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In the Nightside Eclipse

"In the Nightside Eclipse" (1994)

1. Intro
2. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts
3. The Burning Shadows Of Silence
4. Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times
5. Beyond The Great Vast Forest
6. Towards the Pantheon
7. The Majesty Of The Nightsky
8. I Am The Black Wizards
9. Inno A Satana

1. Intro

2. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts

As the Darkness creeps over the Northern mountains of Norway
and the silence reach the woods
I awake and rise... Into the night I wander
like many nights before, and like in my dreams, but centuries ago
Under the moon, under the trees.
Into the Infinity of Darkness
beyond the light of a new day
into the frozen nature chilly,
beyond the warmth of the dying sun.
Hear the whispering of the wind
the shadows calling...
I gaze into the moonwhich grants me visions
these twelve full moon nights of the year
and for each night the light of the holy disciples fade away
Weaker and weaker, one by one
I gaze into the moon which makes my mind pure as crystal lakes
my eyes cold as the darkest winter nights
but yet there is a flame inside
It guides me into the dark shadows beyond this world
into the infinity of thoughts...
thoughts of upcoming reality.
In the name of the almighty Emperor
I will ride the Lands in pride
carrying the Blacksword at hand, in warfare
I will grind my hatred upon the loved ones
Despair will be brought upon the hoping childs of
Wherever there is joy the hordes of the eclipse
will pollute sadness and hate under the reign of fear.
The lands will grow black
There is no sunrise yet to come
into the wastelands of phantoms lost
May these moments under the moon be eternal. May the infinity haunt me... In Darkness.

3. The Burning Shadows Of Silence

Benighted darker and darker as I walk through the woods
into the silent shadows
As the sky goes from dark to black ice cold whispers burns my skin
From nowhere to the deepest of my soul they speak unto me...
grievance of sadness, like the gift of sorrow.
A moon, a bloodred full moonlights my black hearts night
Lightning cracks the sky and thunders roll
through the night a chaos of storms arise
Burning flames catch my eyes... Purgatory
Into the shadows so dark I hear the choirs of evil
a "joy" in blasphemy beyond my darkest fantasies.
The Gate is open... Into the silent shadows I crawl, upon the throne so cold, atmosphere of melancholy
I will forever burn... Into the silent shadows.

4. Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times

The heaves are lit by the stars
where years of secrets of universal forces lay hid They shine so bright, but yet they have seen more evil than time itself
Reflected in the deepless lakes they are drowning in black elements
They are the planetary keys to unlimited wisom and
power for the Emperor to obtain
They being the gods of the wolves whom upon they bark at night
requesting their next victim in thirst of blood I enjoy those moments I may haunt with these beasts of the nigh
What kinds of beings are existing at the deeps of my lakes?
They surely must be of an evil race
for no friendly thing can live in such depressive waters
Here is also a planet similar to the moon
but it's phases is only one and it is in it's most powerful for all and ever...
There passes no light without the barking of the wolves
All these landscapes are timeless
and this is all just a part of cosmos
but all is mine and past and future is yet to discover...
Much have been discovered, but tomorrow I will realise I existed before myself
I will be reborn before I die
I will realise planets ages old, created
by a rules with a crown of dragon claws
arrived with a stargate...

5. Beyond The Great Vast Forest

Beyond the great vast forest
surrounded by majestic mountains
dark rivers float like tears of sorrow
Frost submerge the holy ring of fire
They shall rise again, for they are of Him....
The Dark Lord of eternity's
These are the Devils of Darkness
They can not be laid to rest forever
Resurrection... They shall haunt again, the creatures of the night
"Phantom der nacht"
Blood is life
Their art of death is infernal
like their life eternal
See the castel so proud
but yet so grey and cold
The frost submerge
The moon is on the rise
Hear the nocturnal howling of the wolves...
the children of the night
They shall rise again
resurrected through our gathering of the ancient and
In the name of the almighty Emperor
they shall rise and forever wander the land beyond the great vast forest.

6. Towards the Pantheon

May the wolves start to howl again
May the age of darkness arise
We will travel for eternitys into the unknown to reach what we seek
Fight the ways through the barriers of light
through the wastelands where nothing but grief have become the eternal memory
Shield of life, sword of death held up high into the
Guided by the shining moon in the starry sky above
In the horizon beyond black clouds of destruction rages like dancing shadows of pain
We will grant Him their pain
He will grant us His flame
In flesh and blood
He will arise to deliver the key
As the armours black robe slides across the landscape
we see the land of wisdom, strength and pure evil... Darkness, frost hate... the throne will be ours
May the wolves start to howl again
May the age of darkness arise
May we touch the black flames of the past again... and forevermore

7. The Majesty Of The Nightsky

Like the tide, shadows flow towards the shore of light
The night comes whirling like a maelstrom
Warring waves of crackling clouds
embrace this nightside landscape
The heavens bleed, through open wounds, the dim light of the moon
The winds are crying mournfully and tears fly with the gusts
They whip my clenched faces freezing skin with ice-cold burning cuts
Too long I have sufferred the desert sands of time But as I drown in darkness it will release the sign My soul will leave this mortal coil of flesh and earthly life
to fly into the mist of night
into the nightside eclipse
and experience existence on the other side
As a stone of scorching enthusiasm
I refract the reflecting surface of this unfathomable sea
Growing circles of grief and pain slides across the land
as an omen of the horror yet to come
The strength of a thousand fire-breathing demons breed in my infernal, sinking soul
And as I reach the surface once again these
powers are under my control
Now I am one with the night sky majesty.

8. I Am The Black Wizards

Mightiest am I, but I am not alone in this cosmos of mine
For the black hills consists of black souls, souls that already died one
thousand deaths
Behind the stone walls of centuries they breed their
black art
Boiling their spells in cauldrons of black gold
Far up in the mountains, where the rain fall not far, yet the sun cannot reach
The wizards, my servants, summon the souls of macrocosm
No age will escape my wrath
I travel through time and I return to the future
I gather wisdom now lost
I visit again the eternally ancient caves
before a mighty Emperor thereupon came Watching the mortals "discovering" my chronicles
guarded by the old demons, even unknown
to me
Once destroyed their souls are being summoned to my timeless prison of hate
It is delightful to feast upon the screaming souls
that was destroyed in my future
How many wizards that serve me with evil I know not
My empires has no limits
From the never ending
mountains black, to the bottomless lakes
I am the ruler and has been for eternity's long
My wizards are many, but their essence is
Forever there are in the hills in their stone homes of
Because I am the spirit of their existence
I am them.

9. Inno A Satana

O' mighty Lord of the Night
Master of beasts
Bringer of awe and derision
Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression, hatred and strife
Thou whose presence dweleth in every shadow Thou who strengthen the power of every quietus Thou who sway every plague and storm
Harkee. Thou art the Emperor of Darkness
Thou art the king of howling wolves
Thou hath the power to force any light in wane
Sans mercy. Sans compassion nor will to answer whosoever asketh the why
Thy path is capricious but yet so wide
With no such thing as an impediment too strong Every time thou consecrate me to another secret of Thine
I take another step towards Thy Pantheon
Forever wilt I bleed for Thee
Forever wilt I praise Thy dreaded name
Forever wilt I serve Thee
Thou shalt shalt forever prevail.


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