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Through the Vortex of the Unnatural Realm

"Through the Vortex of the Unnatural Realm" (2001)

1. Enter the Reaper
2. Born Dead
3. Trauma
4. Circle of the Dragons
5. Falling Down
6. Open Grave
7. Touch of Sin
8. The Kings Abode
9. Into the Forest
10. The Night Guests

1. Enter the Reaper

I have felt it!
My time is gone around here,
And it wants to take me out from earth.
Sickness has invade my nearly dead body,
And its gonna possess it!

I have felt it!
Winds of fear has tread my own ground,
Bringing dead within.
The scared darkness and that murderer silence,
Its what I never wanted to see.

Thereís no runaway from it
So let it descend for you
There is no way it cannot enter
So let it enter, it is for you!

The death s cold has made my body his own
I am not longer alone in this world
Cause the reaper has entered my soul
And thereís nothing else to fight for.

Once it has made its journey
Surely its time for another one
That will be surrounded by darkness
Life goes on, and the reaper play with it.

More souls awaits in the future
And the reaper will be there
Awaiting for the enter
The enter into your life.

2. Born Dead

Always is the same
Everything dies
And I cannot follow
If some one is dead
I feel the shame to survive.

The life is made
For the dead
When Ill fall
For sure you are thinking
Of what to do
In this uncertain future.

But you have to face
This kind of life
Makes you another one

Before you are born
Soon you are dead
And it s to late now

Useless to try
The doors are locked
You cannot leave this place.

Voices from the storms
Turns black my soul
Bite the apple and burn
In hell for all your sins
Thatís the guilt that
God have sent.

3. Trauma

Lost in a dream
I can t never be awake
Uncontrollable feelings
Has driven me insane.

Tears crying from my eyes
They will never end in peace
The pain never set me free
Only increasing the trauma in me.



For the things I haven t done
For the peace I never had
For the goals I could not reach
For your selfish supremacy.

I hope this someday will end
But the trauma still hurt inside
Searching the place inside my mind
Where they will not find me.

I want you to put me out
Of this dream that s killing me
I do not want to die in pain
I want to be free again.

My heart is so broken inside
I need you to heal my pain
But you are so far away
And will not come back again.

4. Circle of the Dragons

5. Falling Down

See the world falling down
Down, in peace, by your desires of glory.

In the very annoyance
Between heaven, earth and hell
Lies the human greed
Breeding the apocalypses.

The moon counts each night
Until the extinction of men
Cause mankind does not born
To built just to destroy.

But they are poor
Irrational animals
That soon will see
The world falling down.

Down in pieces, by their desires of glory
Thatís simply is an excuse
To justify their ignorance.

I have seen the end
I hope you will understand
Donít listen to the devil
Try to heal the world.

6. Open Grave

Seeing the world through my eyes
In the void of my deaths cradle
From the bottom of my grave
Suddenly someone whispers at my ear.

This is the cradle on which you are dead
Your wishes of glory have been cutted away
The hope in your mind is turning cold.
As the blood and flesh, this is your destiny.

I can give you more than you have got
Trying to live by the mortal rules of the world
Maybe you are dead, you think? But not for me
This is the transition to a new life.

See the world through my eyes
From the bottom of my grave

In the void of my deaths cradle
Suddenly someone screaming.

Believe in me and I will take you out
Of this black and cold illusion of your grave
I will open your grave so youíll live again.
Dead but alive in the world as an immortal.

You donít need a cross to be alive
Take my hand and you will be saved
Iím the prince of darkness
Now you must obey.

7. Touch of Sin

Alone in the deepest dark of the night
Only two beams of light fading away
Just you and me in contraction and subtraction
Touching the sweet taste of sin
You are the beauty in flesh in blood
With the beast inside your womb

I feel the ecstasy in my legs now
More than any exotic alchemy
And my body now declines and
You lies besides my lost souls. (X2)

You are my precious queen
Drowned into the flames of hell
I am the beast in hungry
Waiting for your sweet flesh
My wish is your desire
And death is my gift
Come here and taste the price
For a touch of sin
Feel the pain
Wound inside

Outrageous, psychopath
Iím feeling without emotions
Bitterness from the past
Have turn my soul black
Thereís no god inside me
Iíve trust in him
But he betrayed me
And I fell no remorse for anyone
For anyone.

8. The Kings Abode

Avalon, a virtual flash from the depths of light.
Avalon, a trip to the roots of our hearts
Avalon, is the island of eternal love

Avalon, the place where the king heal his wounds
Avalon, the universe living within us
Avalon. Known as the kings Arthur sky

The place where everything is in harmony
With the vital energy and its replacement
Where the fields grow in abundance
The fruits are sweet
The water is so clear
Avalon is the kingdom of the light
Living within our hearts

The story told after the battle with Mordred
The king almost lost his life, and he was taken to the island
And Morgana queen of the island
Could heal his wounds
So he will return to Camelot
Victorious once again

Avalon, the kingdom of the light, Avalon
Avalon, the universe living within us, Avalon

Avalon, the island of the eternal love, Avalon
You donít need a word to talk about
Just take my hand and you will see the island
Everyone one keeps an Avalon inside
And believe me, when youíll find the one
Inside of you thatís waiting for!
The universe will feast the return to Avalon.

9. Into the Forest

Come with your friends
And donít be late
In the forest is the ritual.
Come with your friends
And donít be late
Lets get out of yours fears.

Come with your friends and donít be late
In the forest is the ritual
Come with yours friends and donít be late
Lets get out of yours fears
Say the words, make the spells
Spells and words that haunt the night
Get down, rise up, itís the dance for the call.

Say your words and make the spells
Spells and words that haunts the night
Get down and rise up, itís the dance for the call.
Now the devil is here tonight
Praise the lord for his bless
All your wishes will be true
For a change of your life

All words of power
That came form deep within
Words of power
That hails the lord for his bless

Get down, rise up
This is the dance for the call
Rise up your arms
And the deal will be done

Under the spell
Into the forest!

10. The Night Guests

When the light of day is gone
And the night starts to come
Thereís a race who breathes new life
Form the ashes of the graves
To haunt the earthÖ into the nightÖ

The night comes, the shadows are alive
With silent movements, they arise again
To haunt the earth into the night
Flying through the shadows

Diving into the night
Searching for those victims
Who heal their hungry
Hungry for the sweet blood
That makes them breath new life

Across the open fields
None have been found
Searching shelter in caverns
Sanctuaries and graves
Once haunted by the dead

You with painful hungry
Feeling weak and worst
For the lack of blood
I fell the pain inside
Of you my wonder race.

The night comes, the shadows are alive
With each silent move, they rise again to hunt the earth
I feel the pain
Inside of you

With powers of eternal life
Getting weaker in the light of the day
Living a life alone in the shadows
Hoping for a cold sun
Or a redemption of your soul


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