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Dawn of Eternity

"Dawn of Eternity" (2001 Demo)

1. Dragons bane
2. The Subliminal Tapestry of Immortality
3. Dawn of eternity
4. The essence
5. The end of the beggining?

1. Dragons bane

To beyond the traveler rides forth.
The blade of fury awaits his hand.
As doth the beast, the guardian,
awaiting he who wields thy bane.
Through the heart of the great forest, to beyond.
Beyond the barren wastelands, I travel, searching.
By the visions which plague my mind, madness.
I journey to the ends of the earth.
Lone memories nearly forgotten.
Desecrated by he who pierces my thoughts.
Oh how he calls me. Taunting my virtue.
I vow! I defy his seduction and continue my campaign.

With the night brings dark visions
imbued with the cold winds of the north.
Another day breaks, thus drawing me nearer to my destiny.
Oh how I yearn for peace of mind, yet fueled by my pain.
I shall rest not till my hand caresses thy bane!
I seek the mystic blade of an unborn dying sun.
Forged in Ice, tempered by thine grace.
Thus shall I slay for the emperor's honor.
Into the vast kingdom of woe.
I sail beyond, to the edge of the storm.
Here I await for his return.
The immortal beast of the lake of fire.
I shall unwind the coils of the wyrm.

The Dragon:
Pathetic mortal doth thou truly intent to claim my blade?
Ahhh... Come! Let us engage in battle!
The Traveler:
~My sword fails to penetrate the dragon's cold armored skin~
The Dragon:
Your frail attempts mock your courage.
The Traveler:
And your confidence shall open the gates to your undoing!
The Dragon:
The Traveler:
Now taste the cold wrath of my slaughter! Anointed with the dragon's blood I stand victorious!

2. The Subliminal Tapestry of Immortality

My mind is a turbulent sea of memories
I wage war with my consciousness
Raging waves crash over my body
my nerves, crystallized by this world
I sever the chains which bind my soul
but fail to escape the cage

I navigate the seas of my soul to discover
tatalizing permissive visions
haunting the recesses of my mind
sweet renunciation, how enchanting

Undying Beauty weaves thy tapestry

Waves envoking the storm
conjuring the unmerciful scourge
honing his unrelenting blade
feasting upon my reality

Summon the thoughts of freedom
they empower me with opulent strength
Never have I felt such immunity
I break the chains which have bound me!

3. Dawn of eternity

The starlight burns with the strength of slain warriors
Dwellers among the the great halls
Their cries of battle call
No armor, Nor blade shall defend me from my fate
Lo shall I be judged
Shall I receive mercy or the wrath of god?
The northern winds carry the descending song of the valkryie
Take me from this realm into the dawn of eternity

Ascending to the great halls.
In awe of all its glory.
Faded are my memories
In the wake of my transcendence.

Bow before the keeper of the stars
He searches the depths of my soul
My heart fills with anxiety, my judges gaze upon me.
The honor buried deep within.
Empowered by the virtue of truth.
Eternity Awaits!

4. The essence

Gates to the beyond lie before me
Serene voices command my obedience
Drifting in a great sea of infinity
Filled with cries of emptiness
I take the step from the edge
My destiny awakens I can feel its call
I've felt it for so long
Waiting to take me in
Forces tearing at my soul
Pulling the heart from my chest
Shall I step into the light or be consumed by darkness

O Great Lord I bow before your splendor
But the sorrow is all I see
Wake me from this horror Free me of this insanity
Or have I damned myself for all eternity?

Stand fast my son, Fate calls upon you with a cry of honour
All the forces are bound into one and now there is only "I"

Bow and become the essence of all creation

Kneel, but let not your eyes gaze upon me
For no mans honour can compare
For he who wields the Blade of Fury
The elements shall obey his every will

Become one with the wind
I am one with the wind
You and the land are one
I am one with the land
the mountains are thine army
They steadfast with my strength
become the essence of life
I compel its every breath

I command the heavens
The raging seas clash under my reign
The very earth shall tremble in my presence

-the forces bound together
in an immortal magnitude
the wind, the oceans,,the earth we exist as one-

-all the powers of creation, yield to my every whim
the stars shine with my strength
the earth turns by my hand
I am the essence-

5. The end of the beggining?


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