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Deigital Conflict

"Deigital Conflict" (2006)

1. Deigital Conflict
2. Last Chance To Die In Time
3. Just Another Way Home
4. Recapping
5. One Wish For Me
6. Lake Of Perception (OWFM Trance Edit)
7. Call My Name
8. Rabbit And The Hole
9. Sun In My Chest (Dancing Heh Kuh Rahs)

1. Deigital Conflict

The Still of future
The ants on palms
The fluid so liquid
Virused program
I hear your voice
(You hear my cry)
I recognize it's all fake, it's all lie!
I feel – God and AntiGod are enweaved in dance
And I need much more loneliness in this crowded place
Memory's full, a ll systems failed
All my Gods are overdosed
Time to reset
I'm misconceived, y our laugh is in my pain
So pixelized, so corrupted to play
In your paces, in your traces,
In your faces I can see
Deigital Dying
Show me the poetry
Flickering ant
Weave your Matrix
Romantic end
I heard you voice
I knew you died
I recognize it's all fake, it's all …
Cry of the future words s tuck into my mouth
In my sight a ll the chaos of intertwisted worlds
Black Part:
I am your personal Satan
I am Your Personal Jesus
I'm always right after you
I am your servant
Cringing itself, full of respect
Ready to be whatever you want me to be
Make Your Wish
Just call me to act

2. Last Chance To Die In Time

Life was never a safe project
In fact
We're all in stack
We're racked
It's fucking hurt
God gave way to deepest stress
And all the tests
We're passed
It's not an end
Something strange and something real i s in my dreams
Something more than I can bear
Whatever gave me chance to die
I believe my self, I believe my self
Whenever you tell me: “It's a crime”
I believe my self
And when I can't resist to cry
I believe my self, I believe my self
Accepting last chance to die in time
I believe my self
You cannot control all the process
You don't even know what the process is
Nobody's affecting the process
But me, my self and I
Looking at heaven and crying
You were never supposed to be flying
Like millions of people you'll be dying
Feel the end of your time
This is going too far
It is hurting to cry
And it damages my skin

3. Just Another Way Home

I wept it out with my tears
That mourned their monochromatic lives
Staring at the sun
Adoring the Moon
Cherishing all the victims
Cherish all the fools
I magnetize misfortune
Wrapped in shroud of sham
I fantasized my torture
I fantasized myself
It's no matter, coz I have to die
Tell me, Mother, why I was there?
I romanced all my friends
With the color dyes
Feeling no repentance
For their monochromatic lives
Walking on the bodies
Step aside is fail
Letting wistful anguish
Fantasized myself

4. Recapping

Whatever you want me to cut
Whenever you want me to fall in
Wherever you want me to be God
I'm sending all my love to you
Taker, giver
A double dealer
Rest of your life is in mess
Is it clear?
Couple of true lovers
Dancing In ingravescent fever
So, w hat do you want from me,
My smug dear?!
The opposite lines; private faction
Satisfaction, connection, infection
The bodies are in dance in the musical inflexion
Whenever you want me
I got my erection
Higher, get me higher
And bring me to sensitive vile desire
But wherever I need you
Whenever I cry out
You always misguide me
You're fucking betrayer

5. One Wish For Me

This is my pain
Love that you feel
I don't believe it heals
You take me deep
Into your realm
Everything seems so real
You want me to be yours
Predicting my end
Enslave and complete
But do you really believe
My entity burst
And will it last in another reality?
This is my pain
This is my force
Only one wish inside
My sexual pose
Another dose
Last expression of a try
I'm seeing thousands of rains
Incomprehensible design
I feel superior disdain
In those interwoven lives
I'll take your pain away
I'll show you unseen, ?????
I'll give you eternity to play
But I need your wish
I need your wish!

6. Lake Of Perception (OWFM Trance Edit)

7. Call My Name

Still hunting onto me
Effete and frail
Call my name
Sense disappointed grief
Kneel and prate
And call my name
Whisper of the wounded lips
Rime in the air
Call my name
And this I love
For this I care
Predict and blame
But call my name
Hear the tramp behind my back
They kill and hail
And call my name
Rain wash away my self
Which more than failed
Still call my name
God dethroned
Emptiness increase
The answer found
At least I believe in it!
I regained my sight
Fingers pointed at me
I can feel it now
On my knees

8. Rabbit And The Hole

Still no pain i n my bestial dream
I die everyday, so, why am I so real?!.
Burning love a lways keeps no sense
All my natural pliancy l ed me to distress
In my heart I feel s omething strange and weird
Evil grows in me
I want to make it deep, c ultivate and breed
Brand new fucking creed
I still got no fatal pain in my limbs
I can only feel you poison my soul
I can read your message - y ou can't forgive me
Coz you can't be inscribed i nto my world
Sometimes I drink red wine
And you're telling me
That it was Sacred Blood
And I believe in it!
And I like to drink
Coz I still got no pain in my sordid dream
I die everyday, s o why am I so real?!.

9. Sun In My Chest (Dancing Heh Kuh Rahs)


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