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Premonition of Sin

"Premonition of Sin" (2004 EP)

1. Wrath of Mine
2. Violins for Tess
3. The Great Despair
4. Premonition of Sin
5. Demise

1. Wrath of Mine

Bottled up inside of me

are mystic yearnings

silent offerings

no control, no conscious feelings

so long ago, those were lost so freely

bruised and battered, never knowing

what to make of these constant churnings

now the star in your left hand is burning...



A vicious cycle that keeps on turning

at my disposal is so much suffering

just give it up man it isnít work dying

cant you see that there was no point in trying

no end in sight yet the end is nearing

you know its me of whom youíve been fearing

now that star in your left hand is burning...



2. Violins for Tess

(A shallow sorrow, better left unsung)
thus far widowed in the graveyard
sifting in pieces
resembling thy broken heart
a porcelain queen berates it all
let thy heart lead the way
to a tranquil scene of another day...
Mine life is war where only the strong survive
one in which without thee, Iíve already died...
Iíve already died
Iíve already died

Left at the gates of Donning ton
with 7 dreams left by my side
beneath a cloud of lust, enticed
exhumed to the point of no return

as we rise
they all fall
autumn night
donít let go.... tonight

dreams seethe

everything I know
has been lost in fragrant shadows
draped leaves collect our souls
this is what we are or so Iím told
bright lights on a endless night
beneath the crimson twilight
sweet lovers holding tight
embracing all thatís seen inside

Embracing all
thatís seen inside these shadows
sweet lovers holding tight
this is what we are or so Iím told

as we rise
they all fall,

autumn night
donít let go... tonight


now I know that when it came to you loving me...

3. The Great Despair

In the darkness

a gift from the gods begins to ascend

now the creatures of the night begin to arrive

to agree upon the cause of this sea of distress

She was a creature of the night doomed to walk alone

despite that fact that she knows

that there's no place left to go

she asks herself

"what do I have to show?"

she lays back, falls into trans

and she asks herself what no one asks

When will we be free?

and she asks herself one more time again in dwelled

When will it begin?

When will we be free

realizing, beyond the horizon

they have come to save our souls

to take our to, to break our fears

to take what has been exposed

Kneeling by her side

whispering the tales of other places and times

with it burning wings and its rising flames

mighty phoenix brought a change

with all it warming embrace and...

awaking from her sleep

she sess what she had been missing

the pride and courage that had been discouraged

even since the beginning

she now continues on her path singing in recognition

never again will she be forced to ask herself

that dreadful question

When will we be free?

and she ask herself one more time again

when will we bee free?

Never doubt what you believe

Make it what you want it to be

4. Premonition of Sin

I am the one whom you have been fearing

scent blooms in the midnight sky

of your death nearing

prowling your dreams, theyíre not what they seem

as I lay you down to rest

youíre stuck in time in which you once had innocence



I am never ending pain

alpha god with a sinners fame

in the midst of your grave

reaper shows you the way

as I lay you down to rest

premonition of this sin

world of secret sinners within

reapers shows you the way

you survive only in remnants of decay...



5. Demise


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