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"Dreamworker" (2002)

1. Blood Desire
2. Chaos
3. ...And The Angels Sing
4. Dreamworker
5. Lethal Dreams
6. Electronic Zombies
7. Industrial Disease
8. Synthetic Future
9. Lost In Ecstasy
10. Cold (At The Gates cover)

1. Blood Desire

The truth is what we believe
No matter how incredible it is
Legend or reality is
That they exist at the edge of dream and reality

Smell of blood in the air
Will you believe?
The cold blow if immortality penetrates you
Until the bleak dawn wakes up - disappears in the abyss

Pale bodies, bloodthirsty glances
Defend your fresh blood from the animal aggression

Darkness is their power
Night is their ally
Cold sweat flows down your temples
Your run to nowhere
In a moment they will get you
Blood pulsates in your veins
The sigh that you're still alive

Tell me if the source of the legend is the truth

You can see what you haven't seen
Hear unreal sounds
Is that a schizophrenic dream?
Run to the light
Beating of your heart speeds up
They'll scent you like an animal till you're alive
Put to sleep they'll wake up to taste you
To fulfill their lust and feel liberation
Dead or alive - they want to feast upon your blood

2. Chaos

Show your force now
When chaos takes your mind
The cup of hatred is overfilled
Enter yourself to find out
You can ignore what's evil

Can you feel your hatred
Can you see what they did?

Shut somebody's mouth which tell no truth
Crush their meaningless bodies
Stop the spreading war and chaos
That your consciousness cannot bear

Take a deep breath to fill your deeds
Anger is your companion
Suppressing the injustice is your salvation
Chaos pulls you down
Destroy their self-confidence

Give them back what they had given
Enough of selling your good will

Now it is their chaos
They are deprived of feelings
Don't let it devour you
Fly high over people's swindles
Be yourself despite the chaos set in

3. ...And The Angels Sing

There are places where the fallen angels go
Those who've lost their lifes
Everyone's born with a clear card
It's up to you what to write on

Will you go down in history
Will you find the way there
Where no angels sing
Silence... Emptiness...
And hundreds of angels dead
People too weak
To win their lifes
You've joined them
For your sins of life

Emptiness... Silence...
And cold touch of fallen angels
Living dead
Lingering on their deeds
Sentenced to madness
To eternity in nothingness
Forceless and weak
One day so sure and powerful

Fight! Change your destiny
Don't let to knock you off
To the place where the lost vegetate
And the angels' singing is only an illusion

4. Dreamworker

What you think
May make you believe
The faith in what you do
'll make your dreams come true

Give yourself a chance
To create a defense
They cannot destroy you
This means war

Gather all your thoughts
Your mind is a god
Create what you want
Act with passion

The will is your strenght
You cannot last inactively
The world cannot turn upside down
And think about it...

Make your own clear path
To where you want to go
Gather all your thoughts
Your mind is a god

Try, be a fortress
Thoughts last like a wall
Imagination is at your service
Nothing will stop you

Have the faith in yourself
Realize at last that
You're the main performer
Creator of the future

Mind is the beginning of everything what's holy
For it has been created by you
One man with power of a thousand
The only man thinking of the upcoming future

5. Lethal Dreams

Only dreams uncover your face
Real self, what you hide unaware of
What makes that you hurt the alive
The lethal dreams

Enter your mind now
What can you see?
Your deepest fears consume the cells
Killing you

You won't run too far
Without entering yourself
With no analysis of what you read in your soul
Be careful
Or you may fall down
To the end of your humanity

The lethal dreams - impose you their rules
Limit your comprehension

You against your dreams
The fight for liberation

Don't let the lethal dreams
To lead your ego
Wake up
Don't die

For you're a man
For you are strong
For you're created to rule your life
To take your fortune into hands

The lethal dreams
- don't give up
Master of life
Control your mind
With no fear
With no blame
With will

6. Electronic Zombies

A religion of the weak

A black box
Standing as the altar
You pray to it
And it leads
Your wretched life

Create your thoughts
Speak as you have
To behave
To act

You forget about dreams
And desires
You only want
More new images

Technofethishism is an escape
From the bleak abyss of reality
Illusive paradise for fools
Enchanted by the new trends

You wake up craving
For the touch of your god and
The sounds flowing from the altar
You reach for the remote control

Falling asleep you say goodbye
To your technolove
But dreams don't come
Your mind misses the life

Fool is the one who believes
In the killing technology
Lives in the world for
Electronic zombies

7. Industrial Disease

Our world is dying
Destruction of our planet
It's the ancient gods' revenge
For human sins
And converting a new religion

We have to run away
To save the human kind
Save our children
From the destruction in this hell
To give them chance for a good life

In a new universe
Among the stars far away
In a new universe
You will find yourself
Return to the old beliefs
To your roots
Refuse technofethishism
Burn all bridges after you

... to the old and rotten world
Rotten by the industrial disease
Lie, jealousy and hatred
Where the hypocrisy of church
Kills human reflexes
There's only survival instinct left
So make use of it!

If you miss your chance
You'll die with the earth
Down with jealousy
Trodden by hatred
Go the journey to the stars
That's the only way to freedom

8. Synthetic Future

The effects of following days
Sentenced to degradation
Without a shadow of chance for life
In a safe world around

The door of future is narrow
Not everyone will be able to cross it
Subordinate or you will fail
Synthetic future

Children of unreal world
Products manufactured with failure
Defective mechanism still working
The time is running to our disadvantage

The limits will be growing
You will be getting smaller
The future will be your curse
Synthetic visions will hide
The priceless of life

In the range of only trap
Images created by the limits

Under the pressure of future
The generation moving of internessly

9. Lost In Ecstasy

No matter how far you go insane
You promise to break the instinct
It will get you
Your fantasies speak
Eroticism flows from all your body

The power of lust will triumph
Time won't stop eternal needs

Forever you'll be influenced by charm and the power
Hidden longing burn your erotic visions
A step from madness
You take delight in sweet memories of the godly flesh

Erotic fantasies gather into waves
Take you high to touch the impossible

Slowly you are at a standstill
Steady breath dies down
Still you experience the non-existence

You whisper one name
Full of desire in your dreams

Erotic dream embraces you
In its arms you fall asleep - still wanting

- it your sin
Last in ecstasy
- aspire to satisfaction
This can be the last chance
Worthy living

10. Cold (At The Gates cover)

At The Gates cover

music: A & J Bjorler


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