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Enuma Elish La Nabu Shamu

"Enuma Elish La Nabu Shamu" (2002 Demo)

1. The Invocation of Marduk
2. E La Tormenta
3. I Am

1. The Invocation of Marduk

From the Gate of Fire
Across the Outer Wall
When the Four-Eyed God whispers
Enuma elish la nabu shamu

Come forth ye Guardians
My journey will lead to the Stars
I was sprung where the Sun don’t rise
Nerakkal ina im-ni-ia (Nergal is at my right hand)
I shall not fear the Depths
Suen ina ar-ki-ia (Sin is behind me)

Cast to live where the Sun don’t reach
Ninurta ina su-me-li-ia (Ninurta is at my left hand)
I will face the Storm alone
Shamshu ina pa ni-ia (Shamash is before me)
Where the Heavens had not been named
Enuma elish la nabu shamu

Oh Mighty God with 50 Names
Slayer of Tiamat, Master of Esharra
I beheld the Tablet of Destiny
Thee I invoke, Ilu Qurdu

2. E La Tormenta

Waterspouts falls: I can't forget, I won't forgive
Too many nights, too many moons, too many wars
So empty knowledge pierces my soul
So envied moments drain my soul
Again the clouds (re)sound in me,
Again the light is coiled in purple

Knowledge and Madness are here again
They bleed my heart, cold rusty blade...
I throw myself in my nothing
and She's here, She is here, She is here.

And as I walk under the blackened sky
I rise my fist, I call my grief and wait.
Ruined walls all around me,
(as) Atlantis winds
I wait for the Blizzard, as she murmurs and cries
I long for my home, as she whispers and lies
The Blizzard comes forth, she roars, she rapes and she smiles
She's finally here and she rapes and she lies and she shouts
I rise my face from my without nothing
and she's no more, she's no more, she's no more...

Sono qui
su questa distesa di pietra bianca e vento
e sole che straccia il mondoin luce e ombra
Strutture immote: non ne colgo l’enormità
foglie decrepite e carta morta
non inizia la tormenta
non vuole questo posto
mi risucchio in me
vado dentro, giù
scosto quello che già so e vado oltre
è sempre lì l’eterna voragine del vuoto
sento la mia voce
mormora le parole di Searle
“Non la terza. La prima.”
non la terza, la prima
e vedo; mi butto nel mio senza-niente
e lei è qui, lei è qui,lei è qui
ferite di scrosci d’acqua
il suono delle nuvole
il mondo nero strappato da istanti di luce
non c’è più cielo
io non sono più
solo la follia potente della materia
e la tormenta
io non sono più
solo la follia
e la tormenta
e la tormenta
e la tomrenta

3. I Am

I am a preyed beast
I am a path in mist
I am unspoken lies
The spear that wounded christ
I am a starless night
I am a poisoned knife

I am the dragon nest
A knight without a quest
A throne betrayed by ghosts
A raped virtue lost
I am a sharped-eye mage
I am a blinded sage

I am an abandoned home
I am the walls of Rome
I am what nobody tells
I am the unchaimed bell
I am the risen fist
I am the evoked beast

I am the filthiest vice
The altar of sacrifice
I am an hail of blood
I am the ancient god
And truth is what I sew
And hate is what I reap


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