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Inside You

"Inside You" (1998 Demo)

1. Emerald Eyes
2. Stop Crying
3. Inside You
4. Dragon Rage
5. Heroes Die In Battle

1. Emerald Eyes

You are the only precious
With the glimmer in your emerald eyes
A hand reaches for mine
It's so warm and cures my cold
In your arms soon I'll sleep
Embrace your velvet body
If you want I'll stay forever
But something pushes me back

I always tend to lose your hand
And then again I'm back in my twisted world
It's so dark in here, why can't they leave me

Emerald eyes watching down on me
The guardian angel has been set free
She is my guidance through this dream
But I've lost her hand
And I will never leave this land

Your face was maybe just a memory
I don't know if you ever was here
Will I ever be sure of what this all means
Loneliness has weakened my presence
Emptied my body of finest essence
I can't live inside the memories any more
You wanted me to stay forever
But something pushed me back

2. Stop Crying

Behind this mirrorwall
Lurk something evil
I've touched it's nakedness
And keep seeing creatures of the dark

Tempting me rebirth
Promising eternal life

They call for me every night
Give me reasons to destroy myself
I really tried to avoid this
But now my prophecy is rewritten

[Repeat 1:]

Stop crying, you must face your destiny
Stop crying, when it's done one can't return

I stare into the wall
It's like a dream but now it's real
Strange shapes waves back to me
They want me to take part in their dance

With a hand araised infront of me
I'm entering the reflection

When I have reached the other side
They're not here, only me and the stars
And then again I hear the voices
You wanted eternal life

3. Inside You

Sometimes I wonder why
They never could, could let me die
Your body is my resting place now
Can't move or speak like before
I'm limited inside your thoughts
And only by your sight I can be sure I exist

Darkness, when you dream at night
Pain, you never know what it is like
Hate, in envy you lost yourself
Inside you, I'm your mirror image

Inside you I can feel your anger
It's just like hell but only colder
Inside you, united with your dark mind

Through your eyes of eager
See you end so many lifes
I wonder why you keep going on
Inside your head I'm your greatest triumph
It's a joy for you knowing that I'm the watcher
Trying to make me like you

4. Dragon Rage

There was a time when I was young
I walked inside the forest on my own
No one cared for me I was not of their kind

Aside a little river I lay down in the silence
Looking up in the clear blue sky
This was like the finest dream I've ever had
The rising winds made me wonder
I could feel the presence of Gelhein Thari

Fell the dragon rage tonight
Don't let the beast out of your sight
He'll be guiding me to the land
Into the land where I belong
Dragon rage

Everyone had screamed to me in disgust
I had never had a friend
The only one who cared for me
Was the woman I loved
But she was was hanging the gallow now
Because she had brought me a rose

5. Heroes Die In Battle

I know that this is sad
But can you hear me from the shadow world
I am so weak and soon to die
Wish I could see your face once more

Heroes die in a battle
I am one of those
It feels like we are together
But still I'm so, so cold

I know they will write songs and stories
My name will be remembered
At least my word of victory
And the silver tears that I cry

[Chorus 2:]
Heroes die in a battle
I am one of those
We will never be together
Perhaps when you are dead

"People die, but still they live on in our hearts..."


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