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Scattered Ashes: A Decade Of Emperial Wrath

"Scattered Ashes: A Decade Of Emperial Wrath" (2003 Best of/Compilation)

1. Curse You All Men!
2. The Tongue of Fire
3. The Majesty of the Nightsky
4. Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times
5. Wrath of the Tyrant
6. The Loss and Curse of Reverence
7. An Elegy of Icaros
8. I Am the Black Wizards
9. Thus Spake the Nightspirit (Live)
10. Ye Entrancemperium
11. In the Wordless Chamber
12. With Strength I Burn
13. Inno a Satana
14. Opus a Satana

1. Curse You All Men!

Curse you all men
Who's coil is strong
I recognise the sparrows heart
Beneath the theatre of misery
Disbelivers shalt by dawn
Be forced
To forever mourn

Curse you all men
That resent my empire
Cause I have risen again
At war this time
The truth I speak
Is your decease
My word is your defeat

And thou shalt not
Be able to hide anymore
The prophecy will
Conquer at last
Your sense of reality
With mission to kill
The theatre of misery

He has risen again
Armed with the source of sin
And as humans shalt fade
He shalt inherit their strength
Men of the damned;
Your will reluctantly
Secure His eternal victory

Yes, you are indeed the few;
I am the one.

2. The Tongue of Fire

Teach me the Tongue of Fire
So that I may set the world ablaze
For it is cold
And this blindness can no longer give me shelter
Teach me the Tongue of Fire
So that I may cry out loud my wrath
And my passion
Or else my coil will blister and decay

The soul is never silent
But wordless
Held imprisoned
In a cursed tomb
Wherein reflections never fade
Never die
Slowly Maddened
By the emptiness

Left to perish in the ever-dark coil
Yet, always alert in it's slumber
Scorn by the drops of light
Piercing through the surface
And it screams

The soul is never silent
But wordless

Teach me the Tongue of Fire
So that I may set the world ablaze
For it is cold
And this blindness can no longer give me shelter
Teach me the Tongue of Fire
So that I may cry out loud my wrath
And my passion
Or else my coil will blister and decay

3. The Majesty of the Nightsky

Like the tide, shadows flow towards the shore of light. The night
comes whirling like a maelstrom. Warring waves of crackling clouds
embrace this nightside landscape. The heavens bleed, through open
wounds, the dim light of the moon. The winds are crying mournfully and
tears fly with the gusts. They whip my clenched faces freezing skin
with ice-cold burning cuts. Too long I have sufferred the desert sands
of time. But as I drown in darkness it will release the sign. My soul
will leave this mortal coil of flesh and earthly life, to fly into the
mist of night, into the nightside eclipse, and experience existence on
the other side. As a stone of scorching enthusiasm I refract the
reflecting surface of this unfathomable sea. Growing circles of grief
and pain slides across the land as an ome of the horror yet to
come. The strength of a thousand fire-breathing demons breed in my
infernal, sinking soul. Ans as I reach the surface once again these
powers are under my control. Now I am one with the night sky majesty.

4. Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times

The heavens are lit by the stars where years of secrets of universal forces
lay hid. They shine so bright, but yet they have seen more evil than time
itself. Reflected in the deepless lakes they are drowning in black elements.
They are the planetary keys to unlimited wisdom and power for the Emperor to
obtain. They bring the gods of the wolves whom upon they bark at night,
requesting their next victim in thirst of blood. I enjoy those moments I may
haunt with these beasts of the night. What kinds of beings are existing at the
deeps of my lakes? They surly must be of an evil race, for no friendly thing
can live in such depressive waters. Here is also a planet similar to the
moon, but its phases is only one and it is in its most powerful for all and
ever... There passes no light without the barking of the wolves. All these
landscapes are timeless, and this is all just a part of cosmos, but all is
mine and past and future is yet to discover... Much have been discovered, but
tomorrow I will realise I existed before myself. I will be reborn before I
die. I will realise planets ages old, created by a rules with a crown of
dragon claws, arrived with a stargate...

5. Wrath of the Tyrant

The wolves bark with wind - in summertime??
As the moon pass(es) the shadows
It was a grim tale

Frost/first?? are therein?? from the earthly womb

??..through the empty air
When the night lose control
??Wide the gates are put open here??
The rage of fires are dead

Carrying the deaths/depths of his fallen warrior
Deep inside of me - in his grave
Walk upon this earth tonight
Carrying the staff of gold/ghoul?? swords??

A grand sign of evil will

They arise?? - death and destruction
To a time (when) the angel cries
Open your eyes again now, he's here
He is the master of fear/death

He is the wind, He is the storm
He is the woods, He is the roots
Nobody will escape the wrath of the tyrant
Forever the beast shall wander the earth

6. The Loss and Curse of Reverence

Memories of torment strikes me
Attemps were made to suffocate me at birth
I was already ancient
Thou can not kill what breeds within Thee

Alas, this agony
The emptiness of earthborn pride
Hath stirred my faithful heart
Which guided me to darker paths
Far away from their pestilent ways
Cleansed was I from deceitful grace
Yet, put to scorn was I
By those unclean
Enslaved by ignorance
They blindly spat upon the deity of hate
Awake is the darkest fiend

By the fallen one I shall arise

Upon bewildered masses
To whom the indulgence of my soul
Portray as sin made god
I shall revile and quell the source
Whence mockery of my kind derive
This I know
Facile shalt my quest not come to pass
Deathwish be my gift to all at last

Commended no linger as virtue
Yet, shalt be extolled by light s demise

By the fallen one I shall arise

Speak not to me of justice
For none have I ever seen
By God, I shall give as I receive
Speak not to me at all
You and this world ripped my fucking heart out

Again... and again... and again..

7. An Elegy of Icaros

Icaros, I dare you
For I possess the wings of faith
Though, heavy on my shoulders
(No measurement can prove their weight)
Still, a burden are they not to me
I am the challenger of gravity

The fear is not the fate I seek
My destiny will build upon
The mighty turbulence beyond
If I fall I will rise again

Some of envy
Some of fear
Asmonish by the graves of those who fell
Praise the fool that pure of heart
Leaps off your finger
Into grace

Icaros, your voice once melted
Into the choir of the fallen ones
I hav eheard, I have seen
The purity of their song

Your fate embrace
A manifold of angels
I summon thee
From shattered graves
And call upon the wind
Recieve my bow of reverence
Then spread your wings
And fly into oblivion

8. I Am the Black Wizards

Mightiest am I, but I am not alone in this cosmos of mine. For the black hills
consist of black souls, souls that already died one thousand deaths. Behind
the stone walls of centuries they breed their black art. Boiling their spells
in cauldrons of black gold. Far up in the mountains, where the rain fall not
far, yet the sun cannot reach. The wizards, my servants, summon the souls of
macrocosm. No age will escape my wrath. I travel though time and I return to
the future. I gather wisdom now lost. I visit again the eternally ancient
caves, before a mighty Emperor thereupon came. Watching the mortals
"discovering" my chronicles, guarded by the old demons, even unknown to me.
Once destroyed to feast upon the screaming souls that was destroyed in my
future. How many wizards that serve me with evil. I know not. My empires has
no limits. From the never ending mountains black, to the bottom lakes. I am
the ruler and has been for eternity's long. My wizards are many, but their
essence is mine. Forever there are in the hills in their stone homes of grief.
Because I am the spirit of their existence. I am them

9. Thus Spake the Nightspirit (Live)

Close your eyes
And gaze into this realm
That I reveal
See where eternities are born
Close your eyes
Behold the powers of the broken seal
See the liars bound in thorns

And you shall fall
Weakness suffocates your will
Yet never fail
Wisdom guides the one
The strong who can defy

So I speak
Though, am I heard...?
Wasting visions on a world of blinded fools

Still I scorn
The vacant contradiction of life
If only to bewider
The final truth shall speak my name

Thus spake the nightspirit

Embrace my soul

10. Ye Entrancemperium

Drawn towards these lands again
Seeking death and sacred soil
I ride the longing winds of my blackened soul
Growing stronger once I enter my empire beyond

Behold my coming

The fullmoon rise above me
Enlightening my realm in a silvery glow
Yet the shadows crawl beneath my storming sky
Guarding treasures from forbidden light

I still remember, though ages ago it seems
The first time I entered the gates
The revelation of ritual death
By which I became divine
Sacrifice of the life I had among the flesh of the light

And now I enter again
Even stronger, yet amazed by what I see
In ecstasy I mock the world

Suddenly I memorize
Asking what I left behind

Can I ever comprehend?
Will my longing ever end?


Drawn towards these lands again
Seeking death and sacred soil
I ride the longing winds of my blackened soul

11. In the Wordless Chamber

in the wordless chamber
they feared death
thus they clustered to the fruits of the earth
craving dispersion
as if to avoid knowing why

in the wordless chamber
they feared life
thus they proclaimed any given truth
and swallowed
as if to justify their fear

he knew that there had been hordes of seers
before him
who set out to cure
though, the sick wished not to part with
their decease
as if it made them feel

in the wordless chamber
he accepted desperation
and the unpredictable manifestations
of hope

12. With Strength I Burn

Deep Green Dark Chaos
Blinded I run down these paths
By heart I know them
They lead to the searing cliffs
Stout they stand above the water's edge

And this is my foundation
Cold stone
Formed only by winds and time
How invulnerable

I have longed to be at one with this
Yet, the waters call my name

For once I wish to see
The entity behind the voice
The face of this seduction
The beauty of my pain

Am I blessed or am I cursed by thy presence...
What is my crime...
What is my deed...
Is this life my redemption
Shall I repent or proceed

I hate my flesh
It's dimension poisoned my soul with doubt
It made me question the essence of...
The "I"

Slaves are those of this world
Given freedom to lay chains upon The Master
The wolf is no longer free
Release the chains and come for me

[The Elder:]
"Suddenly, his mournful cries were stunned. Out of the cold mist
came three enthralling ships. Sails torn by many a storm, and the
bows adorned by the most fierce gargoyles he'd ever laid eyes upon.
Yet, the crew they bore... Three times twelve in numbers. They stood
motionless, wrapped in grey, worn gowns. And from behind their
shadowed faces the seductive chanting. Bidding him on board.
Without besitation, he accepted. And away they sailed..."

Upon these seas
Wherein I drowned so many times
I scatter the ashes of dignity
Still my flames are in hunger

With fire in my heart
Shall I greet the shores ahead
Though, I know not what will burn

In the distance
I hear the waves wash over solid ground
And in this moment I am struck blind

Grant me sight so I can see
That which lies ahead of me
Cursed be my mortal eyes
For dying in the realm of death

Hear my call...

I return to the soaring cliffs
They truly shine of strength
Even though, I nothing learned
With strength I burn...

13. Inno a Satana

O' mighty Lord of the Night. Master of beasts. Bringer of awe and
derision. Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression, hatred
and strife. Thou whose presence dweleth in every shadow. Thou who
strengthen the power of every quietus. Thou who sway every plague and
storm. Harkee. Thou art the Emperor of Darkness. Thou art the king of
howling wolves. Thou hath the power to force any light in wane. Sans
mercy. Sans compassion nor will to answer whosoever asketh the
why. Thy path is capricious but yet so wide. With no such thing as an
impediment to strong. Every time thou consecrate me to another secret
of Thine. I take another step towards Thy Pantheon. Forever wilt I
bleed for Thee. Forever wilt I praise Thy dreaded name. Forever wilt I
serve Thee. Thou shalt shalt forever prevail.

14. Opus a Satana


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