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At War With War

"At War With War" (2006 Demo)

1. Fugitives Lament
2. Breed By War

1. Fugitives Lament

Don't know the reason why
people around me die
Don't even know where I was born

I'm on a constant 'scape
from guns and bombs and hate
I'd sell my soul to get away

An underground routine
Pay now and be redeemed
So long, farewell to all you know

A holocaustic ride
Don't know who lives or die
A paradise awaits when we arrive in
God, NO!!!
Escape the flames and we will be right back where we belong!

Don't know the reason why
people don't even try
to understand why I am here

I run a constant fight
to earn my human right
to find a place where I can stay

Regulations and rules
The diabolic tools
To turn us back where we belong

We're only fugitives
Don't care who dies or lives
Go on and push us back right into
Oh, NO!!!
Reject us and repent before you DIE!!!

2. Breed By War

Once again the sirens calling.
Prediction of the bombs that's falling.
Rockets from a distant hideout
clear the path for flight attacks.

Cut the power, choke the water.
Burning bridges herald slaughter.
Eliminate chance to escape.
Burn, destroy, kill and rape!

Why were you born?
What is your goal?
What is the meaning of life for us all?

Kill or be killed
for the reason to live.
Kill to gain freedom, kill for free will.

What was the options
presented to you,
that made you choose to do what you do?

As the sirens become silent
the tanks come serving you more violence.
Only ruins to be found
as the tankpatrol is done.

Now it's clear for soldiers to
aiming at whatever moves.
Slashing cripples with a knife,
erase remaining signs of life!

How do you feel
when you see that it's real?
Dismembered bodies all over the field!

A carnage inhumane
will surely drive you insane.
It will haunt your mind until the end of time!


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