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Ancient Necrostorms

"Ancient Necrostorms" (2005 Demo)

1. Necropulsar
2. Valley of Nifelheim
3. Infernal Path
4. Shattered Desires
5. Black Chaos
6. Empherial Abyss Disaster
7. A Twilight of the Ancient Victories

1. Necropulsar

Universe shall die
And this world gone with its paradise
This dimension shall fall on my eyes
But this theatre just has done demise

Darkness is growing, the black shroud must fall
Blood in my veins freeze my heart
I can no longer wait anymore
There is a portal for me to cross...

... And for me this Hell's awaiting
Where my desires shall dance forever

...You, for You, for You I dwell in the void
That heals my forgotten life from descending


This time I meet the Queen of dark stars
With Her planets oh so lifeless
Drowned in magnetic deathfield apocalypse
Her beauty is just like Catharsis
Here, where death commands eternally
There's no any piece of "normality"
Of new instance with forming wrath
Opens back the portal for return
To ravish the scum of morality
There is billion wraths that fist their face!

Empherion / August 2004

2. Valley of Nifelheim

3. Infernal Path

This noise from the garden of ice
While massacre of voices and shades
Or the final despair draws hate towards itself
Can it like this way direct?

Oh... Yeah!

It's a hate with love fulfilled
Two opposite forces, with one power knead...

Infernal path!
Empheris dreadful wrath!

Only whispers and shadows beloved
Hatred supremely enforces her power
When echoes of love are dying up there
Forces of torment remained are below

So homeless well
Warming the garden of ice
Warming this hated love
or beloved hate dies...

Adrian / September 1994

4. Shattered Desires

Our bodies closing with delight
With some aura of loving lust
The touch of your bloodred lips
(and) the rusty blade in my hand

I lick your breast with fever
Stronger than delicious hate
I feel your trust in to me
With vicious smile on my face

Bloody kiss with bloodred lips
Shattered dreams aftermath

Bloody kiss with bloodred lips
Such a poem to your death

In this moment of dreadful perversion
My possession brings me the power
To enforce unholy desires
And to splatter the temple with blood

Bloody kiss with bloodred lips
In this scene you've been killed

Bloody kiss death will follow
I shall capture whole your soul

Empherion / November 2004

5. Black Chaos

Clock drowned in starless night
Among the hills of black snow
Opened for abyss of galaxies
Closed for eyes of universe


Abyss of space old walker
As the billions of suns his sisters
As he wish he flirts with the time

Dying and reborn are galaxies
Collapse, disappear unknown dimensions
Void is prime, prime is life
Life... Death, what an empty meanings
Universe collapsing, reborn then again


Total is the chaos
Without mean of time and space
Dusty is the game
In which the dust are galaxies
Death uncut from the life
And the meanings between them to be
The clock unnecessary is here...

Adrian / August 1994

6. Empherial Abyss Disaster

Pale skies with red clouds imminent formations
A world of sulphur and liquid fire tongues
Realms like this I've dreamed all my nights
With my soul tormented full of storms impatient

Empherial Abyss Disaster

I feel the rays of their dying sun
With it's moons crying so painful
Knowing their last whiles in terrible horror
Their funeral coming so surely... now...

What was this place in ancient times?
Full of pathetic and imperial realms
Now it's an empty, disastrous desert
And no life can dwell this abyss of chaos

Empherial Abyss Disaster

Look at the northern it's hemisphere
Where the giant palace shines in fire
This place I rule with all my desires
All they are dark and devilish unhallowed...

Empherion / August 2004

7. A Twilight of the Ancient Victories

Shadows fell with thunder
Ascend fuckin' screams in the night
High, close to the pearly gates

This cold dark night
Empire's downfall blaze in the sky
Where, the ravens circles create

When darkness reigns forever on this world
Bow and sacrifice the lamb for (our) Lord

When The Master rise with flames all over there
He will bring the lambs into Hell !!!

A Twilight Of The Ancient Victories....
In the darkest realms where no god exist

Mesmerized by Demons
I shall back in time and kill....
This little child with cometh in the skies...

I offer You his blood
For the nations suffer in time
And the Belial sons to rise!

Look up there, at the fire high above
That Heavens burn by the Hordes of Ragnarok!

Free all your wrath and come with me to Hell
We shall be damned for our great sin!!!

A Twilight Of The Ancient Victories....
There is no Christ and all holy ones
The sky opens, see those angels so worried? worried...

Let's Rape... Them All... In Blasphemy !!!

Empherion / March 2004


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