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Equirhodont Grandiose Magus

"Equirhodont Grandiose Magus" (2003)

1. Intro - Grand Opening
2. Meeting (My Father)
3. On the Other Side
4. Song (Dream)
5. The Lake Flower of Evil
6. The Monolith of Demons I.
7. Bridge to the...
8. The Monolith of Demons II.

1. Intro - Grand Opening

I entered the Amethyst Palace and the first thing I saw was the double-headed Lar, the first aide of my father. In the Hall of Rituals there was gathered a crowd of the strangest creatures one can imagine. All of them were my Father’s Counsellors, who made up the Circle of the Initiated.

2. Meeting (My Father)

Lar stood up and said:

“Let the Ruler speak!”

and there was a silence

in which, like the explosion of the Storm,

the voice of my Father resounded:

“From black Hearts Poison will stream out,

from extinguished Eyes Belladonna will grow,

from parched Mouth Snake will sneak,

from deaf Ears Rooks will fly.”

“Ancient Secrets are revealed to you,

they are stupefying and pitch-black,

so depart now to your Worlds

and create the new Youth of Magic!

Go and create!”

3. On the Other Side

My Father finished. From the throats of other Magi and Warlocks I heard the accordant: “Go and Create!” Everything was devoured by Darkness and me, Equirhodont, was left alone. Since that time I have never seen my Father again or anybody of the Counsellors. But it is always this way, when I am born somewhere once more.

They say there is nothing!

There, on the other side!

They say there is nobody!

There, on the other side!

But We are living there!

There, on the other side.

Nobody knows that We are there!

There, on the other side.

I created a nation I called Kärgeräs. It was my initial work and what was its fate you must know, because Dwarves spoke a lot about it. I wasted plenty of Time by my fighting against Other Forces, despite Time have never played an important role in my Being. But I missed it. You’ll never get rid of Other Forces anyway. They are here, because We are here as well.

4. Song (Dream)

Ages ago I tried to inspire life to Creatures once more. I have called them People! I heard this word from Rodaxx once and I liked it. Oh, what an error again. Again there appeared Other Forces on the stage. This time they have brought things they have called Gods to help them. A smart move, really. The Others are more and more perfect.

With bewitching whisper

I will conjure up everything

I will recite the mysterious Words,

Gates to the Unknown - wide open.

I know glittering worlds,

And also worlds treaded down by Destruction,

I penetrate into Depths

Which you will never see.

By fiery whirlwind I will cure

The insanity and doom of the world,

With the icy breath I make sleep

Everybody, who have survived.

Flaming bodies, weeping and laugh,

Icy tears, Magic of Masters.

I will curse you forever,

There is no Return from my words.

And so Rodaxx’s People turned out to be my big mistake, too. That time, after their infamous termination I decided to live only in our Higher Orders and dream cobwebs. The Lives with Ráon and Xerida were wonderful.

5. The Lake Flower of Evil

During my wandering travels I came to the Empire I did not know and which had not been created by anybody. It existed by itself, it was the moving power of the very essence of Magic and Mystery. In human words, I spent there millions of Ages and if I had not been evoked once again, I would have stayed there forever. But somebody was calling me, somebody was invoking me tenaciously and toughly. So I went.

My mind is penetrated by a flow of Tones,

Sneaking Death is looking sad,

Bloody breeze ripples the water surface,

The eye of the Lake grew dark.

The Ominous Flower bends down,

The deadly lullaby it’s singing,

Delightful verses are luring you,

Come closer, come closer…

Time stopped like a bead of sweat,

Dew drops are shining

On the naked bones of the sleepers,

The Flower of Horror is singing for you.

You’re falling asleep.

6. The Monolith of Demons I.

What a beauty awaited me, what delightful enjoyments. Who called me? It was the Ancestors of my Ancestors. The Messengers of Reasonable Beings. Beautiful. Noble. Powerful. Demons. It was Them. How I desired to meet Them! During my existence I have never met them - and now They have called me.

In the abyss of the shining Dark,

The Monolith towers upwards,

So dark and beautiful,

That my eyesight is failing me.

The Force lives in it!

The Force of Demons.

Since the Rise to the End

It has been receiving their gifts,

It knows their Curses and Wishes,

It knows their lusts and Names.

The Force lives in it!

The Force of Demons.

Who will pass the exam,

The Nine Circles of Magic,

Will see its Beauty and Power,

But who will be the chosen one?

The Force lives in it!

The Force of Demons.

My Mother has born me,

My Father have initiated me,

The Old Man has accompanied me

Through the Nine Circles.

The Force lives in it!

The Force of Demons.

7. Bridge to the...

8. The Monolith of Demons II.

And so it happened that I am one of the Chosen. Is it true? Yes. I will become a Being. I do not know the origin and the cause of the Rise. But Beings know them. They are the Origin and Rise themselves.

I saw thousands of Things.

I lived thousands of Lives.

I died thousands Deaths.

I made three Steps.

With the Mystical Diamond of Magic

I stabbed my Heart

Covered with the ashes of my Ancestors.

I made three Steps.

I have learned the passion of Death

And understood the heat of Life

And created the New Universe.

I made the last three Steps.

Now I am standing in front of Him.

I am standing in front of my Master.

Now I know the nature of Things.

I became a Magus

In the Monolith of Demons.

I am the Grandiose Magus !


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