bleed in pain
impaled by the horned ones

The virgins suck the demonic hordes
in ecstasy their holes are bleeding
fucked and desecrated
your divinity is lost

Impurity and damnation
the ancient evil curse
unholy seed reborn in blasphemy
majestic ones spit forth your hate

Human flesh in rotting piles
the shit race is slaughtered
alone in darkness you fucking die
burning souls in Flegethonís fire

As creation is drowning in the Abyss
the worm arises form ancient tombs
the crushed gates unleash chaos
majestic Ancient Ones rise up

Divine spirit trapped in undead jaws
bastard son impaled and raped
the virgin whore enslaved and chained
false and weak the faggot god is crushed.

2. Impale the Faggot Son


The Maggot shrieks over desolate lands
the Serpent swarms in consuming flames
the Messenger chants victorious rites
the Unholy spawn lead undead legions

We shall blasphemate all divinity
avenge the fall with endless suffering
reborn in blasphemy, we rise majestic
enslave and slaughter, perish your filth

One by one, and million by million
followers and traitors, you fucking cunts
suffer as we rape your souls
false martyrs impaled and burning

We claim this land, our kingdom
your false lord we pull deep down
rip him from his throne, it is mine
false and weak, I whip your faggot god

Rotting, you íll be fucking rotting
in my embrace I hold you as you melt
bleeding, and I ím ripping through your soul
faggot nazarene, I impale you bastard son.

3. Messenger of the Unlight


I am the flame of insanity
putrid hatred of the Ancients
the rotting terror in your souls
I crucified all fucking love

I am the eternal darkness
crawling chaos through the chasms
I were, I am, and I shall be
haunter of the thrones of light

I am the eye of damnation
and I shall fix you with my stare
you are weak, and you will perish
faggot son, I scorn your words

I have the spells, I speak the tongues
IA! IA! Baxaxaxa on my command
in the name of Absu, rise!
let Kingu be my avenging sword

I am shrieking with insane lust
bloodbathing the bastard race
skin your flesh and suck your bones
rotting cadavers, I rape your souls

Impaled and bleeding, suffer!
before your eyes, dethrone your god
I burn the ghost into obscurity
mighty evil, putrid and black

With ancient chants, I raise the throne
temples of christ are turned to dust
I am the Messenger of the Unlight
burning flame of the Unholy Ones.

4. Ereshkigal


Ereshkigal, ancient evil queen
dark beauty of the deep
temptress of the nether world
mighty empress of the jewel throne

All light fades in your presence
avenging sword of darkness
burning hatred glowing bright
you spawn the seeds of chaos

Evoker of all doom and disease
out of the abyss the black mists arise
procreated evil, spread forth your wings
cast the spells, blacken the skies

I summon thee, oh mighty queen
so now rise, come and taste
the virgin blood of sacrifice
we shall exterminate them all

The seals are broken and
we shall swarm upon them now
rape the souls of the bastard race
avenge the ancient blood of Kingu

Warrior legions praise your might
majestic in your victory
the faggot lord of light
impaled on the horns of death

Drowned in the blackened seas of Absu
we blasphemate the false creation
in swirling flames we stand with pride
Unholy Ones, in blasphemy we reign again.

5. Bloody Tears of the Virgin


Weep virgin, weep in painful trance
and pour your bloody tears all over me
in ecstasy I crown you the greatest whore
the whore you were always destined to be

I am soaked in your virgin blood
in impurity I will baprtise you
my seed, pure evil and unholiness
suck me as I rape you, whore

My eyes are shinning with burning hate
as I witness your orgasmic rapture
time and again you moan in sadistic pleasure
as I whip your flesh and suck your blood

Chained and disgraced, nothing but a sex doll
the mother of god is my pleasure slave
I am master now, of all that is unholy
all divinity is perished in the flames of Flegethon

Glorious and majestic in flames I stand
I claim my ancient kingdom
the jewels are now shinning bright
victorious legions chant and crush the gates

The whore is chained, father is slaughtered
the bastard son raped and nailed again
the spirit agonises in the jaws of the worm
desolation and suffering for the false ones.

6. The Raping of the Divine


We are me, and I am all
the total essence of evil
the unspeakable, the unthinkable
the unnameable, the unrelenting

Into perpetual mists and shadows
where the crawling chaos lurks
we were and we shall be again
and we shall fester all impurity

We shall feed and breed the spawn
on the flesh and souls of your angels
in everlasting rapture, aroused by pain
sadistic suffering of the divine

False god, watch your faggot son
nailed again and bleeding all his blood
watch as we rape all his holes
watch the bastardís orgasmic spasms

In a feast of blood and torture
the chained whore is begging for more
covered in semen and the whip is on her flesh
the virgin shivers in ecstasy and pain

False and weak, you íll never be again
enslaved in misery, eternal oblivion
the divine are raped, spit impurity
suffer in jaws of the Ancient spawn.

7. Burning hatred


I am hatred
Burning hatred
I am blind with hate
And I am bursting out

I am the mad eye on the throne
The twisted mind of the Ancients
How dare you cross ME?

With insane lust I íll hunt you
I íll prey on your life blood
I íll massacre your flesh

With evil wrath I butcher you
Your death is not enough
I íll terrorise your spirit

Your fucking soul I ím raping
And I ím bathing in your blood
Your slayed limbs, my trophies

Out from the Abyss, undead hunger
Shrieking with lust and fury
My seed upon your raped remains.

8. Invocation of the Dreaming Dead


For the blood of our martyrs
for the souls of our dead
we shall be avenged!

Demonic mists from buried crypts
invocation of the dreaming dead
ghouls arisen by magick spells

A thousand aeons awaiting in chains
dreaming beyond the gates
we shall fight now as one

Hollow eyes that burn with hate
warriors wave their glowing swords
crusaders against the lord of light

Tortured souls roaring with wrath
slaying the race of christ
spit forth damnation on the divine

Bloodbath on Earth, archangels cry
burning the heavens, spit on the cross
rape the holy, impale them all

Unholy ones behead the prophets
chain the virgin and hunt the ghost
angels wailing in dismal fear

Take command, the lord is fallen
in Ancient tongues, restore our kingdom
avenged in blasphemy, we reign again.

9. Blasphemated


Upon the altar of the faggot god
I shall chain the virgin whore
with my whip I thrash her flesh
blood is running hot all over me

The divine kingdom is burning
impaled are the servant priests
the horns of death up in their arse
bastard faggots, your soul is raped

Centuries of hypocrisy and lies
millions of martyrs, a false faith
eternal oblivion for all the weak ones
the gates of doom unleash the power

The divine light is drowned forever
into abyssic blackness you shall suffer
the petrified souls of your saints
the rotting bones of a hated race

Faggot Nazarene, impaled and maimed
watch bastard, the whore, your mother
a sadistic rape is what she needs
dirty bitch, covered in blood and semen

Blashpemated, humanity is slaughtered
Blashpemated, the angels are raped
Blasphemated, the faggot god is fallen
Blasphemated, the divine are dead

10. The Final Victory


Enter the depths of my domain
black is the colour of the Abyss
here is the land of no return
face your doom of endless torment

Your soul is mine, bow to your master
your raped spirit will calm my hunger
there is no present, there is no future
you íre here to serve my lusts forever

No god can help you, he ís dead from ages
no more forgiveness, my hate awaits you
there is no hope, your race ís been slaughtered
an end was given to your heretic world

Frost and darkness is the only reality
my hordes of demons bring pain and horror
the feast is started, the final victory
your mortal fears will feed my heart

Your faith was false, evil has won
heaven and god have been destroyed
the awful heresy at last has ended
my ancient kingdom rises supreme

It ís my return, the long awaited
it is your end, the long expected
you human worms are turned to dust
and your false weak god at last is past


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