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Subterranean Movement

"Subterranean Movement" (2003)

1. Earth Left Behind
2. Death Immaculate
3. Inject Hate
4. Subterranean Movement
5. Our Justice Be Done
6. To The Bone
7. Slaves of One Tongue
8. Charge of the I

1. Earth Left Behind

Upon the chest of the dormant idol we walk
Marching to the same monotonous beat
The standard bearers of the oldest plague and strongest hate

Towards the dream that we in truth is forbidden
With our voices, we raise our hands to the sky
Offering ourselves as the highest of all sacrifices

With the earth left behind and the stars our destination
Bright looking are the works to kill all aging
We welcome our future with open arms
For we have found a way to leave behind all living
(Denying the fact that our hands have turned into claws)

Dying by this wish to reach
The towers built by alien life forms
The thought of this illusion seems
More appealing than before

Make yourself as arrows of silver
Then aim at the navigator with deadly power
Death is just a taste of life
Just make sure it won't kill you!

Rise from the tomb that has imprisoned you for centuries!

With the stars out of reach now the grave is our destination
The thoughts of hellfire have broken down your will!

Despite from all mistakes I have learned my lesson well
Which is a great gift to bring with me on my path to hell
Always built from the fundament of guilt
Is the drawback preventing you from taking action

2. Death Immaculate

O fathers of the wildest nightmares that are soon to pour like the darkest rain all around this
Who stained his credibility by the bloody deed to feed only the hunger of one
And who therefore stole from the tree that bare the
Fruits and truths that were meant to feed the needs of many
Take from me now, what you see as wrong but don't leave!

The contours of the light that once shone all around you
I cannot see anymore, I hunger for death immaculate

You may believe that you rule me, but wham are you to say that by the amount of rewards
I have earned on this earth, you are given the first of nights and might to judge me?

For the treat called sympathy, do not speak to me, for of her dignity I have seen none!
But if such a blessing may be given. And for all of her worth, then let me have some!

Lend me now, a beggar soon to come, a penny
To quench his thirst for life, or at least a tiny fraction of what you so proudly speak of to be
your mercy!

Or am I for all the regrets you are meant to forget?
From the corned I am trapped in, it has never shone so clear to light that you were, it did never
touch me!

My soul, to be a hell for eternal prayers of dying
Yes, for I am destined to become an outcast
The soothing saviour for all kith and kin
To lay their plagues and feverish guilt next to

My body, to be the deepest of graves for all living to fall into
An earthy abyss for all harlots, and their likes to copulate
And with me they shall fester in the grime and gutter
And give praise and warning to what still is unseen

Our pipes to sing our sin called sympathy
In harmony to celebrate to dying of vitality
And to become the manifestation of all
Haunting visions of earlier aging forever

We are the performers of the same play
An death over and over again
Every time the curtain is lifted
We reach nearer towards the end
So it has been, and so it shall be for all eternity

Most humble, and thankful, I have served but by this
I have learned, I was strapped to the plough
And the irony of the reward I had yet to achieve
Was to be mowed down by the scythe!
Now I see; the knife I hold is not meant for me
The damage you tried to escape wasd already done!

3. Inject Hate

Where is your battlefield?
I walk side by side with mine
The voice of the enemy always seems to be there on time
The iron inside that is the will is no longer
And the sword of the enemy was so much stronger

Drugged by death, this existence strikes hard
A hater of life, for that I am punished
A primitive being, and in impurity supreme
Retarded of emotions, a quantity you don't seek

Locked behind a wall of flesh
Have to pity for my catastrophe
My body is prison of unbreakable walls
I hate what I am and what I shall become

I mutilate myself as an act of defense
Life through death is the real escape
And the alcohol fuels within as a raging fire
Burning me up from the inside

All work and no play
You know what I mean
Words and actions share no synchronicity

4. Subterranean Movement

March steady against the heresy of life
Crush all doctrines, and reduce them for the masses to spite
Came with us, share the pleasures of our triumph
We carry the truth disciples of death and pain
War ravage the land and blood is spot in clashes
An abomination of fire we are called for we won't accept the lies we are told

Can you hear the "white tongues" united in a verbal coil?
Thus sounds the prayer of a plague that refuses to see the great beast within
And face the fear one calls free will!

The laws of the ages that they follow have grown old
And like the scrolls on which they were written
So had also their faces become

We have given them the proof they have seen the signs for the future
But still they deny the fact that god is dead and all laws faded with him

The subterranean movement marches on

No light shines so bright that you want get burned in the end
Rise up, speak not in tongues

From bended knee to mankind supreme
If their eyes have opened and they still refuse to see
There is no hope but to kill them

Now the time has come to tame their weakness
By the devil I know that we'll win

Though this may seem long see the fires are burning low
And in the ashes something new begins to glow

Let no rules take hold of your existence
Rise to form your own order of discipline

Collect your broken bits and pieces
For the eyes of hypocrites are as deep as the darkest sea
And on its bottom there is nothing to see!

5. Our Justice Be Done

Gather in circles to collect the wings of the fallen
On our mother's ground they were abandoned
And here they have lied untouched for centuries
These are the only remains of the havoc we created

For all those so full of wishes still
In the wake of their dreams to become reality
And the uncountable possibilities these hope posses
Please cover you up with patience and utter excitement

I will return for one last time
To place my hands upon your heavy shoulders
And invite you to proceed in this final march of honour

Through the portals of the temple where within it's four walls
Every breath means the ultimate hypocrisy
And degradation of our time of history that has passed
Now the hour of judgement is at hand!

It is time to rip the mask from the face of the master race

How come you throughout your life have
Denied the importance of the forefather's struggle?
Why do you laugh at the honest effort they did stake forth?

By... the intention of creating a worthy existence
For you to continue to develop
Why does it seem to me that we have all taken a step back?

Speculations in the dark corners of human nature
You shout, and brush aside this as irrational by the evidence
That the powers we are in charge of, both negative and positive
Have to be utilized to their full extent
Such does life appear in order not to die
In a state of mind where personal stagnation in the matter

To leave the earth by the images of such a scenery
You say, you will not indulge to anyone

The silence you feel this void called living has lead you to
View this at nothing but a test of the susceptibility of your individuality

Only the ones aware there is something greater in store for them
Shall be given the right to speak
Their voices shall unite with the voices of kings
To herald the return of the mother of conviction

In celebration of this moment all those who claim themselves believers
Can see then have been held as fools for a 1000 years
Held to rest by the grip of a faith that preaches
Values of insignificance and depression

Now they can experience that in the countenance of their idol
They have been looked upon upon as spreaders of plague and misery
Which will spin on to the day of their termination

The masses considered worthless
Shall bring their acts together
So that the oppressors shall be hunted down
And no mercy will be given

To find out you have been nothing
But a test of fame and fortune for others
Surely can tear you apart

The tongue warning against
Believe to have an answer to it all

But when all else fails and you are not prepared
How can you stand the last fall?

6. To The Bone

Misanthrope to the bone, still I hide among my enemies
Loyal to the art, the community at my service
I raise the questions, yet they function as orders
A degrading observation seeing how weak their will can be

You are a slave to mental whipping!

Trapped within a vacuum where there are no second thoughts
For whom who are involved, life is indeed the longest walk
In numbers by the tables we are seated
Yet alone for we have discovered that the lie we lead is not our own

Allow yourself to growl

Subjugated and battered
Still you cling to the nature of this cause
And the instruments of mental dissection are digging deeper the grave of flesh that is meant for you
Not even reaching six feet, still you are practically dead

The abyss is shouting night at you!
The darkness has lost its meaning!

Against it's boils there ain't no cure, once contaminated
This pest will be a natural forced act of defense
Not even modern days science can charge it contents
For the mind is stronger when insane

Who holds the future when all scientists have gone mad?

7. Slaves of One Tongue

8. Charge of the I

The voices of the many pretending to be living
How come they cannot hear that they are already dead?
The voice of a stranger can beat even the most secure of individuals to the ground
But why does he allow his earth to listen?
The fire that did burn within destined to set aflame our hearts
When did it's last embers cease?
The fire that speaks of danger is always lit by an angry mind
Unable to foresee the deeds that his actions set loose

For the fear of dying, we are dying of fear
Thus forever to trample upon where we have earlier thread
Though I by my smile may look beaten believe me I am not!
For what is all the pain we suffer except for what we choose to lay upon ourselves?

Mislead you say I must have been to bear in mind
Such an iron will, please don't express your false concern for me
For I have murdered cowardice and I have learned how to cross the obstacles
That traitors did cover up ages ago!

In all our pettiness we cast spit upon the one to wham we should be grateful
But blinded by mirrors to strengthen the belief that we in them witness beauty
We face every new day in a state of assurement
Yes we are indeed the master race!

Mankind such a walking dogma
As drones we feast upon the dead flesh of tragedies
Shut is the ability to praise what is breathing next to us

My eyes are red and sore, but not from tears
But of what these sights are causing me
If dust could be knives to pierce in your eyes
You may as well could feel what I feel

Your eyes I now look into are mirroring nothing
But feebleness, all color has turned dead white

To feel hunger you look upon as to always starve
And the only mouth to feed is yours
But when your belly's fed, come taste another side to hunger
As brotherhood is slowly being prisoned by greed

When the universal concern to bear upon one's shoulders is oneself
Who can blame you for not having any remorse
For what you have achieved by a poor man's sleight of hand?

You are only aware of the fact that
The quest for individualism is ever increasing


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