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Among The Trees

"Among The Trees" (1996 Demo)

1. The Touch
2. Miracle
3. In The Abyss
4. Needless
5. Among The Trees
6. Fly With A Dove
7. Flying Through...

1. The Touch

2. Miracle

The silence..the silence and the dark
neverending tunnel in empty space
the movement... the only movement and the whole empire
of silence is forever lost
space isn´t interested in what´s up
and millions of molecules set out for the journey of life
next actor comes

Fumbling intellect
... meanwhile only looks through door of mystery
... to the boxes of wealth of own soul
... and touches the life with the clumsy fingers

He lives here in his own loneliness
he only takes for this time... he has nothing to give
... the first dreams come
the first thoughts... I am!
... and thousands of questions without answers

3. In The Abyss

Masses of snow high above my head
I didn´t know that snow can be black
I´m lying on icy ground... the end is coming
dark derides me

Black cold makes my finger sway
I let my tears flow down my face
long time ago I forgot how taste my voice
I gave up that fight

Only occasional laughter of bats
and roar of falling avalanche above my head
are raping that silence here
and I fumble in the dark... the labyrinth without the walls

I´m revolving that scene in my mind
when I was falling to the depth with sound of thunders
stuned by fear with the hope in my heart
they say hope dies last

Long time I crawled
Long time I begged for help
I have no power to live anymore
life became unbearable

there´s nothing worse than loneliness
I´m spending my end without pain
the feeling, when you know, there´s nothing that can help you
in the abyss, how long did I stay there?

4. Needless

And another waiting
... thousands of days disappear in the fog
And another dream
... the gallery of grey faces
And another forgotten faces
... it´s easy to hurt somebody
And another pain
... you even don´t know where it hurts

The hands... which never hugged anybody
The words... which were never said
The feelings... which nobody showed

Only another rain
... you can´t already recognize rain from tears
Only another tears
... hidden behind black mask

Only another masks
... words of interior over shouted by cold
Only another words
... nobody is interested in them
Only anotherneedless
... needless words, needless man, needless day

“How can be a man needless?”

5. Among The Trees

“Deep inside the forest
I´m talking with the trees
I want to tell them the story of mankind
- isn´t it too late?”

The singing winds in the maze of trees
the unknown mountains and the charming silhouette
fighting with the burning light

Dance in the mad rhythm of life
among the rays of jewel
there, deep inside the heart of earth
its cry sounds in my soul

Almost the stoned eyes
saved from the endless sleep
they fuse and begin cry
hear that quiet weep
- the tears of enchantment!

It´s like violin in my ears
- I want to embrace but I´m too small
laughter, sorrow - whatever I see
waiting for the evening fall

"Only the chosen ones visit that land everyday
only the chosen ones can talk with the trees!”

6. Fly With A Dove

When the bound of day falls
sky-line glows as your passion
the scent of anquish small
though only such futile impression

A night queen runs along my lid
she invites me to her foggy empire
no borders, I laugh as the small kid
and all I feel is a desire!

I wish to lead a blind man through the labyrinth of thorns
to kiss with phantasy in her soft embrace
I wish to enthral your love and to believe eternaly
to send a farewell to dead river, it´s boring gace

Wandering in paradise of my mistress
I meet a white-haired old-man
with the next steps I feel your presence
and I see the picture again, inviting woman

Life´s murmur and the song of birds
foggy rays of stories
the fresh breath lets down from clouds
but already doesn´t tempt my senses

The velvety wind propels my raft
always nearer to eternal throat
I´ve no longer force to break a stream
I send to next-borns the last scream:

“When the graceful queen of stars
offers you her tender love
don´t hide your desire to holes
but grip her and fly with a dove!”

7. Flying Through...


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