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"Tetragrammaton" (2004 Demo)

1. A Deeper Essence
2. The Black Prophet
3. Uriel

1. A Deeper Essence

I tasted the power, shattered the chalice
A bloodfed reptile hissing my rage
I am the Creator
Evil in potence
I am the Union
Materialized thought
The first and the last
Nothing passed my mutual sight
Nothing dies in Endless Night
Adonai name me for I'm your Master
Fear me, for I am your Judge
Sacrifice to me your first-born
Engrave my name, fear my name
All ye, my Children, shall be slained
All ye, my Brides, shall be raped
Adonai name me, for I am your Lord
Fear me, for I slained your god
Learn my name, repeat my name, forget my name
Know my fucking name
I am the AR
The Lion-Serpent Sun
The Wanderer, father of All
The Wanderer, spirit of All
Adore me, serve me, pretend you love me
I am the Dragon I am the Master
I am the Night, the deepest Pit
Fear me and bow your bleeding knees
Humiliation, degradation
Your fear I claim, your pride I slain
Jod-he-vau-he / he-vau-he-jod
Learn my name, repeat my name, forget my name
Fear my fucking name

Lyrics by Lorenzo

2. The Black Prophet

Angels and Demons fill my nights
Sorrow and pleasure in endless fight
Sinners and bitches in disguise
I close my eyes and a vortex raise
Longing for a moment of dream and mist
Striking the weakness as a clenched fist
Calling the War from the farest lands
As a black prophet rising from the sands
Exiled and envied, as kings without their land
Black as the void against the blizzard we stand
Avenger destructors of vicious empires
Mourning angels coiled in unquenchable fires

"Predatori del mondo intero, adesso che mancano terre alla loro sete di
totale devastazione, vanno a frugare anche il mare: avidi se il nemico è
ricco, arroganti se povero, genti che ne' l'oriente, ne' l'occidente
possono saziare; loro soli bramano possedere con pari smania ricchezze e
miseria. Rubano, massacrano, rapinano e con falso nome, lo chiamano
impero; infine, dove fanno il deserto, lo chiamano pace."
( Tacitus, 84 e.v. )

I come within the Thunder, from above and below
I creep and I fly, from above and below
As a whirlwind of flame We shall come forth
Cleansing in fire from the south and the North

Masters on iron thrones. bringers of fear and suspiction
We are born of sideral void, we raise from your superstition
My nights are cloaked by dreams, I am the Dark Lords hand
Black as the void against the blizzard we stand

Lrics by Lorenzo

3. Uriel

Silently swept on swan wings black with ash,
crossing the night in a whisper
a figure hooded in darkness beholds the World again .
He has come.
He remembers this paths and this roads,
as they were trodden upon by Nephilim ...
He remembers Enoch ... forgotten pupil,
admired disciple of His Qabbala and His Fire ...
Again in Nod, Israfil.
Caressing the thin air with a hand,
the ancient beauty smells like embers
as He effortlessly glides over a paved street .
Towards betrayal.
Unfathomable eyes, seemingly guided by a starlit sky,
ignited those same stars by themselves, instead,
so long ago that this voyager still marvels, at times,
at what He did.
Far away in dimensions, Judgement had been promised,
He recalls ...
Through years and centuries and ages,
Retribution had been forecast, He recalls ...
But when ?
Time ceases for the nameless,
An armor of rings anointed with pitch
for repentance has no meaning .
A drape of sparks and shadow
He Who Cares Not neglects the time
Feathers falling [forever] around a [clueless] sad spirit .
of those named among the dead .
The scythe-sword the Pharaos so admired .
Silently swept on swan wings tipped in red,
crossing the night in a whisper
a forlorn darkness abandons this World again .
Still a few remember, and chant ...

'Whose name is Fire, Thee I call
Ignitor of the Stars, Thee I call
Flame of the Universe, Thee I call
Judgement of Titans, Thee I call
Flood Over Giants, Thee I call
Donjon of the Faeries, Thee I call
Pitiless Foe, Thee I call
He Who Watches over Thunder and Terror, Thee I call
Guardian of Sheol, Thee I call
Angel of the Abyss, Thee I call
Betrayed One, Thee I call
Interpreter of Prophecies, Thee I call
Opener of Ways, Thee I call
Israfil of the North, Thee I call
Uriel, Dread Uriel, Dark Uriel who dwells in Darkness
Uriel, Dread Uriel, Dark Uriel, Thee I call ...'

Lyrics by Silvio


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