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"Dead Sheep" (2004 Demo)

1. Misanthropic Bliss
2. Decaying Aspirations
3. Miserable Existence
4. The Great Deception
5. ...of Spiritual Entrapment

1. Misanthropic Bliss

freeing their souls with the edge of a blade
fueling the rage of a soul cold with hate
drawn to wasteland by vast herds of sheep
soon valleys will flow with blood of the enslaved
all doomed to this life of rejection
minds consumed by abyssic depression

inducing eternities of inner torment
longing for salvation consuming their own deaths

consume your doom

unquenched thirst for humanity's torment
icy heart fills my veins with contempt
upon these fields they consume their fate
doomed to nothing more than life as slaves

in misanthropic bliss

minds washed over by the words of their god
unknown souls broken struggle with life
churches will burn and heavens will fall
from mountains we charge with deafening call

2. Decaying Aspirations

painful mornings fucked up days end the night bathed in misery
waste of space worthless fuck too weak to follow through

i just want to die
why can't i end it?
no hope left for me
swinging from a tree

decaying aspiration

nothing but shattered dreams disturbed by my own screams
how can I keep going with as bad as it seems?
why was my fetus never aborted?
fine example of a worthless human

value denial I am of use to no one
disguise self interest show me that you really care
useless flesh pile good for nothing but compost
failure in life victory in death eternal

3. Miserable Existence

dying in this bitter world unable to relate with humankind
obscure thought absorbed feelings fucked in miserable existance
destroying me for what i am sucked of life and drained for time
obscure thought absorbed feelings fucked in miserable existance

death is dangling here before my very eyes
shall i grab the blade and take a stab at the prize?
life is full of pain politics and lies
i look for nothing more than human demise

hopeless pessimistic
miserable existance

rivers of promise have run dry
limits rejected by a darkened sky
opportunity knocks but no ones home
destined to die all alone

4. The Great Deception

past the rusted gates of truth and through the pillars of time
guardians to the entrance of a past thats now unknown
we follow the worn-down path where cattle once marched
chanting their hymns unto thy infernal deities
mists of time have settled into a dreary fog
clouded thick throughout the monuments of lies

you're living a lie to watch people die
the clouds lie thick through the monuments of deception
because your controller is your god

towards the end of our path a fire comes into view
the screams of the banished choked out by the flames
traveling further through the burning mists of Gehenna
decrepit gates rusted ancient pillars have long fallen

reality now deception your mind is clouded by the fog
living out a fucking lie your whole life is one big fraud
lost in forests of steel your controller is your god
you bought it because you're sold look to see who pulls your strings

5. ...of Spiritual Entrapment


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