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"Dawn of Suffering" (2005 Demo)

1. Voices of Tormenting Redemption
2. Tainted Viaticum
3. Dawn of Suffering

1. Voices of Tormenting Redemption

Servants of the lord
Bring your wicked forth
Tame the vicious souls
Family ties are torn
Liberation far from reach
Failure to beseech
Judgement you recieve
Your life is a disease
Bloody voices of fallen angels
Screaming riddles of merciless desire

Ancestors of divinations reign are purified
Will of vengeance embraces me
Altered echos from a distant future casts its venom
Everlasting visions of sleep
Cursed offspring of the fallen creator in the shadows
Silently an evil doer
Voices of perpetual tormenting redemption, like a pestilent breeze
Devistate my dreams of pleasure

Granted with the punishment of undesired pain
Spectres of the earths creation furnish your new grave
Sacrificial purity was proved to be in vain
Congregate the witnesses to see your soul enslaved

Worshiped hollowed idols in nightmares of desiccation
Burn in the shadows of an immature god
Angels torn from the heavens amidst a brutal awakening
Sing sanguine verses of a merciless massacre

2. Tainted Viaticum

Feeding on their ill liasons
No more than retaliation
Heed the calls to your mutation
No escape from your revision

Words from your tainted viaticum
Spewing from the blackened lung
Mnemonic chants of your demise
Your life will surely subside
Be still your heart my little one
Your struggle cannot be won
You face eternal horror
A diseased cresendo is your reward
Rusted needles begin the injections
Filling veins with clouded oxidation
Flesh becomes a pungent liquescent
Smells so effervescent
Surgical devices insterted for extraction
Doctors praise their demented satisfactions
Beware of your doomed obliteration
Into the depths of your final destination

Caustic juices flow from injection
Ensuring your lethal digestion
Eyes swell up with bloody secretion
Aiding in your imminent deletion

No choice but to behold your fateful carnage

Your foes observe as your life drains away
Filling your lungs with vile excrement
Frozen still while tremors quake
Guaranteed you will not awake

A prisoner in eternal torture
Suprisingly he can still endure
Grabbing saws and sharpened axes
Open the windows to appease the masses

Impaled limbs swelling
Unique pain dwelling

Still alive through this painful procedure
His body ripped and quartered
Splattered gore througout the room
Send the next guy in, this one is through

3. Dawn of Suffering


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