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"Grimness" (2003 Demo)

1. Debauchery
2. Spiritual Rape
3. Religious Genocide
4. Epitomy of Sin
5. Stuff Relish

1. Debauchery


your mind is consumed by ignorance
you know nothing but belligerance
church tells you whats wrong and right
deny personal conviction a chance to fight

mindfuck debauchery
ignorant hordes conform
gathering mass deception
preacher decides the norm

follow the corrupted hand of god
worship with a smile and nod
throw your life away to god
send your money to the fraud

2. Spiritual Rape

-Spiritual Rape-

she has faith in her heart
gods child in her womb
unwillingly in pain
unknowingly raped by god

raped the fucking virgin mary
for the bastard son of god
rape the virgin mary
for the bastard christ

is she the virgin mary
is she jerusalem's whore
you plant your pious seed
spiritually raped by god

from her virgin cunt
your bastard son emerges
welcomed by the world
torn from the wretched womb

the bastard christ is born
murder all who do him wrong
worshipped by ignorant hordes
of the beloved sadistic rapist

3. Religious Genocide

-Religious Genocide-

houses of god are set ablaze
witness the empire turn to ash
bellowing smoke frees ignorant minds
all thats left is a smoldering pile of lies

religious genocide
the truth you cannot hide

fire illuminates the sky
holy blood flows through the streets
cannot run you cannot hide
truth eats you up from inside

this unholy holocaust shall ensue
there is no hope left for you
your kingdom of lies has failed
religious cunts see you in hell

4. Epitomy of Sin

-Epitomy of Sin-

i am the black flame that rages in us all
the most violent hate that devours your fucking soul
i am the black hearted beast that shows no remorse
i am the razor blade that slides across your throat

epitomy of sin

i am all that this putrid world despises
i am the blind rage that eats you up from inside
i am the loathesome tyrant the overseer of all
i am the ubiquitous eye that hangs above your head

i am the noose wrapped tight around your throad
the disease-ridden whore that kills you all so slow
i am the portrayer of sin a portrait of blasphemy
i am an icon of filth anger and rage

5. Stuff Relish


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