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No Rose without Thorns...

"No Rose without Thorns..." (2001 Demo)

1. Intro (untitled)
2. To the Moon
3. Lilith’s Embrace
4. Sol Mortuus
5. Eternal Sunrise

1. Intro (untitled)

2. To the Moon

Selene, Luna!
Artemis, Diana!
Hecate, Nannar, Sin!
Thee I invoke, oh pearly Princess, to breed a perpetual Valkyrie kin:
“To Thee I shall sail,
my pale haven of light -
Impaler of darkness,
dethroning the night.
Full, horned, enchant me
and cast my black soul,
in heavens of nebular
glow which enfold…”

For me, Endymion, soar,
at night, from the clawing mists
of the bestial shore.
As I pray my god
for eternal sleep -
Lunar chariot descent.
To kiss, to behold is to keep
this immortal covenant.

Now drink my Nosferatu blood,
so, cursed yet almighty, we can wander the shadowed skies of Nod…for ever.

Explanation: This is an ode to perpetual love…if it truly exists. Each person is continually in search of affection and appreciation. Man is programmed to love, and to be loved. Finding someone with whom we can live as one, sharing our deepest emotions, is one of the most precious things we can obtain in our lives. May your quests all succeed!

3. Lilith’s Embrace

“I fear the woods and their mortal call.”
Macabre winds summon me to enter the ebon forest gate. The howling of darkside demons is cast from the cold as a midnight crescendo of whispering voices. As the screeching of Night Owls bewitches me, I feel the warm embrace of Lilith…
“Wandering amidst the pines, I face their mirky soul…”
Once again, the night bears his darkest shadows, dancing beneath a black moon. As nocturnal mists veil the forest path, I feel the cold kiss of Iscariot…

In this sombre vale of tears, darkness shades me. Oh, sweet oblivion, open thy arms and enfold me, so I can forget my carnal sins within the eclipse of dusk!

As a part of the undead, I descend into the haunted depths of Tartarus:
Arisen from Chaos,
dark abyss,
where Hades reigns the damned.
Eternal torment –
screams of terror
split the blackest land.

In Elysean Fields
shalt Lethe rise
from all the tears I’ve shed.
To this mighty river
I quench my thirst,
slaying my inner death.
As I drink the silver water, a new star is born at the raven sky…

“I fear the woods and their mortal call.
Wandering amidst the pines, I face their mirky soul…”

Explanation: This is a poem about the seductive world we live in. A world of temptation, in which it ’s not always easy to resist certain allurements. Time after time, we are forced to make choices, and thus we are often betrayed by something that didn’t seem to be what it looked like. In the process of remission that must follow, it’s important (to be able) to judge ourselves first, but on the other hand, maybe even móre crucial is (to be able) to forgive ourselves. Only then we can fully carry on with our lives.

4. Sol Mortuus

Prologus: The curtain rises… A tragedy unfolds in the theatre of my life. A winter scene rests beneath a feral moon. Dusk shrouds a dying sun as a murder of crows skims a roaming trail in the black snow…

Actus Primus: I wander through the cold abyss
as the forest bathes in moonlit mists.
Beneath the starless nocturnal vault,
a pack of wolves for the Ravenlord howl.
Polar winds sigh laments for me –
“De profundis clamavi…”

Actus Secundus: Mauled by the hounds of Artemis,
virgin Goddess of the Moon.
I mutter dark soliloquys –
prelude to my doom.
This vale of tears,
where the serpent crawls –
hallowed icon of the Fall.
In the garden of Eden,
like Arachne, Eve,
at her Belial encounter,
a sinner cloth weaved.
Now my god too
sends me away,
but to a pious heaven
beyond the Sodom veil…

Actus Tertius: Oh, velvet death,
immortal beloved,
kiss me, fly me away –
On thy raven wings,
to where the Siren sings
a newborn celestial day…

Epilogus: The final sunset: Helios has fallen for ever at the bleak horizon. His blood stains an opaque sky. As I compose a Requiem for a set sun, I vanish into the darksome vortex of death. And so the curtain falls…


Explanation: This opera tells the story of a person who lost his beloved and it describes the world seen through his eyes. When we loose someone we love or when that person leaves us, it is never easy to pick up our lives again. Other people may try to make us feel better, but in the end we are all on our own to overcome the dark times.

5. Eternal Sunrise

Absorbing the warmth of thy golden beams,
hiding for nocturnal demons in thy womb.
My eyes water by the thought of sunset,
my heart screams for thy sunrise.
Dark clouds, scattering the sunny sky –
Raindrops slipping through my hands –
Awakening of my thirst for thy warmth.
Fearing the eclipse, I caress thy beams…
so tender…my river of love never to be parched.
You ‘re my sun and…I love you.

Explanation: Another tale of love…


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