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Heart of the Way

"Heart of the Way" (1996)

1. Stone Rill
2. Fire From Within
3. Search OF Kalokagathy (Original Version)
4. Heart Of The Way
5. As The Heartbeat Evanishes In A Secret Moonlight Garden
6. Through The Moonlight

1. Stone Rill

Once upon the time I was traveling,
Burthened with a Task. Sadíníaweary.
The Gloaming inside of me deepened with my ache.
No one can be free, and no one can succeed against.
Have you seen my childhood?
Time, when I was just myself!
When I had no bounds!
When I really dwelt and felt!
Traceries are painting the Sky.
I have no brines in my orbs to cry,
Have no stay.
Iím wandering like a fenceless fetch,
Trying quietude to find and catch.
I am a stray.
Moonlight mesmerizing me.
My emotions turn into Stone Rill,
Hyaline in.
Stone Rill is unique. It controls Beings.
Everyone sees what they want to see.
Sensitive ones hear the waterís babbling.
For the others it is stone debris.
Nascent cogitation scare.
I am, unmurmuring, pursuing my fare
Via my being.
My playthings - quite docile.
Obey me like a sheep flock.
Each action - just self-wile.
And even
Life given them as a taunt.
7 sub
I heard, but couldnít behold
The Waves of dole.
Stone flowed,
And it were charming tears,
I couldnít sob with.
Solo: Frailty Of Substance.
And every time that we return,
We do forget preceding lives.
And water turns into dead stone.
Get back your haze and sightless eyes.
Doomed Nousí sigh.
Eyesight always lies.

2. Fire From Within

I know the endless expanse.
Iíve seen the Origin of light.
Beautious Aught directs me,
Giving knowledge of that, that is mine.
In depth of my old despair
Iíve found, no matter how,
You - shell, and you - my snare.
Your toil is all I have now.
Dews of red on lips,
Heart is bled with dolour.
I am on my bended knees
Descrying here fountains of Color.
Dyes are telling me,
Where I can find the additional Power
In order to Fire from Within
Come, ignite, devour.
Mother, take me aerie.
I still remember thoughtful hands.
Why did you leave me lone?
Vacuum without your voice
Exasperates my loneliness
In this barren and foul world.
The Mighty Sun has been coming from the East,
And nobody eíer reached that East.
And nobody, who has lost the Cradle of Mother
Can again return. Itís utter existanceís pith
And marrow of it.
Dews of red on lips,
Heart is bled with dolour.
I am on my bended knees
Descrying here fountains of Color.
Dyes are telling me,
Where I can find the additional Power
In order to Fire from Within
Come, ignite, devour.
I am not from here.
I want to return to the deep roots of life
And know, what I have known.
I feel that I canít bear
Blind existence midst blind creatures.
The world is just a Scene.
Weíve thought up on our own.
Solo: Old Erimate On The Way Home.
Sand all around, sand everywhere.
In my eyes, in my hair.
Looks so strange, feels, oh, so bad
Internecine dismay terminates.
Flight through infinite spaces.
I quite hate for love.
Iíve seen different places,
But didnít see a way home.

3. Search OF Kalokagathy (Original Version)


Sometimes you wish to be dead -
Itís a way to the outside.
Run away in absolute dark
You save your own hide.
No more forces in the veins,
Youíll act bona fide.
The open Gate in the Realm of Aeon
Step inside.....
Solo: The Shunless Stand.
All of us pretend
To be alive and to pass the Eagleís Beak.
But everyone is in the web
And only it determines each of our deeds.
You always can make the decision
To open window or to step back,
To sense your whole life in seconds
Or decay in sweet limits till time will end.
I asked for the help of my intimate people.
They looked at me and said nothing back.
Besought the Lord - He has no equal!
But the Heavens remained unmoved by my rack.
All of a sudden
I was plunged into mist.
The mist submits.
Gossamery smoke
Did the Nought from me.
I felt the choke.
You passed the Rubicon,
You reached the Gate of Hades,
You stand on woeís vale.
Your infatuation with your own problems
Did it for yourself.
Compensalism at the expanse of the Human Race
Isnít cause for pride.
Itís the Realm of Slumbers. An Utopian place.
The last shelter of your life.
I felt my roots, leafage and flowers.
My perception of life was very veiled.
The Natural Force bestowed on me a Power.
The Plant itself showed me the Gate.
I will take care of you, comfort and give insight,
Take vesture off, expose your naked body to waind.
Your Sap will touch freedom and shed away Relics.
There is no need for mortal raiments.
Let my leaves soak up
The cool of both Being and Life.
I was in gyves enough.
That eventide
Gave me able Guide.
I let it ride.....
Venal religions are fading in my mind.
Nothing and no one. Iím lone.
Kalokagathyís search wallowed in this dirt.
It had perished erenow I was born.
Solos: Drear Encumbrance Of Guilt.
New Shadowy Horizon.
A flash of the light
Disturbing your mind.
You see the tide
Of the new world.
This is not loss of sight,
But a new other side
Do step inside
And start enjoy.

4. Heart Of The Way

My Death is in earnest.
Itís the logical end (of mine).
I must go to the mysterious Land.
The Absolute now may be slaked.
The Past crumbling away.
My time has come,
I have to pay.
The play goes on, I lost Thee.
(I am no longer me).
Now I wash off grease-paint.
Curtain crushed my ethereal dreams.
My physical Ego lies in state.
All to nothing. So be it!
Levin took me to the World Fine.
Mentality built my bower in the mountains.
The lined body of mine died.
Grains of Mind cleared from membranes.
Who we are? Where are we from?
Fourth Race.
Do we know our History
Before Christ was crucified on the Cross?
Wreck you own. Step into
Eternal Space.
Human beings won themselves.
Great Sorrow (rising over the Universe).
Uncanny wainds ensnaring your will.
You have no shape, you have no words.
Around your essence is absolute nil.
Youíre on the threshold of the Unknown.
Solos: The Unfleshed Element.
Stone Rill.
Deep inside I feel my sadness gnawing me.
Iíve got the affright.
Iím roaming through this boundless sea.
Iíve got the aim, but I donít see a hint of course.
Iím the errant one. I am between worlds and Iím cursed.
Chorus Of The Damned.
Iíll tell you more than truth.
Iíll tell you what I feel.
Iíll tell you my innermost dream.
You better close your eyes,
You better close your ears,
And give yourself up to stream.
I see the sunset on mead.
The incarnadine Day-star bid farewell to me.
The last shafts of light are buried in the creek.
Invisible steeds I can feel.
Their blindness hinders them to see.
No water. Nourishment is weeds.
Odour of Guilt
Return your home
Be a King
Know Ďbout all.
The terrestrial stretch of mine has elapsed
Now I free from the Hive!
Iím not sorry for what Iíve done.
I decided die!
And my ephemeral human life ends.
My Nous obtained by space into Space.
Itís soulful level, which everyone will reach.
The only way to realize human futility.
Epilogue. Music by M. Mathoney.
Here I take you, Queen of Death, (King of Gloom)
To my wedded wife (man), to have and held
At bed and at board for fairer, for fouler
For better, for worse, in sickness and in health
Till new life us do part
And thereto I plight thee my throth
In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

5. As The Heartbeat Evanishes In A Secret Moonlight Garden

6. Through The Moonlight

Wash me, a saving Sky.
Set me free from their misfortunes.
Lave me, a gentle Ether.
The wizened brain of mine needs moisture.
Peer into my eyes,
I everyone and everything forgave.
My Lord Jesus Christ,
Give me eternal rest, itís all I need.
Moon rays are coming down.
The Empyrean entices with Eternity.
Languid face in palms,
Aweary eyes want tranquility.
My eaves covered with the rime.
I feel Her cold breath on my lips.
I know that like everyone,
Iíll turn to dust.....
Keep quite.
I canít forget
Please, donít molest me,
I canít stay here.
Iím warrior!
I have to cancel abject fear!
You say: ĎĎI love you!íí
I dote on you too,
But now I break off
My fatal thread. Iíve got it through.
I long to still, I crave for calm.
He, who started me,
Has to know how to cease my rove.
And through the Moonlight
I will find escape.
Beams from above
Absorb me, melt down hollow brain.
Take me up.
Iíve cut all out.
I tire of being scum.
Come for me,
Set me free,
Create my own To-Be.
Jesus wept.....
My deceasing's
Just a link in chain of human deaths.
I havenít got the dread.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
Every time as I undergo
Transition between lives
I gain experience,
I gain Universal Sight.
Sense of our life -
Be taught by Great Reason,
Listen to the Heart (of the way)
And follow the Guide.
The daze of a new babe
Is on the increase.
And it is the sole
Worthy lifestate.


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