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Aura Sinfonica

"Aura Sinfonica" (2006)

1. A Disharmonious Suite To Aphrodite
2. Aura Symphonica
3. Fragments Part I: Abstraction & Empathy - Fragments Part II : Images/Labyrinth
4. Autumnal Echoes (Instrumental)
5. Reflections Under A Heavenly Masquerade
6. Venetian Sunset

1. A Disharmonious Suite To Aphrodite

Grey and deformed image
reflected in the silver,
engraved by time, corroded by an unvoiced wind.

Like a ship at the mercy of the waves,
you advance motionless.

... no mortals will come to learn of what
only gods are allowed to know by nature,
but the sublime recapitulation of pain
distorts the mind raising it to the Celestial Science...

Dragged by a memory towards nothing,
like Icarus you offer your body to destiny
that is never replete of human torments

The soul is in Eros' hands,
and he plays with it like an infant;
no one raise the fire shining beneath the ash,
no one wake the beast sleeping silent.

A disharmonious adoration, to you,
under a futuristic mantle of stars.
Love is an idealistic suicide ?

2. Aura Symphonica

The Infinite is like a path, whose destination is unknown,
and we run through it.
Everything is a part of the Beginning,
the two kingdoms seem to be enemy.

Be my guide, during this short journey,
allow me to look at you, to follow you.

Only born to feed an empty dreams
so as not to be able to hear the silence.
Which shining desperation,
hoping to lull the possibility of introvert seeking.

Dance on the ruins of your useless existence
complacent orgasms of the desire to be.
Only empty, fragile crystal which on breaking leaves no trace.

The voices of ignorance still lacerate,
but through the sorrow they generate...
Ever more stronger becomes my search.

Blind belief in oneself avoiding the people’s gaze
In loneliness embracing only coherency.

And not following compromise
which silently and relentlessly kills
Lost inside yourself keep on walking
laughing at smiles
which subtly dance around

3. Fragments Part I: Abstraction & Empathy - Fragments Part II : Images/Labyrinth

Falling into a prison
of memories,
fragments of images
chain me to sadness;
melancholic laughter melts
nto an immense mosaic,
reorganizing reality.

Only the warm dust of the past
…slips through my finger…

Will she ever cry for the arrival of a new sun?
Ease, the echo which pound within me
Shed your tears inside my soul

Yield to an eternal winter
Learning to sleep beyond a thousand embraces, which give no joy.

Not to drown again in a labyrinth of emotions.

On the death of love reaching the light…
…beauty becomes ice…

4. Autumnal Echoes (Instrumental)

5. Reflections Under A Heavenly Masquerade

Apathy, proem of immortality
Divine loquacious sign of God
Slow and repetitive toll
Sharp ice cry

My eyes perceive the essence of the All;
senseless, I can see every unknown dimension.
The jarring litany, begot by the cosmic movement,
attracts dissonant molecules of oblivion.

MAEROR COMES CONSEQUATUR (Plauto, Anfitrio, 653)

“I am the conscience, the end and the creation,
the good and the evil, the icy flame.”

Tears - like a spectral shadow on the stone,
painful brightness.
Fear - show me your favourite flower,
the oblivion you love.

Open him the gates
He reigns upon you
Under the mask he watches us

6. Venetian Sunset

Heavy tears graze your face,
driven by the angelic blow of ancient shadows.
Reflections of stars shake the blue sea
and slightly slide like rain along branches

Like a dying mother... images that eyes can’t see,
white nocturnal light closes in upon your sorrowful look.

Heureux sont ceux qui
célèbrent avec mesure Aphrodite,
jouissant sereins de ses folles impulsions,
puisque Eros aux cheveux d’or
tend un double arc du plaisir:
vers une voire affolée
vers une voie trouble.

Tormenting passions consume you ,
icy limbs abandoned in the dew
on which black ash falls covering white bones,
while your shadow is far by now.


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