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"Insidious" (2004)

1. Impermance Of Being
2. Catatonic Entanglement
3. Manifestation
4. Mitigated Enmity
5. Endemicy Preordained
6. Stratum
7. Archaic Halos
8. Mimetic Conflation
9. Aeon

1. Impermance Of Being

Obscure visual patterns transcendent the irrational
Achievement of the elusive chaos of perception
Inexorable destabilized by the complexity of events
Rejection of the self-imposed aspect of limitation
Disconcerts the inwardly compelling consistency
To conceive oneself as a static being rather than
A becoming is a falsification of one's existence
That's connected with the illusion of an everlasting life
The ephemerality and accursedness of existence
Advocates a boundless withdrawal from all conventionality
How meaningless all human aspirations are in a world
Which is in bondage to falls ideals
Comprehending impermanence through consciousness
Is the enigma and vexation of ordinary Minds
A self-asserting individualism originated in pure minds
Motivated by a pervasive will to power
Repudiates imposed forms of systematic self-alienation
For all beings suffer the effects of delusion
Constraint traditions and inherited moralities
Existence as the imperfect reflection of being
Unconsciousness and impersonal unmorality
Therefore it's never an intrinsic part of life's essence
The perfect culmination of wisdom is a contradiction
Eternal recurrence the dominant mode of thought
The more necessary anything appears to the mind
The more certain it only asserts a limitation

2. Catatonic Entanglement

False is the striving for a rational predicament
For when thou hast it thou shall know all it's bitterness
This ambiguity and absurdity of reasoning
Is the confrontation with nothingness
In an attempt to obtain the unobtainable
All that moves well moves without will
The recognition of diversity of positions
Is the rapture of the meaninglessness of life
Elucidation upheavals the perennial disposition
That destroys the existence that precedes essence
Without ever being enlightened
Death is the veil of life and life is the veil of death
The conditioned is the apprehension of the incomprehensible
It's subtleties exhilarate the paradoxes and contradictions
The fundamental connection between being and becoming
Infinitely unfolding within the present moment

3. Manifestation

Mind is a disease of semen
Consciousness a symptom of disease
Thoughts the embodiment of sickness
The ways of human reasoning are imperfect
Therefore all that can be thought is untrue
Introspect to de-condition this non-existence
Destroy all illusions and recognize it as nothing
Disentanglement from death is life to come
Love death therefore and long for it eagerly
As gold and blue are seen by the seeing
The manifestation itself has the power of will
The abyss of hallucinations holds the great lie
Black to the blind who're none in the absolute
The nature of things is in the habit of concealing
I am not I for I am the integration of opposites
All must be destroyed that all may be begotten
For annihilation is the condition for emancipation
Mankind's ignorance dissolves itself when man
Comes to know: "The Word of Sin is Restriction"
Lies - All thoughts are false That is not which is
Silence - Beyond there is knowledge Fragments are creation
Unreason - becomes experience Determination through choice
Attainment of understanding the manifestation
Transcends the dogma after the fall of reason
'Do What Thou Wilt' is the crucifixion of being
To separate "The Flesh" from "The Soul" is the
Ultimate liberation from the illusion of existence
Relinquishment converges diversity into unity
The achievement of the exalted self-awareness
A state in which unity perfects the perfection

4. Mitigated Enmity

Disseminating the servility by inconceivable craving
Vilely serving the vengeance of those who incite the flesh
Confounding diseases of the body with those of the mind
Odious slaves gives birth to this consoling image
The misfortunes to which negligence has brought
Now nothing can convey the misanthropic clemency
Blood flows forever into the maw of the cannibal
What a triumph - To obtain by threats and force
Shameful vices confines the abominable concept
By concealing the infamous comportment
A ruinous whim seized without constraint
Mitigates the torments
Images lurking in consciousness undeciphered
Inspiring insight through a mind determined
To wrestle with the implication
More a charitable concession than a discovered truth
Acknowledge the impact of such images
Mitigated enmity

5. Endemicy Preordained

The assertion of confinements with infinite dimensions
Is the prediction of an artificial universalization
An Anthropo-un-logical source of confusion
The lack of empirical evidence to measure the reticence
Appalling resurgence of purity
A cycle of imagination that forces to redefine humanity
An inherit detachment resorts to a vision of decay
That expels the fusion of selective incentives
Abating the anxiety of the threatened will
Transcend the sense of moral indignation
A failed purgation develops a proliferated threat
An idiosyncratic theoretical concept is dominant
Destiny determined - Endemicy preordained
The underlying confluence of preferences
Marked by a phenomenal polarisation of societies
Burdened sufferance a grim heritage for the human future
An uncanny challenge

6. Stratum

The sensation of being dead while alive
Reflects a dual thrust of their present being
Atrocity eluded their intended end
Waiting was a path leading to their missed destiny of death
No longer a sequence, but an unsettling alliance
Memories of unbridled suffering
Brutal suppression of the inherent humanity
The shadow of the body unrelenting in its exposure
This imperative and universal aim is a single-minded attempt to reduce
The sphere of the mind
Reduced to the pondering of it's material other
The somatic stratum
The wretched physical existence refers to this world of bodies
The ability to refuse participation
To impose false divisions upon our species
Those who would define the new discourse
Tended to erect insurmountable walls
A discourse designed to intimidate and control
A discourse of disempowerment
Constructed as a realm so incommensurate and inaccessible

7. Archaic Halos

Mendacious hegemony through the multiplicity
Of a hallucination concealed beneath sublime pageantry
In order to subordinate those "Who believe but have not seen"
It's not necessary to understand it's enough to adore the Penetralia
The elated domination of the hybrid effigy of proliferated reverence
Peremptory is inherent in the threnody
Elaborate endeavor to weaken the evolution to enhancement
Conditioning the future through patterns of dominant conformity
Opposition creates violence out of proportion to the magnitude of the cause
"The sufferings are not to be compared
With the glory which shall be revealed"
An exaltation paradox leading to cognitive dissonance and abasement
Man cannot perceive that which man doesn't posses the ability to see
Anthropocentricity represents the infallible limits of the unattainable
Through pity that drains upon strength suffering is made contagious
A transvaluation of values as the essence of the Peccatum Originale
Patterns of dominant conformity
The foundation for renewal of a grand magnificent new world
"Therefore if thou shalt confess with thy mouth
And believe in thine heart: thou shalt be saved
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness
And with the mouth confession is made unto salvation"

8. Mimetic Conflation

Lasciviously individualistic incentives
The sociopathic proliferation
Chimerical attempts to entice mankind from indoctrination
Manipulating the regenerative process of individuating
Subliminal suffocation
Inextricable elements are secretiveness and heinous arrogance
In which lecherous motivations have the upper hand
To claim discrimination in discriminating ways
Is clearly an undisputed matter
Promiscuous mendacity
The inevitable exclusion of generative patterns
Marks the degeneration that acts as
An accepted form of insidious genocide
To claim discrimination in discriminating ways
Is clearly an undisputed matter
Promiscuous mendacity
Of which it consists evinces the statement
Internalisation of lechery beyond retrieval
Segregation of endemic minorities
Formation of a contemptuously parallel existence
Transmutes the essence into distinctive behaviour
Disposal of insolence - justifiable decontamination
Mimetic conflation

9. Aeon


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