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"Decameron" (1992)

1. Circle of Fools
2. Insanity Plea
3. Vision Divine
4. Hate
5. Unknown
6. Live your Death
7. Factor Red
8. Blown Doors
9. Territories
10. Tornado
11. Three Witches
12. Lord War

1. Circle of Fools

Reject the internal, a blind eye turned, truth denied.
Unwanted within them inflicted outwards in lies.
Aversion, denial, oppression, blame sinks to you.
The scapegoat is chosen and hunted among delusions of the few.

Panic bleeds into the brain, a high pitch from the sky.
Gripped by the instinct of fear, sirens multiply.
Convulsions to death, conform the body to flesh.
A beatless heart lying still, murdered by illusions of the mind.

Convicted, sentenced, brought to trial, extremities too far.
Exceed brought by stagnant world, time frozen, charges barred.
I blame you for corrupted youth, on your command they turned.
Bring the masses to the fold, next generation saved.

Fear dictates their sense of trust, a tightened guiding grip.
In their minds we are the weak, so easily to slip.
Eliminate temptation, a world preserved and saved.
Persecute the ones they fear, and the disarray.

What do you think entertained his mind, as he raised the gun to his sweat soaked brow.
Did some hypnotic rhythm reach out and fire the killing blow.
Or did his battered, scarred existence cry out for an end.
A tortured empty life that he let go.

Shock, disbelief, the crushing grief
As guilt drained their lives, their senses numb
Brought to trial can't let the question lie
Court rejected, blame deflected, failed to pass the inner pain
Stagnant now, within them it resides.

What are they hoping to see, those who shield our eyes
Uniformed, marching in stride, pure personified
This world of perfection, enforce the boundaries around
Like cattle the circle of fools is lead to the moral high ground

Tension built, released the blow, outbreak of war and fear
Collective ignorance and hate directed at the near
Vandalized by fools who search for an enemy
They and those who blind our sight are the danger that they seek

2. Insanity Plea

Did something snap inside of me, sicken and deform
Tap a hidden illness deep inside.
Release my violent energy, repeat the senseless kill.
Caught red handed in the act of crime.
Fear engulfs my state of mind, numbs my train of thought.
Future hanging in the balance, will the state require my demise?

Time, the space of empty years to pass me by.
Solitude, life repossessed, parole to be denied.
Without panic, a loophole found.
Fragmented inner workings of my mind.

Time has slowed, the trial is near, the lies will pave the way.
Truth evaded, conjuring excuses to be made.
Memory is fragmented I wallow in decay.
My dreams are blurred with consciousness, the night seeps into day.

My day of trial draws closer still.
Emotions burned as pressure builds.
Collect your thoughts, act the charade.
Will freedom call, which road to take.

Immoral acts stain my brain, horror from within.
No remorse for victims who have passed.
Now on judgment day I pleas insanity.
Cold blooded murderer at heart.
No bargains from the state, the court becomes my prey.
Pass the buck, shift the blame.
Fuck the system, free to kill again

3. Vision Divine

I know all, mind set in stone, as I gaze in awe beyond the sky.
Vision divine came to me, who we are, one true answer is mine.

Around us all revolves, all that came to be.
At his mercy all dies, enforced by the deity.

Blind leads blind, prophets revealed, declares answers that he can never know.
Faith completes, eyes are now sealed, all explained man's existence controlled.

From man's mind born a god, figurehead bestowed.
Now he no longer sees, beyond the shell of his earthly throne.

Divine right lost and retrieved, one more fool to explain eternity.
The laws of what was, is, and will be, reclaimed refabricated belief.

A god dies one more born, from the mind of man.
Once again truth denied,
Blind fools strain to see beyond their grasp.

4. Hate

I hate you and your kind, burned in me through time.
Every facing thing about you I learned to despise.
A vision etched in me, you I do not see.
Just another random face, one of the enemy.
Conditioned to despise, aggressive sense of pride.
Replace the murdered unity, a quest to end your life.
And as I see you fall, your life crumbles away.
I am only glad that it's you instead of me.

From an early age taught the way it's meant to be.
Molding of my mind into a blur of hating fear.
A world of black and white, clean divisions of the human race.
Now I go to fight for my land, the only thing I've ever known.

It burns, inside, these thoughts of vengeance smoldered in my mind.
The blows, repressing me to keep me under hold.
Your hand, contorting my emotions for so long.
Enough, my hatred for your oppression explodes.

Now rise, to fight, our vision blurred, our anger to unite.
No fear, intimidation pushes down deep inside.
As one, we ripped to shreds the Czar that held us down.
In awe, the proud new owners of the tyrant's throne.

Conscious of the adrenaline that overrides my fear.
Aware of my developed power, my calculating mind.
But blurred are my perceptions as I complete the final kill.
Animal inside me wins, my origin in time.

Drenched in sweat I wake, another vision of my morbid past.
Knuckles white, a grip of fear recedes but still reside.
Forever changed, the hatred twists my mind into a fractured state.
Servant to my god, my country, slave to dark emotions.
Thought unknown.

Diseased minds, brainwashed through the passage of extended time.
Born into intimidation, watched in every move.
Turbulent, the hate inside me tapped I will explode.
Used, enraged, I now become a valued tool, my inner self controlled

5. Unknown

Life, the meaning of death, unknown destiny how much time is left.
Living out the end never knowing when.
The plug will be pulled and you find the end.
Doomed, to uncertaintly, uncontrolled force controls reality.
Erosion of our lives, constant ticking.
The clock ticks as our hearts beating.

Grievance, anguish and pain, losses come cold, bitterness remains.
Fragile lives dropping like drips of rain.
Staring blankly into death's eyes again.
Innocence, dumbfounded faith.
Hope will bring nothing, darkness always waits.
Gripping as you wake, life's fragility, providence.
Of mortal lives we're leading unknown, unseen, unscathed.
The fragile lives we thought we once knew, to be, our own.
Controlled by our inner selves drained, in time, or taken.
The fear we never realized set, in place, and time life's mortality.

Controverting it's domain, permanence for whom it's slain.
Time and space come to a halt, exercised the right of fault.
Beyond sleep you will lie, freed from the flesh.
Spanning the plain, existence persists?
Stand or fall, do as you may, an open door will pave the way.
The final choice is only yours, fate you'll find behind the door.

Unknown to all, our minds to evade.
Eternally unanswered the question lays.
Mental block bars, repress the fear.
The future hid from knowledge certain to appear.
Burdened mind, for what we perceive.
Forced to live with knowledge of mortality.
Will we reach, step over the line.
Fall to fate, destiny, question unknown in our time.

6. Live your Death

Burning fire in your brain, having no control of this game.
See your empty life all around, life and death both around.

Scream in pain, for life.
For your death!

Not knowing which way you want to go.
Indecision for yourself.
Not making sense of past events.
Complacency itself.
Life will take a life on this frightful day.
Searching for the truth.
Can the chance be taken to end it all.
The never ending quest.

The pain within ceases to halt.
Frenzied state no one's fault.
Execution of your soul.
See the light but you can't.

Scream in pain, for life.
For your death

7. Factor Red

Retinas burn, as my eyes raise towards the dying star.
Half devoured sky bleeds red, the death of a star begun.

Billion times five, inner orbits set to solar flame.
One with the star they die, melt to core, no remains.

Oceans boil, steam rises, molten cracks reveal
the boiling lava, rising, in turmoil.

Lifeless, planet barren, earth's last dying vapors,
atmosphere ignited, radiation burns away.

A planet to breath, the earth gave shelter.
The gift of the curse of life.
Over evolved mind, consciousness raped.
After four billion years, earth shaped, molded, contorted man.

To become a scar, a black page in the planet's history.
Did he self-destruct, turn inward on himself.
Or tap the awesome power growing deep.
Within the recess of his mind.

Cycle of fire commences, radiation of the sun ejected outward, last cry.
Earth a corpse now lies fallen, life burnt back to carbon.
Freed from man forever, gone or in flight through the void.

What will be

8. Blown Doors

Fuel flow intravenously, mixed nitrous through chemistry.
Chemicals under pressure, poison in my injectors.
Mixing fluids to perfection, runaways clean, injection.
More speed for an injection racer, nitrous straight, no chaser.

Uniform as the mind decays, into pump, releasing relay.
Divided into equal sections, no gauges, danger detected.
Consuming fuel, intense suction, losing mind, lost function.
Spastic reaction, interior combustion.
Price for speed, lost deduction.

Increasing the fuel's rate of burning.
The more split, gears turning.
Fuel drips into the full cores.
Sides torn left, blown door.

Self - injected, direct ports, affected, computer aborts.
Ignore the sensory information, mass prone to detonation.
Preset, altered, losing tone, valve tight pinching tubes.
5930 Lake Shore Cypress, overload, top fuel nitrous

9. Territories

Future barren, blinded vision.
Downhill struggle every day.
Masses flock, to every wealth.
Ignore society.

Alternative economy, that addiction feeds.
Inner cities hardest hit, multiplying breed.

Urban terror, growing, spreading.
Beckoning to all that hide.
Splitting factions fight for power.
Enemies divide.

I had no time for innocence, the streets soon took me in.
Age did not protect me from the hell I lived within.
There was no choice I had no time to walk my path alone.
Drafted to the ranks of crime, as my history has shown.
I see no future for myself, I dwell now day by day.
I live my life for the gangs, to die by their way.

Six fists fly at me, trail of blows begins.
Feel the cold encase my mind as pain sets in.
Ten minutes pass I barely stand my ground.
Entrance to the streets elite I now have found.

Averted eyes, to feel the rage.
Of those that we refuse to see.
Constant denial, cause the backlash.
That we know will see.

Reject the world as meant to be.
Rule within themselves.
Ever changing hierarchy.
Manifests itself

10. Tornado

Chill in the wind, black is the sky.
Feel the force, the force of life.
Evening the odds, it's toll on life.
The time has come, a time of strife.

Twisting and turning the storm is here.
Storming, crashing destruction's near.
Cities leveled at any cost.
In a flash all life is lost.

Thrashing and bashing it's all too late.
Crashing, smashing it's sealed your fate.
Can't you see you can not hide.
Can't you see you're going to die.

The storm has come and gone.
Without a warning call.
There is no time to act.
When all is said and done.
And after all is through.
The storm has passed away.
Pick up the pieces left
And start your life again

11. Three Witches

One piece of paper to alter your mind.
Step out of reality, awe of mankind.
Take a trip to the unknown, distorting the time.

Your mind's turning cartwheels inside of your head.
Do you welcome this feeling or wish you were dead?
Tasting the wallpaper as the music turns red.

Stare at the wall as is melts into blood.
To keep this feeling you wish that you could.
To do it all over again you would.

The meaning of life on the tip of your tongue.
You're feeling insane as your brain's growing numb.
Feel the alveoli burst in your lungs.
Can't stop thinking on the brink and living like you've never lived before.

Where'd I put my fucking brain, it's gone as you can see.
Please don't step on it if you do it's the end of me.
Can't put out my cigarette, this bottle seems to melt.
Red cars and gnarly people are what this town's about.

Walls breathing, feel floating, look at me I'm flat.
Staring at a leaf for hours the trees are made of blue and red.
Smoke a pack of cigarettes in a second to my head.
Just cuz I can't find my brain doesn't mean I'm dead.

Lucy in the sky playing dice with laughing Sam.
Images before my eyes of Lisa, Sally, and Diane.
All's clear in double now I shift my psychedelic gears.
Long slowly drifting seconds seem to last a thousand years.

One piece of paper has now changed your life.
A permanent dent in your brain you survived.
A part of you born as another part died.

Colliding thoughts slow to a pace you once knew.
Normality slowly seeping it's way through.
Did you ever think this could happen to you?

Eternally changed you for better or worse.
A scar on your brain or a lesson well learned.
I never will leave, in your mind I am burned.

So will you return to this journey I've led?
To laugh at the world and see the madness it spreads.
Calling you back to you sanity's end.
Can't stop thinking on the brink and living like you've never lived before

12. Lord War

Piece of progress, advanced control.
Absolute perfection, locked down into total war.

Energy not prone to defect.
Intelligent form of development.
The race to live now dormant.

Germinate the genocide, man's development demise.
Dead shapeless bodies, decipher codes of lord war.

Knowledge became extreme source - energy.
Black smoke rises from power plant.
Unthinkable war stored in banks.

Whisper, arise, arise, defeat the mechanized.
Gather all sick lives, fuel the source, the arise.

Who rules power, fight no life, full taste of machinery.
Total arise, full arise, the extreme heart or power.
Man's brilliance, man's demise, fully exercised in technology.
No flesh, no blood, mechanized fiend.

Decipher codes phase four.
Locked down into total war.
Race is the true lord war


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