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Return to Mystery

"Return to Mystery" (1997)

1. Rites of Red Giving
2. Return to Mystery
3. Until the Dawn`s Mist
4. The Mourning River
5. Valley of the Kings
6. Dreams of Winter Solstice
7. Winds of Autumn
8. Infernal Atavism (Descend to Tetragrammaton)
9. Path to Eternal Ruin

1. Rites of Red Giving

Gather the elders in the forest
assemble the ancients, Black mass awaits
recant the sacrament of possession
raise the pentagram and renounce thy name

Cascades of blood
caress the alter... of sacrifice
rites... of Red Giving

Raise thy hands and perform the sign
pentacle of evil in the sorcerer's eye
rejoice and dance in the ecstasy
master accept this Offering

cascades of blood
caress my alter.. my sacrifice
rites... of Red Giving
bathe in the Ecstasy

Bring forth the whores
defile this Holy ground
parched with desire
exhaust the high priest
taste the tainted spray
hot across thy lips
release this virgin's
false mask of flesh

Gaze into the cauldron of blood
covenant Of ruin, upon thy tongue
dawn of damnation, eternity awaits
surrender your soul to the darkness

cascades of blood
caress the Evil... this sacrifice

2. Return to Mystery

Aggressor' s domain
Engulfed by darkness
the caravan strives
to free the oppresed

Over fiends of dead
the palace they seek
crush the Usurper
royalty is weak

for years he sits
for years they wait
symbolic premonition
triumph or fate

Tales of treasures
aspirations of wealth
the castle before them
opens the pates

under the moonlight
images interwined
frost covers the ground
macabre juggarnaught

light the torches
speak in tongues
call forth Pazzuzu
unhol devotions

Emerge the Specter
cloak of fire
frowing the covenant
preordained to Avernus

Emperor vanguished
the land shall prosper
O' Will there ever be
A return to mystery

3. Until the Dawn`s Mist

Come King Paralda, Ruler of the Sylphs
blow Eurus, mighty winds of the sun
come Red Lion, a constant burning flame
place in our hearts the seeds of thy will

the wind is sighing
the candle awaits the flame

Blue robed keeper of the fall twilight
blow Zephyrous, tide of emotions fills the cup
mother of mitnight silence, ruler of earthly spirits
fill us with vitality, until the dawn' s mist

Awaken the twilight slumber
the forest releases the serpent

Guardian of the North, bearer of the pentacle
Guardian of the East, hearer of the wand
Guardian of the South, bearer of the sword
Guardian of the West, Serpent of the Eclipse

Take me, O' Beautiful Serpent

Thou who art the dawn, the spring, the intellect
Thou who art the noon, the summer, the will

Thou who art the lust, the autumn, the emotion
Thou who art the night, Thou who art the winter,
the physical reality

Take me... to the ends of the earth
Take me... to the land of no return
Take me... until the dawn' s mist

4. The Mourning River

Through the gallows I walk
Through the coll rain and mud
the masses cry for vengeance
attainted to the plains of Umbra

The scaffold awaits death
as I approach my fate
my spirit escapes to a place
the mourning river of beauty

at the river I drink
from the chalice of kings
I've been renewed again
to ride with the Gods
throughout eternity
I shall live again

I now wear this Amulet
Conjured from the Sun
woven by nightfall
and silver shadows
a talisman of winds
the protection of the Earth
courses through my doty
the primal sea sings in my heart
I now close my eyes
to feel the majick pulse

to be united with
Earth, Fire,Wind and Sea

5. Valley of the Kings

Across the sands
Beyond the Nile
I sought to find
the Fertile crescent
excavate the ruins
Journey into the earth
desecrate the tombs
in the Valley of the Kings

Pharaoh to the Gods
Ancient Rites of Scripture
Avenge these ruins
the curse lives

Consumed with greed
no respect for the dead
the chamber is raped
disturbing the afterlife
awakening the guard
in this tomb of worship
I feel the presence
In the Valley of the Kings

Pharaoh to the Gods
Ancient Rites of scripture
Avenge these ruins
The curse reigns

The Ankh is crushed upon departure
the vault seals, there is no escape
constant ringing in my thoughts
choking on blood, I'm trapped here alive

6. Dreams of Winter Solstice

Nocturnal cold, the winds of nature breathe
ceremonial fires, circle of hands has gathered
candle mediation, invoke the deity
flame of inspiration, trance away mortality

Unorthodox beliefs

Open your mint, empire of the body
ritual chants, beneath the hidden moon
cauldron burns, for life is blood
lord supreme accept thee from above

Pure essence

Keeper Of the mystic realm
weep for our sorrow
cleanse us with the talisman
reborn into tomorrow

Aurora burns in the skies
the dark season is near
winter stars begin to fade
dreams of the solstice

Morning Sun, the rays luminate the forest
fires have died, the river still flows
shadows vanish into the passing clouds
remembering the night of the Winter solstice

Bizarre Tranquility

7. Winds of Autumn

Beneath my body, my brothers lay to rest
sword covered in blood, I will not bow down
cast their ashes to the Northern winds
The winds of Autumn blow forever


Streams of life, quench my wonded body
All I see are the funeral pyres burning
the chosen one, I must conquer my fear
The winds Of Autumn blow forever

blow... Forever

Pray to the Gods
For the secret of steel
raise the scepter
point to the sky
twilight of blue
from eternity
gives me the strength
to prevail

A blaze on the scorched earth I shall avenge
with the powers of Magick, to this lands end
Imbolic Of the eight Sabbats, the Goddess awaits
with sickle in her hand she reaps the night

At the lakeside, my life begins to drain
I feel the tears of the Cherub
In the forests, I shall forever sleep
The winds of Autumn carry my soul

My soul...

The winds of Autumn...
Blow forever

8. Infernal Atavism (Descend to Tetragrammaton)

It has begun, the prophecy
look to the skies, and see the signs
dark ancient Gods, return to power
the end has come, it is written...

Infernal Atavism
Descend to Tetragrammaton

It has begun, the seals lay broken
Black clouds divide, the overlord arrives
trinity of ruin, this world's demise
the one has returned, it is written...

Prophetic fall from grace
mankind left in disgrace
angels weeping in blasphemy
return to my Hellish ways...

It is written, from red skies
The one shall ride upon a chariot of fire
Hell fire
The legions await
The bidding of their master' s desire
Hell fire
The unbelievers
Fall before my feet, let the weak

Infernal Atavism
Descent to Tetragrammaton

9. Path to Eternal Ruin

The elder Gods reflect the future
Upon their crimson throne
they speak the words of impending doom
prophetic signs of the apocalypse

The path to Eternal Ruin

They speak the words Of Leviathan
That lies dreaming below the world
remembering when darkness ruled
before the heavens would shine
standing above the ancient sands
Sumerian burial grounds
Gray clouds form in the skies
They entity forever roams

The path to Eternal Ruin


Walking in the shadows of evil
we are chained and condemned
this was a chosen way of life
the Path to Eternal Ruin

The Path
To Eternal Ruin...


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