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"Corpsporation" (2006)

1. Intro
2. Grave New World
3. I Fuck Your Bloody Body
4. Let Me Out
5. I Am No More
6. Corpsporation
7. Rotting Existence
8. Purgatory
9. Incubus
10. Died Unborn

1. Intro

2. Grave New World

Oh my life comes to an end. I must make my last step.
Gasp my last breath and enter the other land...of the dead!
Soul to the heaven, body to the earth. Accomplished my journey.
Gate of other world is opening for me. Here i stand.
When the soul has departed a man sees corruption
and becomes a brother unto the decay.
Members decay one by one, bones crumble away,
become stinking things, so helplessmass.
Flesh turns liquid, man turns into myriad of worms.
Establish me O Lord of the funeral chest.
Give thou me not over to the Slaughterer in this execution-chamber
who kills the members and makes them rot, being himself invisible
and who destroys the bodies of the dead, and lives by carnage.
Lord of the funeral chest i beg. Fashion strongly my flesh i prey...Beg.
I shall not putrefy, not rot. Shall not decay, not turn ...Worms.
Intestines shall not perish, head shall not be separated from my neck,
tongue not be removed. Don't let me turn to worms. Don't let me die second time.
Do not let me turn to worms.
Other world i come it's time. New world now i see wide-eyed...Now!
Land of the dead is like a grave. Grave new world, life after death...Death!
Other world i come it's time. New world now i see wide-eyed.
Grave new world-land of the dead.
Land of the dead like grave. Grave new world, life after death.
Grave new world-life after death.

3. I Fuck Your Bloody Body

Died. You died 5 minutes ago. I have killed you. Cut your throat.
Bloody body on the ground. Bled...Bled and dead!
Dead but eyes wide open. Blank incurious stare.
Vacuous eyes look through me. Meaningless, cold, lifeless.
What a sight! I have made slaughter. "Do it!"-voice within me said.
I believe i had no option. It may sound funny, i don't deny.
When i saw you, i lost my head. Sorry, i can't stop myself.
Dead young girl so beautiful. Like it or not-you're mine now.
Fair face and form. Dead but still warm.
Sex with the dead, sick fantasies in my head.
Molest the corpse. Sexual intercourse.
My secret thoughts i will realize.
Better fuck the dead than living. I may do whatever i want.
I will dare everything, will fulfill my darkest dreams.
You will never say "no", you will never speak a world. You'll not moan, make no sound, you will keep silence.
Keep your looks even after death. You dead but your flesh still so warm.
When your body will become cold i will go away, i will leave you alone.
Affection and love never be towards the dead, just lust.
Blood, knife, throat, cut, throat, cut, blood, dead.
Raped after death bitch! First i kill then i fuck-fill my need.

4. Let Me Out

My strength gave out. I fell asleep.
Steeped in lethargic sleep.
Stole over me, made my life a hell.
Everybody took me for a dead.
I was committed to the ground, but i am...alive!
When i awoke i was horrified. Alone in the darkness.
Difficult to breathe.
Hampered movements, I'm going crazy.
Buried alive six feet under ground.
Let me out!
Desperate attempts to escape.
Clapperclaw the coffin, break my nails.
Peel the skin from my fingers, raws.
Smash the coffin with my fists, break my hands.
Let me out!
Stifle from want of air, stuffy here, horror struck.
Soon i will be dead again, really dead and forever.
Why i awoke? I would die! I would better die in my sleep.
Then i would not suffer through this hell. I Want to fall asleep again.

5. I Am No More

Tell me please about my death. I can't move, no pulse and no breath.
My eyes closed but why can i see? I have no feelings, my body insensible.
I can't stir my hand, I can't stir my foot. I can't move my lips, can't call for help.
Tell me please about my death. I can't move, no pulse and no breath.
Heart does not beat, no signs of life.
Horrible to understand that i'm dead...
What fucking happened? Tag on my foot.
What the Y-shaped suture on my chest?
Oh my god i can't believe! What's going on?
Please set me free!
Number 4... I am no more...
Toe tag number 4. My new name. I am no more.
Pathologists call me number 4. I have a new name, i have no old one.
Number 4... I am no more...
Toe tag number 4. My new name. I am no more.
Lying on the table lifeless dead. New home morgue, future grave.
Have no first and second name, only final.
My name written on the tag. Read it.
Read my name.
I can't tell you my name. Read it, dead can't talk!
I can't tell you my name because dead can't talk!

6. Corpsporation

No one knows about the corporation. That's deep down the ground. Situation.
Attempts to reanimate the dead. Top secret project. Experiments on dead.
This time science go too far. New invention makes the dead flesh alive.
Come into deadhouse it is dark horrible place.
Do you wanna meet your fear face to face.
Open the door you don't know what you will see. But i know... only fear.
Pathologist rips the flesh, disembowels, pulls out guts, saws the skull,
chops off limbs, hacks up chunks. Body parts.
Arms and legs, torso and head - pieced together - newborn dead.
Hung on hook in dark cold room.
Resurrection it's your doom.
Another body taken to a lab, now it's ready for experiment.
Naked dead body strapped on the table. Plunge the needles into vein.
Join wires, power is on. No signs of life. No change yet. No!
Chemical injection. Secret vaccine. Body stirs, convulsive movements.
Open eyes, horrible... horrible sight. Living dead try to get free.
Fetch a dreadful groan. Heart rending. Leer.
Malignant look. Doomed stertor.
Mindless creature. Only need for food.
Newborn corpse. Child of the corporation.
Locked in cell under observation.
Corporation of corpse. Try to tame, to control.
Experiments go on.

7. Rotting Existence

Stricken with disease, infected by lepra. Now my body is rotting but i am alive.
Terminal disease. Hopeless for the future. Body racked in pain. I am a leper.
Condemned to life by death, doomed to dead life. I'm slated.
Death took my flesh away but took not my soul. i am damned.
Soul encased in the dead body, i'm alive and dead at once.
Painful to perceive that i am incurable.
Live and rot. Rot alive. It's not life. It's existence. Rotting existence.
Hopeless and thence helpless, that's why i lose my mind.
Frenzy of despair. Bereft of all hope. Forsaken by god.
Death flows through my veins. Dwells in me.
Body is deformed. Nasal bone destroyed. Disfigured face.
Dilapidated flesh. Missing toes and fingers. Falling apart, piece by piece.
Smell my own rot. Unbearable pain. Rotting existence.
I hide my face. Hooded, dressed in rags. Look like a dead.
Bell hangs on my neck, announces that a leper coming near.
We exist and rot alive, then die and rot again.
Rot before and after death. I see the pile of dead.
Live and rot. Rot alive. It's not life. It's existence. Rotting.
I hear a crack of wooden wheels - cart rumbled along the street. Stirring sound.
Cart heaped with dead. The air fills with smell of rot.
Church court condemned me to death. Encoffinment alive. Requiem.
Obituary ceremony. I was buried.
"You are not alive you are dead for all of us."-They said.
Then dug me up and took me to the leprosarium...Forever!

8. Purgatory

Time has come and you have died. Flesh is rotting but soul is alive.
Sinful spirit falling down. You have died but now again are alive.
Another life and other side. Killed a hundred times, buried once.
Every time you die but stay alive. State of death is normal state here.
Time to pay for sins in purgatory.
You will bleed and burn, nobody worries.
Soul lives on, can't go. Because immortal.
You still alive but every torture fatal.

9. Incubus

Night. Silence. You're asleep. You beautiful girl, so pure.
But nightmare enters your mind. Nightmare becomes reality.
Demon arose, arose from the dark. Took the shape of human being.
Broke upon you, took your fancy. And turned your head.
Penetrated into your mind and your subconsciousness.
Hypnosis. Besotted mind. You lost hold on reality.
State between sleeping and waking. Seducing. Making love.
Then love transformed into rape.
Brutal rape. Outrage. Animal desire. Lust.
Carnal beast. Brutalize. Changed back shape. Excite disgust.
Tear your flesh. lacerate . Penetrate and cum inside. Then fade away.
Left alone, feel disgust. Suffering, bleeding, crying.
Wounded flesh, mutilated, but you alive.
Fucked and maimed, mauled and raped, you want to die! Victim of Incubus!!!
Raped by the demon, raped by the beast. Sexual abused. You hate yourself.
Shock, psychic trauma and mangled flesh. Dishonoured.
Died to the world. Find no savour left in life!!!

10. Died Unborn

Germ of life. Gradual conformation of an embryo.
For nine months the small frail body is gaining the soul.
Pregnant woman is waiting edgily for delivery of a child. She is six months gone.
Soon the child will see the light.
Mother's womb will be your tomb.
Doomed to die before the birth. Died inside, but mother doesn't know.
She doesn't know about her son's death. But small corpse begins to decay.
Decay inside... Ptomain, passed into the mother's system. And she died too.
Corpse inside another corpse.
Mother's womb now your tomb. Mother's womb like your tomb.
She tried to give a new life but lost her own.He knew death, had not known life.
Buried in the mother's body. Autopsy like exhumation.
Unborn embryo removed.
Mother will be buried soon, child will not-he was not born, he have no name.
Bornless dead. Died unborn.


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