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Black Dominated Annihilation

"Black Dominated Annihilation" (1999)

1. Blackterror Of War
2. Dimensions Of Blood
3. Infernal Shadow
4. Empire Of Satan
5. Reign In Fire
6. Unhallowed Spheres
7. Storms Of Holocaust
8. Lakes Of Lava
9. I Am Universe

1. Blackterror Of War

Death to you all !!!

Skies as clear as icy seas
Frozen torment beneath the ground
Stormy seas breed - darkness comes
Breeding another form
To fly the ground to ice
To raise eternal damnation
A time of destruction to come
The cries of death arive
Blackterror of war descends
For dominations to achieve

Into the fire of the storms
They, I torment the sky in range

For we have been proud
And we will be proud once again...

In this eternal period of damnation
Your name will be praised
My mighty father lord Satan
Willing to destroy god's powers utterly

And the heaven's light will crack
The wisps will scare all the mortals
And Demons charge
In aim to destroy the church

2. Dimensions Of Blood

Hundreds of years I laid asleep
Now awakened by infernal chants
Inspired by screams of death
To roam the night in hunger

When the heaven is lit in darkest night by fire and storms. When death cries my name I scare the night as a reaper. To see the flowing blood which satisfies my hunger, my need. My Hunger for war appears to be endless...

The secrets I bear
You can't imagine the power I posses

A path to destroy, to rape
Arising in a fog of war, to dominate
The apocalyptic goal of mine, to rape the one light
The taste of blood in my mouth makes me strong

For the ground of my death is far away
Dimensions it seems.

3. Infernal Shadow

Into darkwinds I ride with the wrath of my infernal king. To burn the lands of god, to bring the eternal winter. With holocauststorms I fly over snow covered mountains. Through clouds of ice-with death and damnation

Oh master satan, throne on angelblood
Lend me thy diabolic might to slay the christian tribe. A new era begins, the light has turned to night
Satan is on the throne and opens the gates of hell

Blood of holy spirits rain down to the raped earth
And chaos begins to reign
The sky is ruled by flames of hell
And dawn is freezing cold

I burn the lands of god
I slay the christian tribe
I am the shadow...
...The infernal shadow

4. Empire Of Satan

Opening night into the blackening-filtred sky
surrounded by wings of stone and blaze-painted eyes. Throught veins of rebirth and areas of chaos
Over our new-born shadowimperium

With holocaustwinds we came, with eternity we will be. To burn the crucified son out of his faggy throne
With holocaustwinds we came, with eternity we will be. To annihilate all his holy creations until death

When time starts to bleed in this neverending night
When black angelstorm begin to burn out the false light. When darkness fullfills our thoughts and our whole life. When the sun has died our own existence was born

In the empire of satan...
Our own existence was born
In the empire of satan...

Ave Satan
All hail to our emperor
Ave Satan
Our empire will be eternal

In our shadowimperium...

5. Reign In Fire

In the time when the final battle roars
And the infernal armies have been unleashed
When the siege of the bastion of god has begun
All heavenly souls will be slaughtered...

No one will escape satan's wrath

When the ground is filled with lakes of blood once again. And legions of demons rage in war
When the fallen angels reconquer their realms
Our lord will reign in fire

6. Unhallowed Spheres

Total darkness engulfs the earth
And the seals have been broken
They sky will be raped by enormous thunder
And the earth will break and breath fire

The power I could share
For all weak ones are to feel my wrath
For all who deny it my hate grows
Including my desire for warfare

Into the unhallowed spheres of mine I stare
For there my amount to power seems to be infinite

I raise the fist into the face of god
To wage war for my eternal master
In the night of the shadows when thunder roars
And lightning rapes the sky...

I will arise in torment
The shimmer stars begin to fall
You know that you are meant
My punishment for you will arise and you will suffer
A kataklysm you have made
Satan feed my mind with hate
And grant me infernal powers
Anger and wrath now dominate my mind.

7. Storms Of Holocaust

Under the burning heaven
Throught storms of the apocalypse
Over high-raging blizzards
We're storming holocaust

Smell of death
Cauldrons of fire
Wings of chaos
Insomnia of war

Bleeding areas
Dead-born grounds
Burning tempests
Infinite firewalls

With the eye of black
With the claws of satan
With Pure Hatred eternal
With storms of holocaust

8. Lakes Of Lava

A place where the air is as hot as in the sun
Great columns of fire are unleased everywhere
Some great lakes of lava glow in distance
Stalagmites of red stone-like material burst the ground. Drops of blood are falling from above
But a thick black fog covers their origin
A breeze constantly comes from one single direction. No gusts but a constant light wind
But the air is heavy like some sort of light liquid
Which makes the view very blurred
The smell here is sweet like the kiss of the dead
Mixed with the stench of burned corpses and power
Three monoliths stand on a sandcovered ground
Collecting the light which they convert to some sort of purple radiation. Conducted to a giant gate-like green crystal which send forth the wind
Cries of torture nearly burst the mind
Still living but soulless bodies lay on the ground
Their souls are chased by winged demons collected to gain control
A human creature is tied up on a chair made out of bones. His legs are piereced by dozens of wooden sticks. Which are heating up his muscles
He starts to sweat and cry- he's lost
Colorless imps roam beneath
Their shape forms to an irregular triangle
Which surrounds the three monoliths
And send forth a buzzing noise
A great pile of human dead bodies can be seen not far away. Their stomachs are wide open
Thousands of maggots are crawling out of them
A naked woman drowns in a lake of lava

When the mind tells that the status quo is perfect
But everything leads to changes of the thinking.

9. I Am Universe

Praise Satan!

Through the skies of endless funeral and across the burning flames of eternity. Where the shadows submerged into the eclipse. I walked with eternal winterstorms down to my forsaken empire. I am the emperor of the realm of frost

Which rose as the sun froze
And the blackest moonshine dethroned the cursed light of weakness. Beyond the tempest of snow and under the black wings of the demonic night
Stands my cryptic throne of unlimited might

Surrounded by my kingdom of darkness and ice
On this ancient throne I've lost my sould for centuries. And I saw the end of time

But my quest for immortality has just begun
As long forgotten voices whisper my damned name
I am the emperor of wrath and infernal war
I am the misanthrophic storm, and I am the end of world

Almighty legions of darkness, creations of the apocalypse. Guide me on my hidden path through shadowspheres. Below this bloodred horizon to the mystical gates of infinity. Which rises from the dust of my morbid thoughts. And the ashes of my forlorn spirit

I enter through this gate
Where the wind of obscurity caresses my face
I storm through dimensions of chaos
And my journey has now an end
I am universe...


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