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Starlit Dimensions

"Starlit Dimensions" (2002 EP)

1. Golden Dreams, Silver Tears
2. Into A Dream Pt. II
3. Starlia
4. Too Far Gone
5. Carried Away
6. Angels Crying (E-Type cover)

1. Golden Dreams, Silver Tears

Once again I find myself
Counting the stars in the sky
My heart got torn into a million pieces
Finally I realize..

That there's nothing that I wanna do,
Nothing that I wanna feel without you
Been shedding some tears, been feeding my fears
All I want is you

She appeared to me - The angel of my life
She didn't know she stole my heart right away
And if she goes then I wanna die

Coz she is my reason, my only reason
Why I wanna live in this world
The air that I breath, the source of my needs
I will never let you go..

Across the skies we ride
Through the times we share our lives
Walking the stairway to the stars
By the embrace of your heart

The morning comes. Night's swept away
There's nothing that I'm more afraid of
than waking up all alone in the morning
You're mine but I can't reach your touch

The eveningfall approaches again
Reality's vanished away
"I've closed my eyes. The stars are in my sight"
You are so real, your whisper's so sweet:
"Gimme your love. Come with me..."
Carried away from this world

In the skies. High above
I still hear your silent cry
I took away your laugh and your smile
But your spirit's still by my side

I found a reason when I found the treason
That you'd been putting me through
Pulling me under. In nightmares I've wandered
No more will I stand...

2. Into A Dream Pt. II

Our dreams got shattered a billion years ago
When evolution was still on the make
They created man, a higher intelligence
To rule on land, air and sea

Unaware consciousness, a life-form that will last
Beware the hatred the falsness inside
Malice and illness spread world wide

Hand in hand we'll face our fate
We're standing strong still we underestimate
The power of the Final Damnation

They keep giving us consternation
An animal supreme, no resignation
A wolf in sheep's clothes, infamination
Love to destroy, infatuation

Infinite destruction, no place to live
Evil conspiracy, convinced heresy
Confluence of life and death

3. Starlia

I'm no longer holding your hand
My love for you's like a castle built from sand
I always knew I wasn't enough for you
You never came back, you never wanted more

It was all I ever wanted - Still you seemed so far
Everything I've ever dreamed - My dream became my scars

'cause you're too far gone
I can't hold on anymore
Too far gone

Time will heal your bleeding wounds, they say
But mental wounds will never heal - Deeper than the deepest sea
I never thought love would be such a lie
Just when feelings learn to live they suddenly learn to die

4. Too Far Gone

I'm alone again this morning
No friends nor sense of reality
One rainy night is over and far behind

Lying on my bed confused and hurt
What did I gain coz it's all lost?
You looked at me but you really couldn't see me

Is there anyone to see me?
Why is it that you can't feel me?
But before I'm gone I'll always remember you

Cuttin' and rippin' my flesh inside
As I recall that night you cried
Dreaming of being the only one
'cause you're the one I'll ever find

Yesterday's gone and so are you
Your words echoing in my head
Cold autumn night my heart is frozen

No, I will never forget your face
Your deep eyes against my disgrace
You'll never know how much I loved you

5. Carried Away

Sun ain't shining. Words not rhyming
Just sad memories from this bleeding heart
You said you'd never let me down
You'd stay there always 'til the end

Now I see through the tears
His kingdom is near

I wish I could fly on the wings of the dragonfly
You know I would die for the wings of the dragonfly

One can't see what one has done
'Til it's gone you never know what you had
Lives have changed. Lives been faded
Hours I've wasted wondering why we're apart

Now I see through the tears
His kingdom is near

Now those golden dreams are gone
I left before the dawn
I vanished in the haze
Only silver tears remain

In the shadows I dwell alone
Another life has been exposed
In a dream no one dies
Still I wonder why I lost my dragonfly...

6. Angels Crying (E-Type cover)


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