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Baroque Esprit

"Baroque Esprit" (1999 EP)

1. Baroque Esprit (overture)
2. Dominion of Splendor
3. Mort A Venise
4. Eusrydice's Tears

1. Baroque Esprit (overture)

2. Dominion of Splendor

I separate my spirit from body,
following a ruby light.

I fell beyond Iside’s eye, and I flow
towards sea’s frontiers, beyond Troy's fired walls;
in a place were warm and calm waters embrace
icy marble, white like Artemide’s face.

Where ancient music meet baroque violins
and envelop pale bridges warm out Heroes steps:
Where oriental smells filter sea air,
producing fascinating perfumes and magic essences;
Where noble souls feed with sapiency,
like sweet ambrosia invades God’s limbs.

Reflected light, that change at every wind,
produces images of a remote Atlandtide;
far echoes in a Eternal Labyrinth.

With painful sweetness,
the solemn God’s Residence becomes mud again,
strange but ruinous destiny,
happy restlessness of a not loved lover
while inexorable time vanify every hope.

3. Mort A Venise

Part 1: “Le Rencontre”

Black are the waves
were Jupiter wrote my name,
because there’s no mortal without pain;
through the fog your face shines of a golden light
and I feel happy like a God when I stand by you.

Your sight up sets me, a fire flows through the meats,
a heavy night comes down on eyes;
catch, oh Apollo, my fighting soul,
and make the death seems not to far.

Part 2: “La Mort”

Suns rise up and fade
but our, once worn out,
makes us falling in a timeless night.
In this way kings and empires were destroyed.

Dance, oh Eros and Thanatos, dance
in order to make the night the principle of my song,
dance in this eternal place.

4. Eusrydice's Tears


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