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Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn

"Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn" (2002)

1. The Beckoning
2. War And Damnation
3. Suicidal Lunacy
4. A Coffin In The Catacombs Of Voidness
5. Northbound
6. From A Carnal To A Spiritual Fist
7. Jesus Christ Cage
8. Gospel Of Death

1. The Beckoning

2. War And Damnation

Rape the human race

War... destroy the pigs of emptiness and despair
Fire and destruction... the millenniums of reprobation
Crush the grave... oxygen of lies, emerald polluted brains
Eminence of paranoia-paradise of the dead

Everything sorrounded by flames
Dead christian bodies cover the land
The demons control the human destruction
And hold us with their unholy blessing
With axes and swords in our hands
We' re fighting for mankinds execution

...Rape the race

Now that your morals choke your throats
Your god was burned between your churches
Rotting humanity, like a palsied army
Your god has failed, your god has failed...

Holy virgins drowned in vomit
The blasphemous lightning breaks out
Hail the unholy crime against humanity
The unending world war and damnation

Death fuckin' death
Pure demotion is your guide
Death fuckin' death
A funeral without escape
Death fuckin'death
The end already has it's shape
The termination of your pity faith

Our prays is the bloody revelation
The screams of the immortals
The song of the last funeral
We have invoked the greatest curse
We have deepened the roots of madness

The end is here to teach the war
To those that tried to wake him,
Is here to push on the putred face of humanity
Into the dark blood of it's own secret heart

3. Suicidal Lunacy

The malice of being alive
Your dark hidden desire, winner
The lust for another life
It' s the rebirth of your soul
A release in an other world
Here's a body for death
A soul to become a part of space
Watch the mortals from higher

See the filthy world and laugh
Fake life... you want to kill and die
You want to touch the face
Of the other side

You want to be an eternal king
Only feeling your serenity
You want to begin the eternal journey
Through the silent path of death

Exstasy of madness

World has been a place so mournful,
Man became a thing,
Laughter has been a secret weapon,
Life is just a dream

Death will reap it's way
But only for the insects
May suicide become
The expanding blessed disease...

4. A Coffin In The Catacombs Of Voidness

Conspiracy of idols and wasted thoughts
Creeping plans to nothingness
Left in paranoia, empty brains
You forgot to remember

Execution of christianity
The righteous will of honor that remains
I am a flame of a burning church
I am a flame...

Fury enragement only for you
The seas of a fiction I derange
Oh... what you've destroyed...
The black hammer will crush you
The black hammer will crush you

The ultimate power of the snakes venom
You will never escape from the cage
In the middle of nowhere, suffer
I' ve got the keys of mercy

Lust for life, forever damned

I take you
In a cemetery beyond death
And I throw you in the coffin of perdition
You, the holy angels of unreality

5. Northbound

As I remember the times of the past
My soul is traveling through centuries
Floating in the ages of the wastelands
I arrive in the castles of my memories

In the times when the mountains was the masters of my dreams
In the times when the forests was the leader of my dark desires

I know onetime I was a dark knight
In the lightless years my shadow traveled
Like the wind seeding the fear valiantly
Under the black cold imposing clouds

I know I was a dark knight
Having my sword dressed in blood
Blood of those I hunt
My thoughts belong to the glorious times
When wolves and witches had showed me the dark paths
And I will always think the dark ages
As a grim black hellish knight

On the horse of bravery
I am the punisher of those who bring the light
I am a knight of hell, my goal is their demise
Unleashing torture with the hatred on my shield
I am the punisher without a heart of fear
I will always be an avenger knight
Under the bless of the blacken years

I still raise high the flag of revenge
In the name of darkness and my enemies death
I hear the wispers of the northern winds
Recalling my soul to wake the battles song

I will always be an avenger knight
Under the bless of the blacken years
I will always follow the blackness of my heart
To blame humanity for all those wasted tears


6. From A Carnal To A Spiritual Fist

From the coldest pit of genesis
From an empty (and unlimited) prophecy
I 'm coming searching
To satisfy my thirst

From your worst darkened dreams
From your deepest pain
I'm coming out
Your poor souls to lacerate

I need your blood
I cause your terror
I spill your brains out
Oh.......... I eat your flesh

I enjoy the ugly age with it's true rules
I enjoy what is called life through deaths kingdom

I flay your souls
I spit my venom
I feed the virus
Which make you pigs

The precious crown of obliquity, the entire parody of life
The minimum torment of a fist certifies your unexpected journey

I command the enslavement of every human life
Enslaved and tied from the great tongue of sickness

7. Jesus Christ Cage

You've lost your attention from the meaning of life
You're trying to teach me what's wrong and what's right
Your future is ending behind the blindness of hope
With no more achievements confuse your control

You're living in chaos, believing your god
See through the vast, you're trapped in your world
Your stupid ideas are locked in your head
Abusing your thoughts, your mind is now dead
Your negative prospects are hiding the truth
Die fucking victim in the bottom of doom
You think that you live in the grace of humanity
You'll never find truth to face the eternity

Priests and nuns with your fuckin' cross
Now you're hanged from satan's cock
Finally you fall before him

As your cross is inverted through your ass

Christian pigs in their vileness
Even now beg for their inexistent innocence
Accused from destiny confounded to the fire of hell
Confounded to the fire of time
Confounded to the fire of time

This will be the end
Of a sorrowful life
You've lived for us to let you
To the fierce daemons of hatred
You are the red target on our lives
And the shots of our guns bring you the end now

Drink the eternal darkness
Bow and die on your knees
As we laugh now that you realize your fake life
The lie of the cursed nazarene
There is no god on your bloodcovered eyes
There is no god and your stories are dead

8. Gospel Of Death


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