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Ancient Skies

"Ancient Skies" (2005 EP)

1. Death Whispers
2. Resist
3. Ancient Skies
4. Shores of Acheron

1. Death Whispers

Arise, from this cold ground,
buried underneath these roots,
which are slowly pushing down.
Rising dust, they prepare,
as our heavy footsteps resonate in the distance.

Closer still, anguish, despair,
the wind whispers cries of death,
panic fear it all seems clear.

We have invaded, we're out of control.
No one can save, his precious soul,
boiling under our metal armor,
we are, chanting.

2. Resist

When you see the man whose eyes, can be looked at but not looked into.
You will realize despair leads, to a lonely tragedy.
I won't compromise, take me till this world is far.
And I cannot resist, return the hits that were once received.
Eternity seems distant, but when traveling through time,
breaking barriers, breaking me, breaking everything.
So as I lay there in my, own dreaded thoughts, you'll throw me,
away, today, astray, again and again.

In the shadows its hard to see the darkness, embracing me,
wake up, wake up, wake up and feel the time when,
everything's surreal.
In the shadows its hard to see the darkness, embracing me,
hate me, hate me, yet stand by me,
calloused, just leave me be.

I once thought I saw the end and wished that I was wrong,
but with our weapons drawn we fought, for our sanity.
Of iron and steel these weapons were not made of,
with which only the mortal part of us could be destroyed.
But weapons made of tears and wisdom,
against which even spirits cry.
Drops of lies that fill the jug you drank all away.
Now burning deep within you is a sinful devils mind,
and you cannot resist return the hits that were once,
self inflicted.

3. Ancient Skies

He left alone,
forgetting the dismal scenes, in his stubborn eyes.
Threatening, bodies, closed in on his red stained soul.
Cause he, couldn't see.
What he was looking at, and
He, couldn't hear, what he was,
listening for.

He remembered the crimson mixture of ash and sand,
and the memories forgotten,
hand in hand,
while they downed their poisoned tears,
in their eternal, toothless smiles.

A light shun his path,
blinding but, reassuring,
feeling, at peace, he slowly ascended.
Remembering his past in,
Reached his destination,
he suddenly perceived,
all of this,
wasn't real.

A wave crashed on to the bloodshot moon,
and dissolved the memory we're living through,
nothing strange, there is no blame,
and its only a glimpse of an ancient sky.

A bloodshot moon, lit these ancient skies,
and the pitch black stars, shun beyond sunrise,
cause dust covered, his bright blue eyes,
and slowly drowned, his unheard cries.

4. Shores of Acheron

You've angered the keeper,
the lord of these dark waters.
Time has come, step aside
watch your destiny slowly slide.

With a hand he blocked the shores,
Charon the keeper,
for eternity you shall swim, in this,
immortal river.

Heavy waters pulling down,
hades you will not reach.
Instead you must drown just to surface again,
the value of life to you may teach.


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