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"Re-Vision" (1998)

1. Cage
2. As I Want
3. Dying In Your Hands Again
4. Cage (Oversun Edit)
5. No Place To Burn
6. In My Single Day
7. Sacred Sin ( I Feel )
8. Way Out
9. Falling

1. Cage

I'm dozing into cage of hate
My clay's reposing somewhere near
The sleepy wadding blocked up access
To door outside. I adjure to deliver
Oh let me see the ray of light
Let me fawn on, me and my fever
My bars so stout, my eyes so blind
The only thing I've - (my) clingy fear
I have no chance
To be awoken
Even if I'll die
I'm given lies
I'm living in my dreams
I'm living in tomorrow
My heart is bleeding
But it'll open up the cage
Sometimes I taste the humid air
Sometimes and wind rush in my face
Sometimes I really need your hands
I do not want to be a waif
I feel the same you used to feel
But all my deeds are formed by cage
My mind's sophisticated drill
Processing out there

2. As I Want

Deception is not in your lies
Oblivion is not in my self
A lovely day in bloody cries
The pervert way to my private hell
Just walking on the leathal blade
The snake's on skin, but it exites
The step you took, the kiss I made
The tunnel of sin. The scare's inside
It's so clear, it's so vaguely
You can behold, I cannot
Since I blind bird, I learn flying
With no reason, just as I want
I'll show you dance, I'll teach you speak
But I cannot describe the love
My vision's gloom, I'm old and sick
In arrogance I rest in dole
Deception is not in your lies
Oblivion is not in my self
A lonely age in frosen rhymes
The only way - don't try to escape

3. Dying In Your Hands Again

Crystal wall. Avarice.
Prone on sod in profusion
I'm missing you. Misbelief.
Theatrics of delusion.
I mesmerized by own rave
I persuaded that it is true
My sanguine sap evaporates
But I for ever dote on you
No demons, no lions,
I'm dying in your hands again
Verdict done. Execute.
Put me at the pillory
Iím missing you. I've got due
I and me... and memory

4. Cage (Oversun Edit)

5. No Place To Burn

Waves hold me down
But doesn't take away my breath
Gulls're flying up
To very azure stately surface
They're flying up
And trying kiss my pallid lips
I've been shown the world
In which we couldn't never meet
Controling bent, controling treat
Controling every shiver you did
The calm of herbs, the still of sky
The state in which you'll never die
You've got no place to burn it out
Small fishes swims
Breaking their straight rows
They're playing with
Little bubbles from my nose
Transparent jelly-fish envelops me
Its stinging bite
Ressurects longing to be
No matter how, no matter where
I vanish in your every glance
The sunshine is refracted in
Emerald water in which I sink
Step behind
Sea into your eyes untie
Step behind
I don't think I have to lie

6. In My Single Day

I was awoken under tree
And its color - grey
The flowing sap is on my knees
No, I couldn't slay
Whose blood it was and am I right
To see my arms in red?
Who'll give forgiveness and place to hide,
If even you don't understand?
I hate to follow
But I have to do it well
I touch the sorrow
Like the fingers touch my neck
You explained the difference
Or it's demon in his eyes
It's kind of defence
But it changed my way of life
Investigation's view inside
Maybe it was you
The innocence is relative lie
Lie in deep of truth
The demon in eyes cruel so much
Forced to be so racked
I've spent your life for single touch
Touch of love on neck
In my single day

7. Sacred Sin ( I Feel )

Harmonize my raving
Lay your hands upon my heart
Díyou see ropes me strangled
Stifle so hard
Mystify my reason
Tell me: Thereís only fake
Decorate my prison
With your eyes lake
Try to get inside of me
Realize and love my pain
There is no exception
Just take my dare
Interlace with bare nerves
Spread the wings and make last run
Plunge into emotions
Flying so far
I behold pulsation
Of feverish veins
I know youíll betray me
Iím ready to die
Exited and hopeless
I dreamed Ďbout your skin
Iím seeing desire
Iím hearing your scream
I feel
Hypnotize my passion
Tell me lies that you know rules
But you emit temptation
This game I lose
Breaking out the rabies
Sluggish blood, yell and I wince
Try a sharpened blade
Nobody wins
Donít you see my real grief?
Do you really understand?
Donít you see my last choice,
I cannot stand?
Interlace with bare nerves
Spread the wings and make last prayer
Plunge into emotions
Flying away

8. Way Out

I touch your neck, I feel the heat
The Nature of mine has to bleed
I have to hurt, I have to drink
The silly ending of my dreams
I am dwelling like vampire
Suck the feelings and feed my greed
I am still no have the entire
Hollow space, blank paper's sheet
No way out from here
I watch your step. I always next
Who wants to put the fangs inside
The female blood oh has to run
The hunt on love is unbound.
I am living by your breathing
I've no body, but have pride
I am looking for integrity,
But on other side

9. Falling

Iím falling down from sky
Iím seeing you far beneath
Eternal, everlasting fly
Like tender drops onto your eaves
Iím falling down to you
I donít afraid of stones
Iím Immortal, I always new
If you bestow me sacred love
I want to hit the stupid ground
I want to blow in thousand pieces
I want to flow down tons of blood
If I forced live without you
Iím falling on your hands
Theyíre always waiting for me
Your lips are whispering name,
Name I used to be
Innocent tears on blood
In state of silent cry
Did you ever know
Woman as a Prime?
I wanna hit...
I wanna blow...
I wanna kill...
If I forced live without you


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