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Demo I

"Demo I" (1997 Demo)

1. Frost
2. Old Man (Väinämöinen)
3. Knighthood

1. Frost

Howling winds of the North
the cold predator of the fells
Mighty woods of the North
under cover of darkness
Desolate and dying lands
barren ground, covered with snow
There forever I am,
where the cold winds blow

Gathering thoughts, take me
into a whirl of silence
Gathering thoughts, give me
strenght to survive

Wail to me my winds
Fly away with frozen wings
Take my life to your hands
O'cold wasteland... of Frost

Great land of the North
the ice shimmering upon the lakes
Great storms of the North
all life frozen to death
Freezing days of sorrow
I'm alone in this infertile world
in the year before time

2. Old Man (Väinämöinen)

So much farther off than time could reach
Today it would be too late
So much despair he has bled
but will he wither away
No one knows that you must keep
this Old Man wide awake
'cause the nightmares will be released

Sweeter far than life I found that love was
Sweeter far than love to die as he did

The stars fell from the nightsky
as he reached his hands in the air

As the sun peeked between the trees
the Old Man burst to tears

3. Knighthood

I walk through the calm forest in the time of kinghts
and only the dark memories are left from these times
There's pieces of armour on skeletons
of men lying on the ground
They were killed by the stab of the sword

Before me lays thousands of dead knights
Beneath of my feets lays skeletons
And only the dark memories
are left of this Knighthood

On this ground all fought for domination
but no one stayed alive
and no one know why that even one life,
didn't survive
It must have been the powers of evil,
that killed the rest of men
on this bloodstained ground,
that which stories had been told


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