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I Bear the Burden of Time

"I Bear the Burden of Time" (1996)

1. Winterburn
2. Shades Embrace
3. On Wings of Sadness
4. My Dragon Banner
5. I Bear the Burden of Time
6. They Seldom Return
7. Thirst For Blood
8. Eternal Scar
9. Shapeless
10. A Last Breath of the Night

1. Winterburn

Listen to the beauty of the demon
As he dances above the untamed sea
Watch the sky as it turns red
Shadow, shadow at the wall
Let the silence slowly fall, knee deep
In hatered
In the forest I stand
With my broken heart
Wolfs gather around me, now I'm helpless
Down comes the angel of sorrow
Smiling at me
I start to run blindly through the winter palace
He's the predator and I'm his prey
Ready to bleed to scream out my pain
But I will never regret that morning
When I raped the virgin of christ
I rape her soul from now on
And until heaven falls down
And exposes it's heart, eternal soulrape
Snow burns around me
I'm the witch never meant to live
I should have been licked by a thousand flames
But still I walk, burning the roses
Now it's close
This winter I will burn into ashes into love
Then I leave with a smile

2. Shades Embrace

When last light fades and all that was returns
Mysteries never known by humans
We thought they were lost
But we were wrong
Now they're to far to reach
Among ancient gods they will sleep
In the grave I am buried
A treasure lies
Resting with me sharing my dreams
For every day that passes I get weaker

Soon my body wither away
And so my love for you
The fountain of magic has dried out
No more a spell will be cast

Why do we want such a world
What madness lies behind all this
Every day the sky is crying pitch black tears
The world is soon covered by shadows

3. On Wings of Sadness

My life now ended, now when you have left me
My love you spread across the field of sadness
On rosen leafs you were buried
And so as to your eternal beauty
On wings of sadness you will travel
Against your eternal sleep
Humanity will pay the price for my remorse and pain
I will bring it to it's kees, slowly make it fade away
Slowly to be forgotten
This world all so wrong
I will burn it all down and watch it glow in the dark
I know I have done wrong, but so shall it be
Because my life were ended a long time ago
Now I walk across the astral sky
To find the hidden door so we can be united forever
At last I close my eyes to join the wind of passion
To feel my soul burn within myself
Slowly fade away

4. My Dragon Banner

A few steps ahead is the gate from where I came
I was brought here by angels
They saw me in sadness and pain
My wounds will never heal
Every time I walk in my garden of flowers
Trying to feel alive again, but I fail
Nothing more than a dead leaf I have become
Why am I so far away from home
The pale faces of my ten feet high statues
Are crying tears of blood
Their wings are broken and lies scattered in the snow
No more I regret my deeds

The gods created me this way
To hear the thunder before it strikes
To dream about things that will happen
To be the one you so much hate

We hear the voices from the past
Their anger spread among us
Some may hear it some may not
We who hear them are guardians of the truth once lost
Our path not yet revealed
But I know these lands are not meant for my feets to walk

I levitate above the flames from hell
The gods scream their anger towards me
I'm their scapegoat but still their equal
My sword will be their destiny
Their blood shall free my children
My dragon banner will rise
From every castle a hail will be heard

The gods created me this way
To hear the thunder before it strikes
To dream about things that will happen
To be the one you so much hate

5. I Bear the Burden of Time

6. They Seldom Return

The world arose before my eyes
I thought I heard Jesus cries
But then it happened I begun to change
My soul left my body
An erotic sin was born inside of me
From now and until I die
Emotions flows through my body
Like a never ending stream
Hear my call from the other side
I am free,oh I am free
Deep in me violins play my song
Late at night I dance with you
In velvet dress I killed you
Now when you are dead I am alone
On this world of stone
In the forest deeper, deeper
Searching for the shortest way to hell
The man inside of me is gone
And replace by a demon

7. Thirst For Blood

When you appear the wind turns to ice
Time stops, I can see your eyes
Glitter in the night, see your thirst for blood
It can not be satisfied, you are fearless
And won't leave
You always watch us until you get hungry
Then you choose your victims on random
And you play your shadow game
Until insanity, until weakness comes
You play with them like the puppet master himself
You are mighty but not impossible
This night I will get you
Run through the living night, and find your weak spot
Make you suffer like you made me do
But time is not on your side
This time I will win, I'm your destiny
You will become a victim in your own system
I am coming to get you

8. Eternal Scar

Dagger of destruction
Stabbed into my torment soul
Lived my life through pain
Death is cold, just like you
From the stars I was thrown down
To this worthless world
But I will grow strong once again
And slowly take form to strike back
Against your kingdome, against you mighty wall
Send you through my dream, through my hell
You won't see tomorrow
Only hate and eternal sorrow
The light shall be no more
Eternal scar

9. Shapeless

Shapeless faces in the break of dawn
My mind shatters like a mirror
Every part a remembrance from me
Symphony from my deepest sorrows
Played by tortured angels
This is life but still I am dead
Through the twilight in the roaring of a storm
Life seems to end
Heroes from past they battle at last
Slowly I die away from this world
Entering another dimension
White clad they walk by my side
Their laughters I still hear
Chains on my arms i scream: fuck god
Nobody hear me as they take me away

I close my eyes but still I can see him
Tearing with nails in human souls
(Close and closer) for every moment
Soon he is here to take my life

10. A Last Breath of the Night

A last breath of the night
And the sun shines over my land
The resting trees are soon awake
By the sound from the river
I am walking on clouds through a dream
Near my heart in chorus they scream
Where all the angels are statues
Demons incaged by time
Images of creatures with wings
My tears have carved deep in their stones:
Some day you may come back
Until then you must sleep and rest
The war will come but not yet

Upon a hill near the edge of this world
I gaze out over my kingdom and ocean
Blue water in harmony with the wind
Every wave will soon die
To never play their song upon the rocks again
In the water I saw my reflection
I was the hatred, sorrow and death
Confused by my visions I ran away
To my mountains above the clouds

Time drifted further away and that day came
War broke out in my kingdom
The demons gathered in chaos
And they fell to their knees before me
And the unmovable world cracked open
This is the last breath of the night
This is the last breath of love...


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