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"Rift" (1999 Demo)

1. Stranger
2. Chased By A Shadow
3. Precious Discovery
4. Rift

1. Stranger

Octagon sided summersun blinded my eyes
Though overwhelming curiosity itched in me
Exhausted arms trembled and touched a tree
Familiar senses hungering for more

A dry silence fell to pass by a feary whisper
This little maid seemed as helpless and lost as I
Then shimmering words asked for a favour
Lay down with me tall stranger

Simple words unable to reach my tounge
Songless birds never be the same without
Ruby hearted from then and ever after

[Vers 2:]
Wet grass met my naked and frozen skin
Their purple clouds was like ours used to be
And the distant lovely laughter helps me remember
It hurts me to say I'll never see them again

2. Chased By A Shadow

It' s hiding from daylight inside the eastern crypt
You have seen him and shivered with his presence
He' s a killer but yet not very unlike me
A bi-product of a dimensional journey

[Vers 1:]
Something tells me I' ve seen him somewhere before
Maybe I lost a part of myself inside the rift
Flashing fragments turned into place
Incomplete as he needs the final piece, "it's me you want"

Chased by a shadow
How can we possible escape
Try to keep your heads low
But he already knows my second take

Gelhein... Who is calling me by my true name?

[Vers 2:]
How come the shadows grow before me
Caught in their paralyzing embrace
Maybe it's time to turn myself in
But I can't just give up and write down: The End


Chasing the shadow
I take back what was already mine
And there's nothing left for you
New signs form in the heaven

( Gelhein... A telepathic voice still calls me by my true name )

3. Precious Discovery

here is something I have wanted to tell you
Though I'm afraid to let it fall into the wrong hands
An endless burden is upon my shoulders, it tears me apart
Hurry, I'm losing the words and the strength in my voice

[Vers 1:]
The last survivor from a parallell dimension
Chosen to prevail and remember what once was
All memories are at place but it's uncomfortable
To be so close an overfilled energy source

There is something I've discovered beyond the shining stars
Your wildest dream was never close to the beauty
-Is it as precious as our burning sun
-Sweet words from one we judged as a threat

[Vers 2:]
What about you, where will you turn
It was so easy to harm, but takes alot to repay
A touch of my fingertip can heal a withered flower
But your world I'm unable to recreate

[Repeat Chorus:]

There is something I have wanted to show you
Though I was afraid to see it fall into the wrong hands
But with the time it slipped away from my own:Why?
You wouldn't believe in my precious discovery:Why?

4. Rift

[Vers 1:]
I've made a tough decision
We must make sure that mankind will survive
They' ve taken everything, but this sacred promise
Though this might be the last day for me with you
I have to make you sleep and dream of someone else
Seal your past, so you won't be able to tell them

[Chorus 1:]
I open a rift into the unknown
And take a silent walk, through time
Where ends this colorful journey
Will I ever see the curtain fall

[Vers 2:]
The dream is strongar than ever
There is unchained magic in the air
It's right before me on a transparant plane
Juggling with a liquid substance
Is it a final test I have to break through
Which way am I supposed to chose

[Repeat chorus:]

Suddenly I'm able to hear my own steps
But still unable to sort out what's far and what's near
And when the unseen walls I pass becomes concrete
Is it all in vain, am I about to spend my time with time

[Vers 3 :]
I made a tough decision a long time ago
After I realized we were falling apart
Though it was the last day for me with you
I made you sleep and dream of someone else
It's blocking out the truth, buried deep in you


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