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"Shaded" (2001)

1. Life Has Created Death
2. Once
3. Time
4. Starec
5. Along The Way To Skye
6. Shankhill
7. Perfect Life
8. Fear

1. Life Has Created Death

I'm preparing your place to rest
So you can sleep and forget your fear of death
To say thanks is too late maybe my tears will wash everything away
I'm preparing your place to rest
So you can sleep and forget your fear of death
My memories are going back to you.
You are smiling now I'm looking at you and you are dying
Mu memories are going back to you. The rose fades. The leaves are taken to you
My memory hates you and I miss you
My memory is going back to you.
The rose fades, the leaves are falling down.

To say thanks is not too late.
Maybe my tears just say that I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid. No I'm not afraid...
To say thanks is not too late.
Maybe my tears just say that everything's gonna be ok...

I'm waiting for the day we will rest in peace and lie together then and ever
I'm waiting for the day we will look at the stars and sit together then and ever
A falling star lighted the night
Now I know you finally get the wings you dreamt of your entire life
Now I know he is waiting for me, just for me!
I dream the day he and I will live forever, together, then and ever...

2. Once

Let's go to the playground. Today we will play between the fires and castles from the sand
I expect you'll all come
Your lives, please leave them to the neighbours living next door
Today we'll play between the fires and will make castles from the sand
Running, screaming, stupid laughing, sweet singing
Oh my goodnes! What's all that noise?
The kids are back again!
Impressed by the homeless cat he wants to be just like him
Smelling the flowers he wants to scent just like them
Listening the birds he whistles their songs
Feeling the air on a (naked) body while running free
Tasting the cakes from the sand they are not like mum's in the end,
He just complains and cries
Lying in the grass we are building our fantazy world, a castle in the clouds
Until it'll all, all fall down
I'm gonna ruin it all, we will argue and then a big fight

Three hours later drinking vodka and smoki in our hands
With our dirty smiling faces smiling like mad
Because we're gonna be pals again...
And here is something you should see, those eyes carrying the clouds
And those dirty smiling faces keeping them on all their life
And the fire in their eyes, they must be happy to live their crazy life

What are the voices coming again and again
It sounds like mum from far, far away
Maybe everything is over,
Maybe it's really the time to start looking for our way back home

3. Time

Thinking about the moments and things that use to be
All that unimportant stupid little things that make my past,
Make me and all the people I lived with some are by me or around me,
Others somewhere along the way...

Forgotten palces, not worth a single hello but I can recall it all
The things we've done together, grew up together
We spent so special times expressing our motions, ourselves together
Do you remember the times when we dared to rebel
We wanted just to be
We thought we were so cool, we were gods and no one could reach to us
Life arranged us a special lesson about life, about the why we already had
We thought we could change the world now we are fighting to change ourselves
We thought we were right and others wrong, now we are trying to see the difference among us
Various ways brought us in different places
Have we became what we wanted to be...
Relations are gone, others will come, some will stay in this chaos called life
We were so proud and many times so damn unfair, it seems that we just didn't want to see

In all this chaos called life
It's eternal this unending changing about present-future-past
An eternal circle that drives me mad
In despite of all who don't dare to stop

It circulates around destroying things that are not presumed to last
It circulates within myslf changing almost everything

4. Starec

Dolga je pot, celo zhivljenje je za teboj
Kje si hodil in kje zivel
Solze na licah so se ti zhe utrdile
Zakaj se smejati ti odgovoriti ne zna nihche
Osamljen tava bog ve kje
Komu nosi rozhe she sam ne ve
Obupno si ishche bistva, pa vendar si noche priznati nesmisla
In kaj she chakash ob reki tej
Stopi na barchico nich se ne boj
Prepusti se srcu naj te odpelje v tvoj raj
Na koncu si prishel na zachetak poti
Obupa! trpljenja!
Na koncu si prishel na zachetak poti
Utvare! kje so sanje?
Na koncu si prishel na zachetak poti

5. Along The Way To Skye

You were like the violin I used to play
To play my own songs I wrote in those days
I let you be next to me
As long as you were thinking like me
As long as you were tinking, feeling like me

But the viloin began to play its own annoying sounds
They lost their melodies
Until it sounded like a (lovely) symphony

I thought that I've lost you but all I've ever lost it's the
Illusion I've ever owned you
I just wanted to help you but I was interfering in your life,
I was destroying your life

How can I stand by your side without hurting you again and again
I just want to help you
And I want you to help me

Why is it so hard not to hurt anyone and especially you my friend
What a paradise we could make if we would tell you sorry in your face
But we fall every day
What a paradise we could make if I would tell you I'm sorry in your face
You were just the little instrument I used to play every day
I thought that the things I did, were right for you like were for me I fault.

6. Shankhill

Flags bind up on the lights
Along the streets dumb witnesses of stories about human lives, about
The history that never dies
They can tell us about pride, struggle and fight

They carry the pain, hate of people who don't want to understand
Pray for peace wishing blood
Cry for your beloved killing people you don't care about
It's the game of gods
Both searching for something, a meaning, a cause
So who has right?
It doesn't matter!
The flags make them proud
Give them something in their meaningless lives
That counts in the game of gods
It's the game of gods
In the name of gods
It's the game of gods, where man is the loser anyway

Freedom, beliefs! you fight for, to other you deny
Colours and lines are more important then their own human lives
It's the game of gods
In the name of gods
In this so called game of gods
They sit on a balcony and watch this tragic-comic play
It's a play for gods
In this play for gods
We all live in this play for gods

7. Perfect Life

She has lived a wonderful life
She had a great father and also a mother
She wanted to be perfect and have a perfect life
The goal was high but she was prepared to work very hard.

She used to go to the concerts and she couldn't understand
Why people don't hear the music she does, the words she does
She spent nights in her bed thinking,
She spent nights with her friend talking
Desperate over her life she bought a chocolate box
In hope she would find an answer for her life
So she went to the luna park to cheer herself up
And she bought a very nice yellow baloon
But it flew and it blew up like her perfection, her perfect life
She finally figure it out the world is not just black and white
No one to worship, no one to blame
She's all confused now she even doesn't know her name
Patrischa is her name
She knows now life is not wrong nor wright
But just so that everyone can understand it in his very own way
She is trying to understand and listen
But everythying seems to be so hard
She tinks: maybe I work too hard, maybe I should just let it be
And stop thinking what should it(I) be
She guesses she has to do it by herself
Without anyone to worship or to blame

8. Fear


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