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"Extremities" (1991 Demo)

1. Circle Of Fools
2. Tornado
3. Territories
4. Hate
5. D.C.S.

1. Circle Of Fools

Reject the internal, a blind eye turned, truth denied.
Unwanted within them inflicted outwards in lies.
Aversion, denial, oppression, blame sinks to you.
The scapegoat is chosen and hunted among delusions of the few.

Panic bleeds into the brain, a high pitch from the sky.
Gripped by the instinct of fear, sirens multiply.
Convulsions to death, conform the body to flesh.
A beatless heart lying still, murdered by illusions of the mind.

Convicted, sentenced, brought to trial, extremities too far.
Exceed brought by stagnant world, time frozen, charges barred.
I blame you for corrupted youth, on your command they turned.
Bring the masses to the fold, next generation saved.

Fear dictates their sense of trust, a tightened guiding grip.
In their minds we are the weak, so easily to slip.
Eliminate temptation, a world preserved and saved.
Persecute the ones they fear, and the disarray.

What do you think entertained his mind, as he raised the gun to his sweat soaked brow.
Did some hypnotic rhythm reach out and fire the killing blow.
Or did his battered, scarred existence cry out for an end.
A tortured empty life that he let go.

Shock, disbelief, the crushing grief
As guilt drained their lives, their senses numb
Brought to trial can't let the question lie
Court rejected, blame deflected, failed to pass the inner pain
Stagnant now, within them it resides.

What are they hoping to see, those who shield our eyes
Uniformed, marching in stride, pure personified
This world of perfection, enforce the boundaries around
Like cattle the circle of fools is lead to the moral high ground

Tension built, released the blow, outbreak of war and fear
Collective ignorance and hate directed at the near
Vandalized by fools who search for an enemy
They and those who blind our sight are the danger that they seek

2. Tornado

Chill in the wind, black is the sky.
Feel the force, the force of life.
Evening the odds, it's toll on life.
The time has come, a time of strife.

Twisting and turning the storm is here.
Storming, crashing destruction's near.
Cities leveled at any cost.
In a flash all life is lost.

Thrashing and bashing it's all too late.
Crashing, smashing it's sealed your fate.
Can't you see you can not hide.
Can't you see you're going to die.

The storm has come and gone.
Without a warning call.
There is no time to act.
When all is said and done.
And after all is through.
The storm has passed away.
Pick up the pieces left
And start your life again

3. Territories

Future barren, blinded vision.
Downhill struggle every day.
Masses flock, to every wealth.
Ignore society.

Alternative economy, that addiction feeds.
Inner cities hardest hit, multiplying breed.

Urban terror, growing, spreading.
Beckoning to all that hide.
Splitting factions fight for power.
Enemies divide.

I had no time for innocence, the streets soon took me in.
Age did not protect me from the hell I lived within.
There was no choice I had no time to walk my path alone.
Drafted to the ranks of crime, as my history has shown.
I see no future for myself, I dwell now day by day.
I live my life for the gangs, to die by their way.

Six fists fly at me, trail of blows begins.
Feel the cold encase my mind as pain sets in.
Ten minutes pass I barely stand my ground.
Entrance to the streets elite I now have found.

Averted eyes, to feel the rage.
Of those that we refuse to see.
Constant denial, cause the backlash.
That we know will see.

Reject the world as meant to be.
Rule within themselves.
Ever changing hierarchy.
Manifests itself

4. Hate

I hate you and your kind, burned in me through time.
Every facing thing about you I learned to despise.
A vision etched in me, you I do not see.
Just another random face, one of the enemy.
Conditioned to despise, aggressive sense of pride.
Replace the murdered unity, a quest to end your life.
And as I see you fall, your life crumbles away.
I am only glad that it's you instead of me.

From an early age taught the way it's meant to be.
Molding of my mind into a blur of hating fear.
A world of black and white, clean divisions of the human race.
Now I go to fight for my land, the only thing I've ever known.

It burns, inside, these thoughts of vengeance smoldered in my mind.
The blows, repressing me to keep me under hold.
Your hand, contorting my emotions for so long.
Enough, my hatred for your oppression explodes.

Now rise, to fight, our vision blurred, our anger to unite.
No fear, intimidation pushes down deep inside.
As one, we ripped to shreds the Czar that held us down.
In awe, the proud new owners of the tyrant's throne.

Conscious of the adrenaline that overrides my fear.
Aware of my developed power, my calculating mind.
But blurred are my perceptions as I complete the final kill.
Animal inside me wins, my origin in time.

Drenched in sweat I wake, another vision of my morbid past.
Knuckles white, a grip of fear recedes but still reside.
Forever changed, the hatred twists my mind into a fractured state.
Servant to my god, my country, slave to dark emotions.
Thought unknown.

Diseased minds, brainwashed through the passage of extended time.
Born into intimidation, watched in every move.
Turbulent, the hate inside me tapped I will explode.
Used, enraged, I now become a valued tool, my inner self controlled

5. D.C.S.


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