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"Intensity" (2003)

1. The Fire Burns
2. Sunya-Bindu
3. Mental Irruption
4. Obvious Inexistence
5. Purity's Failure
6. Horrenda Nox
7. Requiem Of Hatred (Jesus Christ Cage Part II)
8. The Fire Goes Out

1. The Fire Burns

2. Sunya-Bindu

(Lyrics by Snegodron)

Upon Him!!!!
Look at me! Can you realise that I'm your bloody future?
Look at me! I'm the one who'll destroy your only hope of survival!!!
I'm wondering what you'll think when your head (will) be chopped and your eyes bloodcovered?
Do you think that I'm deranged?
No! The body draining is my love!

Blood! The thirst is growing!
Blood! Your body is filled with scars....
...Of increasing pain. Is nothing that'll make you resist your downfall? Is there a bright hope?
I say no!!!....No!!!
Can you run away?
Can you hide?
Can you escape from me?
I don't think so!
You'll be with me until the bloodletting be complete.
During your dying rapture you'll spill your last vomit!
I'll stab you eternally! Oh so much pain
You are now the victim of the most cruel violation!

You are inside my room! I'll have my fools!
I'll cut your head! Then I'll make you see your headless body!

Kill him!!!

3. Mental Irruption

(Lyrics by Snegodron)

Sucking your sanity, raping your presence
Destroying your will renovate mine
My domination upon you has begun
You realise that you are nothing exceptional

You hear your destiny speak: "Decadence will come for you"
My hate has know revivified.
The escaping can't be fulfilled.
I will prevail over you
I have attain!!!

You eyes are sewn shut
You feel now the pain
Which I cause to you
I am inside your mind
Can you touch me???

As you conform to the blackness of my thoughts
As is the horror and fear I see in your eyes
As is no escaping from this dominion of unpropitious reflections
Death comes and life fades, you lay now in the bottom of my
Hate - sence, guardhouse

You have filled a small part of that
I will never stop consuming you wishes
I am the messenger of the darkest dawn
Now you'll never see the light again

Mental irruption!!!!!!!!!!!............

4. Obvious Inexistence

(Lyrics by Snegodron)

Many worship you
They say that you created us
If you're true where are you all there years?
I know that the creator looks after his work!
You don't!!!!!

Can you speak to my mind?
Can you show me your power?
Can you demonstrate your existence?
No! Where is your god?
Can you tell me?
Where is your god?

Many want to live forever
You say that you can give eternal life
For the unsinfull. To paradise?
I know that nobody's perfect!
Nobody lives forever!

I hope to a spiritual burning
Your souls entrating
My hate is contagious
Obvious inexistence

Can you recreate the world?
Can you efface the mistakes?
Can reunite the races?
Can you speak only the truth?
We don't need your love!
Can you hear us?

5. Purity's Failure

(Lyrics by Snegodron)

Groundless book of apostles
Their lies make us detest you god
Our dark hate will distort your faces
Christian cunts awake, prepare for failure

Your religion is a disgusting fraud!!!

I will always be recalcitrant to your commands!
I will always be in contrast to your advices!

Your are trapped by your religion
Enjoy life with its true pleasure
What paradite invaded your mind?
You believe in a religion based on an ancient story!

Liar is the name of your god
Failure is the name of your christ
We scowl and spit at the christian icons of misery
We are very powerful to get your assistance

Your religion is a disgusting fraud!

Weakness only weakness is your sickness
I engrave your bodies with the sharp knife

I will never let you enter my mind
My spiritual fields are very strong
Your paradise will be desecrated
God your weakness is so prominent

Liar... Failure

6. Horrenda Nox

(Lyrics by Khaoslaw)

I walked hopeless into the paths of light face the annihilation
Into a silent night.
Their beliefs made them blind on searching
For the eternal life.
Forgotten by hypothetical god.
Consumed by their own religion.
These fools were dominated.
Still the night calls the rotten

Weakness is their lite, good is their seal
They lust for power to remove the suffering
Their lack of wisdom, they want the unreal
This fateful day brought them pain & misery

This frozen night I stare at the ashes
A once proud and glorius race
That shined through the ages
Now became a reflection of idiocy

The shadows that exist now are whispering
They whisper the word "salvation"
A false dream that became a nightmare
Yes, they know that this night is endless

"Eos tumulus, a caedere"
A cold mist has covered their mistakes
As if the destruction was not foreseen.
Christianity and their teachings of purity
The cause that this moonlight's freezing

"In mortuus caelum, aeternus fulgetrum"

The glare of mankind has faded away
The shores can no more strike the cliffs
The mountains are utterly ravaged
The wolves may never howl again.......

This is the empire of god our redemption.............Ashes!!!

7. Requiem Of Hatred (Jesus Christ Cage Part II)

Waiting's Reward

Your son has failed!!!!!
We waited for so long, to taste the evil manners
Of the undead!!! I laugh with the echoes of fallen
Christians that the demons were fed!!!!
These disgusting humans are no match
They have run out of luck
I summon hate thoughts to declare a christian stalk!!!!!!!

I condemn the peace and I foresaw the victory
The day, when they'll see their mistakes. When good shall be erased
Before my cold breath. When I'll hug
The world's light side and make it darker again.....

Faith will guide them to liderty, but they will
Live in a hide for, they can't see the purity of
The sinner's path side.......

Cryptic Paranoia (Instrumental)

Thy Downfall

Remember those words my son as they were your last
Your pathetic existence means nothing to us.
Live only to see thy downfall and taste true darkness!
Count thy dyin' moments while thou watch the emptiness...

This realm is not worth continuing to shine
Six six six clerics shall be drowning! During the eighth day
Of creation you will face devastation! The time shall stop only for the
Cosmic forces to prevail. The blood shall freeze in the fresh flesh like a nail!
After the total desaster god will feel our presence
We shall rip his purity out with the power of
Innocent souls and whisper.....

"The dead are singing their own lullabies
And the fucking christians had their tonges cut...."

8. The Fire Goes Out


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